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2021-07-26: [1] Sri Lanka, Latin name: Homalium ceylanicum (Gardn.) benth. Ghaobacteria is a tree with rough bark; Branchlets are cylindrical, Tan, densely with white protruding oval lingers, glabrous. Leaves thin leathery to thick papery, elliptic to oblong, Apex obtuse, sharp or shortly acuminate, base broadly cuneate to suborbicular, margin entire or with extremely sparsely obtuse, the two sides are glabrous, the main veins are concave on the top, raised on the bottom, the outside is sparsely pubescent, and the edges are densely covered with short eyelashes; It is born in the valley at an altitude of 630-1200 meters and the edge of the forest. Trees, 6-20(40) M tall; Bark coarse; Branchlets cylindrical, Tan, densely white-raised elliptic lingers, glabrous. Leaves thinly leathery to thick papery,… [Read more]
2021-07-22: • Go to some travel websites to see if there are tickets for the tour guide service (the tour guide service will cost extra money) • Do you go to Sri Lanka in April? • The landlord first considers the requirement to return to China to hold a "double negative certificate" before entering the country. All people who have traveled to China since 11th 6th must complete Wuhan pneumonia within 48 hours before boarding the plane (COVID-19, COVID-19) once each test of nucleic acid and serum IgM antibody test "double negative certificate"...... If the transfer of a third country, another nucleic acid test and serum IgM antibody test must be carried out in the transit country, there is also a detection time limit. The cruise ship has not yet sailed, has it been pre-sold? Generally, you can't… [Read more]
2021-07-14: I heard friends say it's nice to travel to Sri Lanka. Which country is Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka? Which continent does Sri Lanka belong? I'll tell you what country Sri Lanka is in. Which country is Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka itself is an independent country, Sri Lanka, the full name of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is a tropical island country. Sri Lanka is shaped like a tear in the Indian peninsula. Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is embedded in the vast Indian Ocean. In ancient China, it was once called the Lion Kingdom, the State of Shitzi, and the Sinhala. "Sri Lanka" means "paradise" or "bright and rich land" in Sinhala, and has the reputation of "Gem Kingdom" and "Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Which country is Sri Lanka? In fact, Sri Lanka is… [Read more]
2021-07-13: Sri Lanka is the Indian peninsula South Indian Ocean an island country in the North Bay of Bengal, the ocean to the Arabian Sea in the Indian Ocean east sea transportation path of. The area is 65610 square kilometers. Population, 15.8 million (1985). The Sinhalese accounted for 72%, the Tamils accounted for 20.5%, the Moors accounted for 6.7%, and the Bergis and Malays accounted for 0.8%. Sinhala is the official language, Tamil is the national language, and English is spoken in the upper class of society. Residents 67.3% believe in Buddhism, 17.6% believe in Hinduism, 7.9% believe in Christianity, 7.1% believe in Islam. The capital, Colombo. Early immigration to Sri Lanka has a history of more than two thousand years. Aryan immigrants from the northern part of the South Asian… [Read more]
2021-07-09: Sri Lanka seems to be a modest country, but it is quite interesting in terms of location and cultural customs. Sri Lanka is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean where most people believe in Buddhism. However, there are some claims that you can appreciate the best of Africa and Asia in this country. Although Sri Lanka's economy is relatively backward, this country is still the choice of many travelers, and many tourists come here every year. Next, let the editor introduce you to 8 life facts about Sri Lanka that many people have not heard. When it comes to the large number of statutory holidays, many people may quickly think of the Nordic countries with high welfare systems. However, as a non-developed country, Sri Lanka has the second largest number of public holidays in the world.… [Read more]
2021-07-09: "China and Russia support each other, and all sectors of society help each other, far beyond the division of nationality, religion, and class, and write touching chapters." On June 24, Hu Wei, the Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, delivered the above speech when handing over the third batch of Chinese government aid to Sri Lanka. Since the outbreak of the Covid epidemic, China and Sri Lanka have supported each other and have successfully controlled the epidemic. From the government level to all sectors of society, the Chinese side has actively provided selfless assistance to the Sri Lankan side. Sri Lanka's official and private sector also expressed their heartfelt thanks for China's support. On April 1, Hu Wei, the Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Sri… [Read more]
2021-07-06: Soon Japan and India may join hands to develop and operate the eastern Container Terminal (ECT) of the port of Colombo, and the venture will be seen as a counterattack against China. After Sri Lanka was unable to repay construction and operating debts, China obtained a 99-year lease to operate the Hambantota port.... [Read more]
2021-07-03: Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean, is dominated by agriculture. The most important export product is Ceylon black tea, which is one of the three largest tea producing countries in the world. Sri Lanka's biggest advantage lies in mining and geographical location. It is a gem-rich island, the world's top five gem producing countries, known as the "Gem Island" Sri Lanka International Packaging Exhibition (COMPLETE PACKING EXPO): once a year, held in Colombo every June, it is the largest and most professional trade fair in Sri Lanka, it is a very important platform for enterprises to open the Sri Lankan market, mainly displaying packaging machinery and accessories, corrugated honeycomb cardboard equipment, packaging materials, etc. • Sri Lanka Textile Fabric Exhibition (INTEX SOUTH… [Read more]
