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2021-10-16: According to the "Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres" and "Administrative Measures for the Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres in Sichuan Province" and other provisions, in order to further reduce the mistakes in employing personnel, the proposed appointment of Zheng Xiaoqing and other comrades is as follows: If the cadres and the masses have different opinions on the candidates, or think that the candidates have violated discipline such as running away from officials, canvassing votes and bribing elections, please call them within 5 working days (October 16 to October 22), letters, visits and other ways to report to the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Cadre Supervision Office, can also be reported through… [Read more]
2021-10-16: In accordance with the "Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres" and other relevant provisions, in order to strengthen democratic supervision of the selection and appointment of cadres, the cadres to be appointed are now announced before their appointment (in order of strokes of their surnames), and the publicity period is from October 18, 2021 to October 22, 2021 (5 working days). If there are any situations and problems with the above-mentioned candidates, they can be reflected during the publicity period. The situation and problems must be realistic and the real name, work unit and contact information should be signed or informed; anonymous letters and anonymous phone calls with unclear clues will not be accepted during the publicity period. [Read more]
2021-10-16: "The dummies used now are riding motorcycles. "On October 13, after experiencing Bosch's automatic emergency braking system at the Shanghai Tianma Motor Speedway, a media person said with emotion. It is reported that Bosch has held a scientific and technological innovation experience day for seven years. Last year, Bosch used a dummy on a bicycle. Earlier, the dummy rode nothing, just stood there motionless, hoping for the timely stop of the engineering vehicle. In fact, the braking test for the electric two-wheeled vehicle just shows that Bosch's technology is progressing, which means that the automatic emergency braking system has reached a higher level in identifying the test target and accuracy, because of the comparison of static dummies, the shape of the electric two-wheeled… [Read more]
2021-10-16: On October 16th, the Long March 2 F Yao 13 carrier rocket successfully launched the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft, and the Chinese space station ushered in a new "business trip" trio. The live TV screen showed that the three astronauts were relaxed when they were launched. Such a relaxed picture can not help but remind people of the "unbearable" 26 seconds experienced by Yang Liwei, China's first astronaut to enter space. In the article "One Day in Space", Yang Liwei recalled, "The feeling of pain is getting stronger and stronger, and the internal organs seem to be broken. I was almost unbearable and felt like I was dying. "The source of Yang Liwei's" unbearable "is resonance. This was once a world-class space launch problem. Not only rockets developed by China have this problem, but also… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to a report by on October 16, citing Agence France-Presse, a suicide bombing attack on a Shiite mosque in the southern city of Kandahar in Afghanistan killed at least 41 people and injured dozens of others. On the 16th, the extremist organization "Islamic State" announced responsibility for the attack. The "Islamic State" stated in a statement that two "Islamic State Khorasan" suicide attackers attacked different areas of the mosque. The attack was the first attack by the Islamic State Khorasan in Kandahar and the fourth attack since the Taliban took control of Kabul to cause heavy casualties since the Taliban took control of Kabul. The suicide bombing killed 41 people and injured about 70 others, Hafiz Abdulhai Abbas, told AFP. After the blast, Kandahar… [Read more]
2021-10-16: At present, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk has just concluded his visit to Washington. According to a report by Russia's TASS News Agency on October 16, Overchuk told the media after the visit that both Russia and the United States are dissatisfied with the current bilateral relations and both believe that the relations between the two countries should be improved. Overchuk said that in principle, one of the main themes of each meeting between Russia and the United States is to improve bilateral relations. The two countries should maintain direct contact and avoid contact through intermediaries. The opportunity to communicate directly helps to better explain their positions and the logic of making decisions to each other. Overchuk arrived in Washington on the 14th to… [Read more]
2021-10-16: August this year the end of US Kabul carried out air strikes manslaughter 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children, caused by the strong condemnation by the international community. According to a Reuters report on October 15, the U.S. Department of Defense promised to provide compensation to the relatives of the victims, but the amount was not announced. In addition, it also agreed to help the families of the victims to immigrate to the United States. U.S. Defense Department spokesman Kirby said on the 15th that the day before (14), colin Carr, the deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense, and Stephen Kwon, the founder and president of the "International Nutrition and Education" organization, held an online meeting during which they made relevant proposals. "International… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Recently, the reporter from the Hunan province Ministry office was informed that, at present, Hunan completed 31 along the Yangtze River and the chemical enterprises of close to exit and 3 along the Yangtze River of chemical enterprises, they shall undergo relocation to vacate 1839.71 acres of land, working staff of 1909 people, more than 447.126 million million yuan in fixed assets; Complete all the 2021, relocation work assignments. The 34 chemical enterprises along the river that have been closed and withdrawn or converted into production are scattered and small chemical production enterprises with relatively low product technology content, weak market competitiveness, and hidden dangers of safety and environmental protection risks. With the determination of a strong man to break his… [Read more]
