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2021-10-28: On October 27, 2021, Zhang Chenggang, Consul General in Gwangju, held an online lecture on "The Road to Success in China and the Future of China-South Korea Relations" at the 7th Gwangju Chinese Culture Week, introduced China's development achievements and successful experiences in various fields, and looked forward to China-South Korea relations. Zheng Shunai, deputy speaker of Gwangzhou City Council, Yin Ruzhe, ambassador for international relations in Ruzhe, Jin Lekun, president of Gwangju Culture and broadcast company, Cao Gengwan, director of Gwangju China Friendship Center, and Confucius Institute of Hunan University, south Korean President Zuo Kwon-wen and Li Zhenglin watched the scene, and more than 100 Gwangju citizens watched it live on the Internet. Consul General Zhang… [Read more]
2021-10-27: According to a report from CCTV Finance on October 27, recently, lettuce from many large fast food chains in South Korea has disappeared. The reporter learned at a McDonald's store in Seoul that the lettuce in many stores is out of stock or in short supply. Not only that, but also the stores of many well-known fast food brands in South Korea, including the sandwich chain Subway, have recently interrupted the supply of lettuce, and some stores have to temporarily stop selling salads and other dishes containing lettuce. It is reported that in the middle of this month, South Korea was hit by a sudden cold wave, and more than 60% of the lettuce in Jiangyuan Road, the main producing area of South Korea, was frozen. Coupled with the continuous rainfall in autumn, soft rot has occurred in a… [Read more]
2021-10-27: When it comes to Korean female stars, I have to mention this sister Han Yeise, thinking that she was really popular with a movie "The Birth of a Beauty. In the past 20 years, the debut has not only become more and more beautiful, but also the key to the heat. Especially after she opened a personal account in the Youtube to shoot their vlog, it is a fan of countless. "I'm even 40 years old... 50... 60, you can also gradually grow old with that kind of young mentality, feel very handsome" "But people generally think that way... Don't think about your age? Very unsensible appearance" Especially when my sister exposed her home in the vlog, she was called the world Yin Shili by netizens, real life! What kind of mansion is this, it can arouse people's amazement. Sister says she likes… [Read more]
2021-10-27: The survivors of former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo disclosed their last words on the 26th. In his last words, Lu Taiyu said that he hopes that the people will forgive their shortcomings and faults. Yonhap News Agency reported on the 27th that Lu Taiyu said in his last words that I feel very honored and grateful that I can serve the great motherland and people, and will accept my destiny with an open mind, I hope life failed to achieve reunification dreams can be in the hands of the next implementation. Lu Taiyu's children said on the same day that his father, who had been ill for many years, died on October 26. Thank you for your condolences and condolences. The father hopes that his funeral will be held in accordance with the law. He is currently negotiating with the government… [Read more]
2021-10-27: According to reports, Roh Tae-woo was hospitalized for a long time due to chronic diseases. Recently, he was hospitalized in Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea due to his deterioration and received intensive care, but his condition did not improve and eventually passed away. "Lu Taiyu's death" has attracted media attention from various countries. Reuters reported, "He is a meritorious veteran who played a key but controversial role in the transition to democratic elections." The New York Times said that Lu Taiyu led the "difficult transition" of South Korea to democratization ". Yonhap News Agency commented that Lu Taiyu actively established relations with socialist countries during his tenure as president, which made him widely praised. These include the establishment of… [Read more]
2021-10-27: After setting the fastest year-on-year growth rate in a decade in the second quarter, the South Korean economy took a rollercoaster of decline in the third quarter, ending with lower-than-expected data. Behind this, although exports are strong, domestic demand is still weak, investment is also weak, various factors superimposed, leading to the ultimate unsatisfactory. As for the fourth quarter, it may still not be optimistic. Even if the higher vaccination rate makes domestic demand hope, the global supply chain bottleneck still exists, and external demand will become a shortcoming. Stagnation is the key word for South Korea's economy in the third quarter. On October 26, local time, the Bank of Korea released economic data for the third quarter. Overall, due to the decline in local… [Read more]
