2021-09-28: Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin in the National Day the 72nd anniversary online reception of the message His Excellency Foreign Minister Shahid, President of the 76th General Assembly, Ladies and gentlemen, friends: Good afternoon, everyone! Very happy and everybody cloud meet annual meeting of the New Champions, celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China the 72nd anniversary reception. I am very grateful to Foreign Minister Shahid for taking the time to attend via video. This fully shows that your Excellency and the Maldives government attach great importance to China-Malaysia relations. I deeply appreciate this. This year is the founding of the People's Republic 72 anniversary coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party 100… [Read more]
2021-09-27: 2021, Sep 26 in Maldives Embassy held of the founding of the People's Republic of China 72 anniversary Wang Lixin ambassador any online press conference. Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin delivered a speech online. Foreign Minister Ma and Chairman of the 76th UN General Assembly Shahid delivered a speech by recording video. Officials from various departments of the Ma government, friendly people from all walks of life, foreign envoys in Malaysia, overseas Chinese in Malaysia and representatives of Chinese-funded institutions attended. In his speech, Ambassador Wang first thanked Foreign Minister Shahid for taking the time to send a congratulatory video to the reception. Ambassador Wang said that this year is the founding of New China the 72nd anniversary, under the leadership of the… [Read more]
2021-09-22: On September 6, 2021, the new ambassador to the Maldives Wang Lixin submitted his credentials to President Saleh. Recently, Ambassador Wang Lixin accepted a written interview with the media of China and Malaysia, expounding China's position on China-Malaysia relations and other issues. The interview is as follows: First of all, you are warmly welcome to come to the horse. What is your impression of the Maldives? I am deeply honored to be appointed as the Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives. The Maldives is known as a "paradise on Earth floating in the Indian Ocean", and its unique tourism resources are famous all over the world. Maldives also has a high reputation in China and is one of the favorite outbound destinations for Chinese tourists. Although I have just arrived in Male, I have… [Read more]
2021-09-22: Today (Sep 21 ri) taxis & shuttles in Haizhu line Canton Tower station at 18:47 to the operational end of the suspended; Self-start at 18:17 a.m. to Operation End, the terminal of the train from Wanshengwai to Guangzhou Tower is adjusted to Guangzhou Tower East Station. Like Meng Hao and Chen Gang, there are still many people who give up their holidays and work overtime. They have a common wish in their hearts: the project will be completed and opened to traffic as soon as possible, making it more convenient for more people to go home for reunion. Mid-Autumn Festival this year during the Guangzhou best moon time (namely months shang ztt): reward moonlit night (Sep 21 ri) for the next day at 00:57:19 in the morning, horizon height 66 °; After Moonlit Night (Sep 22 ri) for the next day at… [Read more]
2021-09-08: Foreign Minister Shahid welcomed Ambassador Wang's new appointment and congratulated Ambassador Wang on submitting his credentials to President Saleh. He looked forward to meeting with Ambassador Wang at an early date and had an in-depth exchange of views on further promoting bilateral relations. Shahid said that I am about to go to New York to formally perform my duties as chairman of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, and I am willing to strengthen cooperation with China under the framework of the United Nations and jointly promote the continuous development of multilateralism. The Ma side attaches great importance to the development of relations with China and is willing to work with China to take more positive and effective measures to promote the continuous progress of the… [Read more]
2021-09-07: On September 6, 2021, the new ambassador to the Maldives, Wang Lixin, presented his credentials to President Saleh at the Presidential Palace in Malaysia. The two sides had a cordial and friendly conversation on China-Malaysia relations. President Ma's Office Director Zahir, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Khalil, and Chief Press Officer of the President's Office Hu Dehe attended. Ambassador Wang conveyed President Xi Jinping's cordial greetings and best wishes to President Saleh. He was deeply honored to be appointed as the Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives. He said that he would do his best and do his best, make your own contribution to the development of China-Malaysia relations. Ambassador Wang said that China and Malaysia are friendly neighbors and have long-term friendly… [Read more]