2021-10-16: In late November 2020, after the birth of an elephant baby in Mezi Town, Ning'er County, Pu'er City, 17 Asian elephants went north all the way. On the evening of May 27, 2021, after the Xiangqun of Xiangqun passed through the county seat of Yushan County, Yuxi City, it attracted attention from the outside world. Some media and people ridicule: Are they coming to Kunming to participate in the COP15 conference? Academia and animal protection organizations pointed out that this is a serious event and should not be entertained. The elephant group moved more and more to the north, and the outside world was more "Carnival", and the tension was the local government and the competent authorities. On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent wild elephants from hurting people. They are, after… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Good news! Guangdong will fully implement free premarital check pregnancy test! Pre-marriage health check "two checks in one", Free inspection items a total of 22 items! Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and the Office of the Provincial Women and Children Working Committee jointly issued the "Notice on Coordinating the Promotion of Free Pre-Marital Health Care". To comprehensively strengthen pre-marital health care and the primary prevention of birth defects, and continuously improve the quality of the birth population and the health of women and children. By the end of 2022, counties (cities, districts) in the province will fully implement free pre-marriage health check-ups in counties (cities, districts) establish a… [Read more]
2021-10-16: In the face of the increasingly severe power supply and demand situation, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, recently issued a public initiative calling for the city to save electricity. According to the Ningbo media "Yongpai" report, the power supply and demand situation encountered in Ningbo this time is due to the recent reduction in foreign electricity in Zhejiang Province, the tight supply of thermal coal and natural gas and the continued rapid growth of electricity demand. According to the report, in order to actively practice the green and low-carbon production and lifestyle, effectively respond to the city's power gap, and maintain the order and stability of production and life, a few days ago, the Ningbo City Energy Conservation Office has provided various agencies, enterprises and… [Read more]
2021-10-16: The temperature in Changjin Lake plummeted, and the volunteers in thin clothes were frozen into ice sculptures in the extremely cold wind and snow, and used their lives to compose a majestic epic of sobbing ghosts and gods. The War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, emerged 30 million hero hero and nearly 6000 hero groups. The "Miracle has a Code" series of ink animations tells you "the cutest person". [Read more]
2021-10-16: On October 15, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a symposium on literary and artistic work and delivered an important speech, profoundly expounding the status, role and major mission of literature and art work, and emphasizing that "literature and art are the project of casting the soul, literary and art workers are engineers of the soul". In the past seven years, Xi Jinping has made important expositions on the work of "bacon casting soul. [Read more]
2021-10-16: Infrastructure has gone from "connected to" basically networked ", and transport services have gone from" to "good", transportation technology goes from "follow-up" to "follow-up and lead...... Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, own country's transportation development has made historic achievements and undergone historic changes, and accelerated its progress towards a transportation power. [Read more]
2021-10-16: The reporter learned from the second China Population and Development Forum held on the 16th that the elderly population dependency ratio is used to indicate how many elderly people will bear for every 100 working-age population. As 2020, National 60 aged population of 264.02 million people, accounting for 18.7% of the total population; Aged 80 years and over in elderly population of 35.8 million people, accounting for more than 13.56%. Rural aging level was significantly higher than that of urban areas, rural 60 years old and above accounted for the proportion of the total rural population is 23.8%, 7.99% than the urban population aged 60 and above accounted for the proportion of the total urban population. The National Health Commission of party members, the National ageing office… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Recently, Zhang Haidi, chairman of the China Disabled People's Federation, once again investigated the rehabilitation University under construction. The School is located in Qingdao, which is jointly built by the China Disabled Persons' Federation, the National Health Commission and other central departments and Shandong Province. According to the website of the University of Rehabilitation (Preparatory), on October 11-12, Zhang Haidi, chairman of the China Disabled People's Federation and leader of the Rehabilitation University Construction Promotion Leading Group, went to Qingdao to investigate the construction of the Rehabilitation University and held a special meeting to discuss the campus decoration plan, listen to the report on the progress of campus construction and preparation,… [Read more]