2021-10-27: After each AI News: Beijing time October 27th 08:00, the Nikkei 225 index dropped 73.51 points, or 0.25% per cent, at 29032.5 points, South Korea's KOSPI INDEX dropped 3.25 points, it fell 0.11% to 3045.83 points. Disclaimer: The content and data of this article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice and are verified before use. According to this operation, the risk is at your own risk. If you need to reprint, please contact the "Daily Economic News" newspaper. Without the authorization of the "Daily Economic News" newspaper, reprinting or mirroring is strictly prohibited. Violators must be investigated. Special reminder: If we use your picture, please contact the author with this site for remuneration. If you do not want your work to appear on this site, you… [Read more]
2021-10-27:, Shanghai, October 27th (Reporter Chen Jing) on the evening of the 27th, the fifth session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) held in South Korea, the results of the 2021 learning city award were officially announced: among the many declared cities around the world, Shanghai has become one of the award-winning cities of the UNESCO 2021 Learning City Award. Shanghai is the only award-winning city in China this year. That night, Chen Qun, deputy mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, delivered a video speech at the award ceremony. It is reported that the UNESCO Learning City Award aims to recognize and encourage the achievements of the world in the development of learning cities, and to showcase excellent practical… [Read more]
2021-10-27: [South Korea Aug neonatal number in the transformation will innovate low population 22 consecutive months reduce] in the first 8 months of South Korea cumulative neonatal period was 181,560, compared with the year-on-year decline in 3%. South Korea last year over the course of the neonatal period was 272,337, compared with the first time below 300,000 is expected this year will also be lower than 300,000. The number of newborns in South Korea in August hit a record low in the same month. Death population more than new-born population, South Korea population have fallen for the past 22 months decreased in the first 8 months of this year to reduce the more than 22,000 people. The number of marriages in August also hit the lowest level in the same month. According to the Korea National… [Read more]
2021-10-27: According to Korean media reports, the number of newborns in South Korea in August once again hit a record low in the same month. In addition, due to more deaths than births, the total population of South Korea has decreased for 22 consecutive months. The number of marriages in August also hit the lowest level in the same month. According to the Korea National Statistical offices in 27th released Aug population trends, 2021, Aug, Korean-born 22,291 people at the same period a year earlier decreased by 111, decrease of 0.5%, it is the lowest level in history since the number of newborns per month began in 1981. The number of newborns in a single month has fallen for 69 consecutive months since December 2015. The crude birth rate of the average number of births per thousand population is… [Read more]
2021-10-27: 2021, October 26th 0 until 24, the province's report new confirmed cases in 5 cases (Rizhao report cases and 4 cases, other provinces back Lu confirmed cases of close contacts; Qingdao Report South Korea input 1). No new deaths. No new suspected cases. Qingdao report outside the input of a confirmed case of sexual transmission discharge and 1 case. [Read more]
2021-10-27: In new network on October 27th according to Shandong province Health Commission official public message 2021, October 27th 0 until 24, Shandong province report new confirmed cases in 5 cases (Rizhao report autochthonous cases of 4 cases, it is a close contact of confirmed cases of returning to Lu from other provinces; Qingdao reported 1 case imported from South Korea). No new deaths. No new suspected cases. Qingdao report outside the input of a confirmed case of sexual transmission discharge and 1 case. [Read more]
2021-10-26: According to the overseas network, Yonhap news agency reported that on the morning of the 26th local time, the Central District Court of Seoul, South Korea, issued a first-instance verdict on the suspected narcotics abuse case, Yonhap News Agency reported, sentenced Mr Lee fine of 70 million South Korean won (about 384,000 yuan). Earlier this month, Lee admitted to abusing the anesthetic. According to the allegations, from January 2015 to May 2020, Lee Jae-Yong was suspected of illegally injecting the anesthetic propofol more than 40 times in a plastic surgery hospital in Seoul. According to CCTV Finance, the Seoul Central District Court 26th on alleged violations of the "Drug Administration Law of the Samsung Electronics vice president Lee Jae-yong in the first instance verdict and… [Read more]