2021-09-07: Xinhua News Agency, Colombo, 6 Sep (Reporter Tang Lu) Malé: Malay President Saleh said on the 6th that Malaysia-China "Belt and Road Initiative" pragmatic cooperation has achieved positive results, which has greatly contributed to the economic and social development of the Maldives. He sincerely thanked China for providing vaccine assistance to the Maldives, which is very helpful for Malaysia's fight against the epidemic. On the same day, when accepting the submission of China's new ambassador to the Maldives, Wang Lixin, said that the Ma government has always adhered to the one-China policy and will continue to firmly support China's position on issues of major concern to China. He expressed the hope that the two countries will continue to have close high-level contacts, deepen… [Read more]
2021-09-04: Former Maldivian President Mohamed Wahid Hassan said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua that the so-called "new coronavirus traceability investigation report" recently released by the United States intelligence agencies used opaque assessment methods, its scientific nature is doubtful. Wahid said: "When it comes to global health issues, ensuring science and facts is the top priority. The methods used to gather intelligence cannot be used in the field of public health. Given the opaque assessment methods used in the decision-making process of intelligence agencies, it is doubtful how scientific This report is." Wahid said it was worrying that the Western media made the report "more political and defamatory". Some politicians and experts have used the report to blame China for coercion… [Read more]
2021-08-11: The seaplane terminal project of Maldives Villana International Airport, which was built by a Chinese enterprise, has been completed and accepted and put into use a few days ago. This is the seaplane terminal project of Maldives Villana International Airport, which was filmed with a drone in Malé on June 30, 2021. [Read more]
2021-08-10: The seaplane terminal project of Maldives Villana International Airport, which was built by a Chinese company, has been completed and accepted and put into use. This is the seaplane terminal project of Maldives Villana International Airport, which was filmed with a drone in Malé on June 30, 2021. [Read more]
2021-07-30: This year coincides with the founding of the Communist Party of China 100 anniversary. On July 1, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Beijing Celebration Conference, comprehensively reviewing the glorious history and great achievements of the Party over the past 100 years, deeply expounding the valuable experience accumulated in this historical process, especially the great party-building spirit of the Communist Party of China, and solemnly proclaims that China has achieved its first centenary goal, it clearly puts forward nine major requirements for the party to take history as a mirror on the new journey and create the future. General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech has received great attention and warm response from the international… [Read more]
2021-07-29: According to the British "Daily Mail" report on July 27, 50-year-old British tourist Martin Lewis made an extremely funny mistake while vacationing in the Maldives on July 22, it was recorded by his wife Rachel (Rachael). The video shows Lewis taking off his shoes and trying to "take a shortcut" through the muddy swamp, while he falls into a huge puddle when he steps on it. He was completely submerged completely underwater, and Lewis reappeared a few seconds later, all in mud from head to toe. Rachel can be heard laughing hysterically in the video. Lewis then shared the video on social media, saying: "I was completely shocked when I disappeared into the water...... Then I climbed out and my wife smiled for 10 minutes." [Read more]
2021-07-26: On July 23, local time, Hamdan Shakir, a senior media person in the Maldives, wrote an article entitled "The Covid Epidemic: Racism, Shirking Responsibility and Politicization of the Popularity" on the Maldives News Network. The Nandu reporter learned that the article pointed out that the United States and other Western countries deliberately politicized the issue of the traceability of the Covid virus, with the purpose of shirking the responsibility for the failure of their own epidemic prevention to China. Shakir pointed out that China has successfully contained the country's new coronary pneumonia epidemic and launched the world's largest and most successful vaccination campaign, and China has also provided a large amount of medical supplies to all parts of the world. The contrast of… [Read more]