2021-10-16: During the National Day holiday, a heavy rainfall lasting more than 90 hours pushed Shanxi to the "forefront". Fenhe River downstream encountered over the past 40 years maximum peak, Shanxi 37 River outbreak flood wu ma he, Fenhe River, ci yao he and embankment to throw 6021.36km highway disaster loss 76 counties in 1.7571 million people affected, emergency transfer the reintegration of 120,100 people, and crops have been an area of 3.5769 million acres, the direct economic loss of 50.29 billion yuan. The Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government responded quickly, initiated the disaster relief response at the first time, and allocated and allocated funds for disaster relief materials in a timely manner. The party committees and governments at all levels, the… [Read more]
2021-10-16: [Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] "Russia Today" (RT) published an interview with former US National Security Adviser John Bolton on the 16th, bolton accused his "old owner" Trump of being responsible for the US epidemic prevention. RT said that in an interview with RT reporter Afsin Ratansi, Bolton remained loyal to his "hawkish" foreign policy views. Bolton talked about the recent withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the rampage of the extremist group "Islamic State", the sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran, and the Covid epidemic. According to Bolton, both governments have underperformed on Afghanistan. According to the report, Bolton believes that the peace agreement reached between the Trump administration and the Taliban in Afghanistan is "flawed in many… [Read more]
2021-10-16: On the afternoon of October 15th, the launch of the new book "Dislining the Forbidden City-Twenty-Four Solar terms" was held in the Palace Museum. President of the National Palace Museum Wang Xudong, Beijing Municipal Education Committee, deputy secretary of the li yi and book creative team attended the conference. During the event, a new book "Dislining the Forbidden City-Twenty-Four Solar terms" compiled by the Palace Museum and Yujian Culture was released. In recent years, books have to be "alive". Various forms of three-dimensional books and origami books are loved by readers because of their ingenious design and giving people a sense of participation and stimulating practical ability. "Out of the Forbidden City" is a book compiled by the Palace Museum and Yujian Culture, and… [Read more]
2021-10-16: [Editor's note] [Full text of the speech] I entered the Chinese Department of East China Normal University in 1981 and studied and worked on this beautiful campus for two decades. I was transferred to Beijing to teach in 2001, and it has been two decades since then. Today, my alma mater is celebrating its 70th anniversary. I am sincerely pleased with her brilliant achievements and rapid development in the past 70 years, I am also deeply proud of being a member of the East China Normal University graduate. At this festive and gathering moment, I may be able to briefly talk about what it means to me to receive higher education in a university like East China Normal University. Or, compared with other famous universities, what are the special features of East China Normal University's… [Read more]
2021-10-16: The Liangping District Government website of Chongqing City recently reported that the Liangping District Civil Affairs Bureau responded to the District People's Congress representative Zhu Xiaoqiong's proposal to "apply for a marriage certificate and birth certificate, and obtain a family education certificate first", saying, the relevant laws and regulations and the spirit of the documents do not mention the family education certificate, so it cannot be used as a prerequisite for marriage certificate and birth certificate. In response to the proposal of Zhu Xiaoqiong, a deputy to the National People's Congress, on "Proposal on Strengthening Family Education for Minors" on "applying for marriage certificates and birth certificates, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Liangping District of… [Read more]
2021-10-16: [Artist to throw 1000 grains of gold rice Huangpu River by the Net: received curse private letter] According to the boiling point of the guest report: recently, Shanghai. Artist Yang Ye Xin with a total value of more than 20 million yuan of 500 grams of gold to create 1000 grains of pure gold rice, the rice is thrown into the Huangpu River and every corner of Shanghai, in this way to satirize the waste of food. Yang Ye-Xin said that after the release of the work, he received extreme private letters cursing him, but within the scope of his acceptance, he would not go to his heart, it is enough for 2/3 people to recognize the importance of the food problem. [Read more]
2021-10-16: With Tesla's global hot, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) also temporarily scenery infinite their personal value has reached 230 billion billion US dollars-the equivalent of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett personal assets were that the sum total of the story, frustrated by the richest man in the world position. Jeffrey, a well-known Wall Street investment bank, believes that Tesla's share price still has a lot of room to rise, which means that Musk's personal value will continue to soar. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index Friday (10 yue 15 ri), Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk, the net assets of 230 billion dollars. Bill Gates to USD 130 billion ranked fourth, Buffett to USD 102 billion ranked tenth. Both Gates and Buffett were once the richest people in the world. It… [Read more]