2021-06-28: Sri Lanka is divided into 9 provinces and 25 counties. Transliteration "Nowara Elia". A mountain city in Sri Lanka. Located southeast of Kandy, 889 meters above sea level. Population, 21,000 (1981). A recuperation station was established in 1828 and gradually developed into a recuperation city. There are parks, hotels, stadiums, and mineral retreat. Every April, travelers come here for the summer, which is a famous summer resort. Highway traffic center. A distribution center for tea, rubber, and vegetables. Port city in Southwest Sri Lanka. Population, 77,000 (1981). From the 16th to the 17th century, it was a famous commercial center and main port in the East. Water depth of more than 6 meters, berthing 5000 tons of ship. For the naval base. Railways and highways are connected to… [Read more]
2021-06-26: Plan to go to Sri Lanka is March this year idea of in si yue emanates from the explosion after a few degrees hesitate to wu yue bottom or bought a plane ticket to finalize the trip. Jun 19 ri: Macau✈��️ Bangkok Jun 21 ri: Bangkok✈️Colombo (transit Kuala Lumpur) Jun 28 ri: Colombo✈��️ Hong Kong?Macau Bangkok flights to and from Colombo have been canceled?囧, the contact agent changed Bangkok✈��️ Kuala Lumpur✈️Colombo, the return trip was notified the day before departure, and Colombo was purchased temporarily✈��️ Kuala Lumpur✈️ Hong Kong flight. Sri Lanka is probably a country in the Pacific that is particularly easy to ignore, and I can't say that because of what I have longed for this land. See the deer in the deep forest, the whale when the sea is blue, and you when you wake up. Ha… [Read more]
2021-06-20: Jeffrey Bawa (Geoffrey Bawa)(July 23, 191919-527th, 2003), although he entered the architectural world very late, but he explored the influence of modernism and its culture, as well as the creation of unique, identifiable design styles have had a lasting impact around the world. He is proficient in modernism theory and is one of the original supporters of the tropical style. In his design process, he will combine local environmental factors with the form of modernism theory. Bava's architectural design has created a new style of architecture in many tropical environments, and many of his popular awards have recognized this, including the Chairman Aga Kahn Special Architecture Award in 2001, and won the title of Deshamanya, the Sri Lankan government commended him for his contribution to… [Read more]
2021-06-19: [8K] Show you the most beautiful place on Earth [Read more]
2021-06-17: From March 1 to 2, 2019, it was the last two days of our trip in Sri Lanka. I went to sea to watch whales, visit the ancient Dutch Castle in Galle, and take a boat trip to the Galma Du River. Lin, and finally visit Colombo. Watching whales at sea is a classic tourism project in the Mressa area. We chose a large double-decker ship with relatively stable navigation. Starting from the hotel before dawn in the morning, starting from the dock at more than seven o'clock, it takes 4 to 5 hours to return. Sri Lanka is one of the best whale-watching spots in the world, and whale watching by boat is one of the favorite projects for animals-loving and adventurous tourists. From November to March of the following year, the South Coast Melissa is the best whale watching spot. Whales don't like to… [Read more]
2021-06-16: [Tomorrow's Ark] The entire ice skate of Kitahara's frozen and abandoned city will last for two months. [Read more]
2021-06-11: Many friends want to travel to Sri Lanka. I heard that Sri Lanka travel is cheap and fun. So what about the Sri Lankan visa? Sri Lanka visa? Is Sri Lanka a landing visa? I will give you a visa on arrival and how to apply for a Sri Lankan visa. Sri Lanka visa? Sri Lanka implements visa-free treatment for Chinese citizens and can enter the country with a passport. General tourists can stay there for 30 days. Sri Lanka visa? Sri Lanka is visa-free, but if you don't have a valid visa, Chinese Customs will not let you go abroad. Municipal party and government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions, and colleges and universities can visit Sri Lanka with diplomatic, official (official), and ordinary passports for official visits to Sri Lanka. Is Sri Lanka a landing visa? Sri… [Read more]
2021-06-09: I love to spell models-New Delhi-Bangorla Sabi [Read more]
2021-06-09: I love to spell models-Montreal-the Church of Our Lady of the Church [Read more]
2021-06-09: How does Moore Manor furniture fly high?! Permanent flying Yo, come and watch!! [Read more]
2021-06-09: (2) Determine the climate type of Sri Lanka according to the map, describe its climate characteristics, and analyze the causes. (3) There are obvious seasonal differences in the distribution of precipitation on the east and west sides of the country. The difference is inferred and the reasons are explained. Reason: The east side is affected by the northeast monsoon in winter, the northeast monsoon brings water vapor from the sea, and is affected by the terrain to form precipitation; The west side is located on the windward slope of the Southwest monsoon in summer. (1) Read the picture. There is no contour line in the picture but there are rivers. The River flows from the high terrain to the low terrain. The River flow can be used to judge the height of the terrain. The River in the… [Read more]
2021-06-09: Message: Wattala Sri Lanka this address zip code is wrong, the wattala zip code and watinapaha zip code on the page, should be wrong. wattala correct ZIP code is 11300 What is the zip code of this address? No. 220 / B /3, Aloka Uyana, Bandaragama Road, Kesbewa, Sri Lanka. What is the zip code for this address? Thank you! [Read more]

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