2021-10-26: (Observer Network News) According to Yonhap News Agency on October 25, the telecom operator that accounts for half of the Korean network market-Korea Telecom (KT) cable, wireless Internet service from 25th at 11:20 A.M. PM in about 1 hour 25 fen zhong disruption of in South Korea is provoking chaos. According to South Korea's "Central Daily News", the technical error of the second largest operator in South Korea caused the communication of millions of people, stores and companies across South Korea for at least one hour. On October 25th, the Internet service provided by Korean telecom operator KT was once paralyzed. The picture shows a "Web page cannot be accessed" prompt on the mobile terminal and the PC terminal. Figure from South Korea's Yonhap News Agency This disconnection caused… [Read more]
2021-10-26: Shenzhen Satellite TV reporter: Uzbekistan's presidential election was successfully held a few days ago. The preliminary counting results showed that President Mirziyev won the re-election. What is China's comment on this? Do you want to congratulate Uzbekistan? How do you view the development of Sino-Ukrainian relations? Zhao Lijian: China congratulates Uzbekistan on the successful presidential election and the re-election of President Mirziyev. President Xi Jinping has already sent a congratulatory message to him. It is believed that under the leadership of President Mirziyev, the beautiful vision of "New Uzbekistan" will be realized. China and Uzbekistan are comprehensive strategic partners and friendly neighbors, and bilateral relations have always maintained a high level of… [Read more]
2021-10-26: According to the report, a person in charge of Seoul University Hospital said that Lu Taiyu died on the 26th, but did not explain the cause of death. Lu Taiyu has been in poor physical condition since he underwent prostate cancer surgery in 2002 and has been hospitalized many times. According to the report, a person in charge of Seoul University Hospital said that Lu Taiyu died on the 26th, but did not explain the cause of death. Lu Taiyu has been in poor physical condition since he underwent prostate cancer surgery in 2002 and has been hospitalized many times. [Read more]
2021-10-26: Overseas Network, October 26 (Xinhua) according to Yonhap news agency, former South Korean President Roh Tae-Woo died in the hospital on the 26th at the age of 89. He had been ill for many years before his death. Lu Taiyu served as the president of South Korea from February 1988 to February 1993. During his tenure, he actively carried out the "Northern Policy" and completed the establishment of diplomatic relations with China and the Soviet Union. According to an earlier report by China News Agency, Lu Taiyu once said that his ancestral home was Shandong, and his ancestor was Taigong Jiang Ziya. After stepping down as president, Lu Taiyu went to Shandong to seek roots in June 2000. (Overseas Network Liu Qiang) [Read more]
2021-10-26: According to the report, Lu Taiyu's assistant said that Lu Taiyu died on the 26th local time at the age of 88. The report mentioned that Lu Taiyu was recently admitted to the hospital due to deteriorating health, but has not recovered. Lu Taiyu was born in 1932 and served as President of South Korea from February 1988 to February 1993. During his tenure, he completed the establishment of diplomatic relations with China and paid a state visit to China in September 1992. [Read more]
2021-10-26: From 2014, to 2021, China and South Korea to follow the principles of friendly consultations and practical spirit of cooperation for 8 consecutive years successful interchanges 825-bit in the Han Chinese People's Volunteer Army martyrs remains. The Ministry of Veterans Affairs took the lead in the relevant military and local departments to establish a DNA database of the remains of the martyrs in the Korean Volunteers who were buried in the first seven batches, bioinformation technology comparison and other methods to find relatives for multiple martyrs. This article reveals the system and mechanism of the operation of the search and appraisal agency for the remains of Korean martyrs by interviewing ex-servicemen, scientific research experts, scholars, excavators, correspondents in South… [Read more]
2021-10-26: During Lu Taiyu's tenure, through the "Northern Foreign" policy, South Korea established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, China, and Eastern European countries. The outgoing president, Roh Tae-woo for alleged involvement in a military coup, collecting secret funds and other charges in 1997, Apr are South Korean court sentenced to 17 years and a fine of more than 260 billion South Korean won (about more than 1.4 billion yuan). In December of the same year, the then South Korean President Kim Yong-San decided to pardon Roh Tae-woo. [Read more]

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