2021-10-16: In recent years, with the continuous growth of China's national wealth, many domestic investors have begun to participate in overseas US and Hong Kong stocks. In this context, cross-border Internet brokers that provide stock trading services in major global markets have also ushered in rapid development. However, the personal information protection law, which will be implemented on November 1, will bring major compliance challenges to the cross-border Internet brokerage industry. At present, the operation mode of some cross-border Internet brokerage firms is to develop customers in China. After registering an account number through the Internet, they transfer money to the account number through an overseas bank card or purchase a foreign exchange through a domestic bank card to the… [Read more]
2021-10-16: At the same time, the Oriental wealth increase R & D investment, in the first three quarters of R & D expenses year-on-year growth of 127.34% year-on-year to 0.478 billion yuan. The return on investment in the first three quarters of 118.98% year-on-year to 0.493 billion yuan, mainly for self-investment income increase. It is worth mentioning that Gao Yi assets appeared among the top ten shareholders of tradable shares of Oriental Fortune. gao yi Asset's "gao yi Xiaofeng hong yuan Trust plans of assembled funds" new ninth-largest shareholder, as Sep 30th holds 49.0185 million shares, accounting for circulation ratio of 0.57%. According to the CSC is expected, 2021, securities business income is expected to year-on-year growth of 13%, net profit year-on-year growth of 22%,ROE 8%. The… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to the report of fiscal year 2021 released by Harvard Management. As 2021, Jun end Harvard endowment assets exceed 50 billion dollars up to USD 53.2 billion trillion nationwide, equivalent to a domestic small-to medium-sized public funds. With the latest at the end of the 41.9 billion yuan compared has increased by more than 10 billion dollars. The scale expansion benefited from the Fund's outstanding performance in fiscal year 2021. In 2021, the fund return is as high as 33.6%. The rattan school endowment fund is a lot more than it. But given the size of the Harvard Endowment, which ranks first in the world, this performance is remarkable in such a large size. According to Harvard, equity assets account for 14% of the portfolio, and this asset has a return of 50% in the 2021… [Read more]
2021-10-16: On October 15, people close to the regulatory authorities stated to the media that in accordance with the requirements that all financial activities should be included in the supervision, the CSRC and other regulatory authorities are working hard to improve the relevant regulatory rules and will be based on the Law (Futu, tiger, etc.) such activities will be regulated, supervision and law enforcement will be strengthened, and the legitimate rights and interests of investors will be fully protected. Affected by the news, last night Futu Holdings (FUT U.O) fell 13.66%, two trading days down more than 26%; Tiger Securities (TIG R.O) fell 3.30% last night after a 21.19% plunge the previous day, decline narrowed. The cause of this regulatory response was that People's Daily Online had… [Read more]
2021-10-16: 5 days 4 daily limit * ST long moving (000835), finally in October 15th jumped to the two city minimum market value second seat. This A- share "pocket stock" on the edge of delisting may have the possibility of changing ownership. Following the delisting of its Great Wall Film and Television (002071) and the change of ownership of Tianmu Pharmaceutical (600671), Great Wall Film and Television Culture Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Great Wall Film and Television Group" and "Great Wall Department") the only remaining a shares of the only Miao-Great Wall Animation (000835, hereinafter referred to as "* ST") will be auctioned again. 10 yue 16 the Securities Times e in Ali auction visible on the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court will 10 yue 25th 10 public auction… [Read more]
2021-10-16: On October 16th, 2007, the Shanghai Composite Index was the highest 6124 points. 14 years later, this is still the "Mount Everest" of the Shanghai Composite Index ". October 15th, 2021, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3572.73 points of shock, that is to say, 14 years later still in the "mountainside" hovering, but many stocks hit a record high, many fund net value rose in the shock, it has reached a record high and achieved good results. According to statistics, most of the active partial stock funds have surpassed the high point in 2007, of which the high-profile is 105 active equity funds to achieve more than 100% of income, more than 3 products income of more than 400%, up to 421.54%. It can be said that after a long baptism of bull-bear change time, active equity funds have… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency Moscow on October 15, according to the Russian Northern Fleet News Office, a large anti-submarine ship "North Morsk, A large landing ship" General St. Georgi Changsheng, the Northern Fleet ship formation composed of a "Pamir" rescue tug and a supply ship "Sergei Osipov" completed the tenth Arctic cruise mission. The supply ship "Sergei Osipov" and the "Pamir" rescue tug have arrived at the main base of the fleet-North Morsk. The large landing ship "General St. Georgi Changsheng" unloaded the Marine Corps equipment and personnel at the Pechenga Bay, and was following the fleet readiness plan, operation in the Barents Sea with the "North Morsk" anti-submarine ship. According to reports, Alexander Moiseyev, commander of the Russian… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Reference News Network reported on October 16th. According to the "Russia Today" TV station website on October 14, the romantic depiction of the U.S. Navy Criminal Investigation