2021-07-25: In his article, Shakir pointed out that after the outbreak, China was slandered as the "culprit" of the spread of the Covid virus due to the proliferation of false information, although this has been denounced as a conspiracy theory by many international scientists and media, but the United States and its allies continue to fuel this argument. Some Western countries are not committed to eliminating the neo-Crown pandemic, which has had a devastating impact on the global economy, nor are they scientifically tracking the origin of the new coronavirus, but by distorting facts and disseminating false information, attempts to put the blame on China. Shakir stressed that the long-standing racism in the West has breed all kinds of negative comments against China, and these views have… [Read more]
2021-07-25: Jun 7, the General Assembly of the United Nations to vote on that, from the Indian Ocean south of Small Island States (AOSIS in Maldives Minister Abdulla Shahid, (Abdulla Shahid) of the presidency of the United Nations General Assembly di 76 the twelfth session. Although this is the first time that Maldives has produced a president of the United Nations General Assembly, this is the sixth time that a small island country has won this honor. In his acceptance speech after his election, Shahid thanked the international community for the trust he gave to the Maldives and himself, and said that he would bring commitment, faith and courage to the entire planet during his tenure, make due contributions to the common prosperity of the people of the world and mankind. Listen to the United Nations… [Read more]
2021-07-24: Xinhua News Agency, Colombo, July 24 (Reporter Tang Lu) Male News: Hamdan Shakir, senior editor of The Maldives News Network, published in the media on the 2 3rd entitled "Covid Epidemic: Racism, the article" shirking responsibility and politicization of the epidemic "pointed out that the West's politicization of the source of the new coronavirus is an attempt to distort the facts and shift the blame to China. Shakir said that after the outbreak of the Covid pneumonia, due to the proliferation of false information, Asia, especially China, was referred to as the "culprit" of the spread of the Covid, the United States and its allies continue to fuel this argument. He said that the "Wuhan Laboratory Leak Theory" about the new coronavirus was first proposed by former US President Trump as… [Read more]
2021-07-17: Energy Network News: Recently, the world's largest floating solar power generation system has been officially completed in the Maldives LUX South Ari Atoll. This new solar power system, called SolarSea, can withstand the erosion of waves, storms and seawater, and is specially developed by Austrian solar manufacturers Swimsol to solve the problem of space shortage in small islands. In addition to generating electricity, the SolarSea system provides shelter for Fry and invertebrates. Since floating on the sandy seabed, the solar system will not have any impact on the coral reefs, and the coral larvae floating in the ocean can also be attached to the equipment, where... [Read more]
2021-07-16: Xi Jinping pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, the two sides have understood and supported each other, setting an example of equal treatment and mutual benefit between large and small countries. In 2014, when I paid a state visit to the Maldives, the two sides decided to build a comprehensive friendly and cooperative partnership facing the future, and the relationship between the two sides has been consolidated and developed. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. China is willing to carry out various forms of celebration activities with Malaysia to deepen the friendship between the two peoples and promote the development of China-Malaysia relations. Xi Jinping… [Read more]
2021-07-04: shui xia luo shen 1 fen zhong jing yan, ta que 200 ci zai zhi xi de bian yuan, dong de zhi da duo suo, dan zhi yao dao yan yi sheng ling xia, jiu yi sheng bu hang di zha jin shui li qu. pai wan dian ying zhi hou ta qu xue xi le qian shui, di yi ci zai ma er dai fu de hai di zheng kai yan, jiu bei guang guai lu li de jing xiang zhen han-hai di tai mei le. 2017, ta you kao qu le merro jiao lian zheng, geng duo de xin qian yi zhou qian wang zhong guo xun lian, ta men xi wang neng zai geng hao de tiao jian xia jibzspc. So, guan dao dui zao zai 23 hao wan shang jiu di da le zhong guo. tong zu de ma er dai fu, Philippines, xu li ya san zhi qiu dui zhi jin hai wei ru jing, qi zhong dang naturelclair bao kuo jian kang shen pi tui chi de yuan yin. hao ke de su zhou sai qu wei guan dao dui… [Read more]
2021-07-01: [?? ??? °] parade in the Moonlight Sea [Read more]

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