Bureau (NCIS) in the TV series is not true at all, which can't be worse: detectives in the department even had to use a picture of a Russian cruiser to celebrate the US Navy's birthday. Most Americans know about the Department of Criminal Investigation of the Department of Admiralty from the TV series of the same name that CBS has been airing for nearly 20 years. In real life, this military agency rarely enters the top 10 of Google searches. And this week, they might rather not go on a hot search. According to the report, on the 13th, the official Twitter account of the U.S. Department of Justice's Criminal… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Overseas Network 10 yue 16th electric August this year at the end of US Kabul carried out air strikes manslaughter 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children, caused by the strong condemnation by the international community. According to a Reuters report on October 15, the U.S. Department of Defense promised to provide compensation to the relatives of the victims, but the amount was not announced. In addition, it also agreed to help the families of the victims to immigrate to the United States. U.S. Defense Department spokesman Kirby said on the 15th that the day before (14), colin Carr, the deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense, and Stephen Kwon, the founder and president of the "International Nutrition and Education" organization, held an online meeting during which they… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to a report on the website of the Russian "Komessen" on October 14, Uzbek Foreign Minister Kamilov said when attending a meeting of the CIS Foreign Ministers' Council in Minsk on the 14th, the issue of U.S. troops stationed in Uzbekistan to deal with the threat of terrorism from Afghanistan "is not on the agenda and has not been discussed". The US "Political News" previously disclosed that the US authorities intend to reach an agreement with Tashkent on the possibility of deploying anti-terrorism forces in the country. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also responded to media reports, stating that the country does not intend to deploy US troops in the country. According to the report, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said in response to a question about the possibility of… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to Thai media reports on the 14th, the Thai Olympic Committee financial director Tana revealed that the Thai Olympic Committee has issued a document to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee to replace the two Thai athletes won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games, the reason is that the gold medal has a "peeling" phenomenon. The two athletes are Thailand's first Taekwondo Olympic gold medalist Panipa and amateur boxing Olympic gold medalist Sudarpong. Tana revealed that it has not yet received a response from the Japanese side. He speculated that the reason for the "peeling" of the gold medal may be related to the re-refined metal of waste electronic equipment, plus factors such as hot weather and frequent touch, the manufacturer may not fully consider the wear… [Read more]
2021-10-16: (Observer Network News) "Birth" homophonic "Animal"? Because of this wonderful reason, a man in Luzhou, Sichuan forcibly requested to change his ID card. After being rejected by the staff, the person still refused to give up and even beat the police...... He believes that the word "birth" and "Beast" on the ID card are homophonic, which is an insult to his personality, and requires the staff to change the "birth" on his ID card to "born". The staff repeatedly patiently explained to him that this is a unified national certification that cannot be changed. The word "birth" only represents the date, and there is no personal insult. However, Wei Moumou did not listen to it at all, stubborn and thought that the staff was perfunctory. After that, Wei Moumou found that the staff who had… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Recently, Apple launched an internal investigation to combat leaks and employee organizations. On Thursday, local time, they fired the company's project manager, Janneke Parrish, the leader of Apple's internal "AppleToo" movement, lead other employees to expose and resist harassment and discrimination within Apple. Parrish claimed that she was retaliated by Apple, while Apple responded that the company would not discuss matters related to specific employees. According to Reuters, National Public Radio (NPR) and other media reported on the 15th local time, the fired Janek Parish is the project manager of Apple Maps, in the company has been working for 5 years, her on Thursday get laid off. Apple said that in the company's internal investigation, Parrish deleted related files and… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Every AI newsletter, the world's top cattle school Harvard made history. According to the report of fiscal year 2021 released by Harvard Management. As 2021, Jun end Harvard endowment assets exceed 50 billion dollars up to USD 53.2 billion trillion nationwide, equivalent to a domestic small-to medium-sized public funds. With the latest at the end of the 41.9 billion yuan compared has increased by more than 10 billion dollars. Harvard made history university endowment fund for the first time exceeded 50 billion billion yuan. The scale expansion benefited from the Fund's outstanding performance in fiscal year 2021. In 2021, the fund return is as high as 33.6%. The rattan school endowment fund is a lot more than it. But given the size of the Harvard Endowment, which ranks first in the world,… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to the website of the National Health Commission on October 16, at 0-24 on October 15, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 14 new confirmed cases, all imported cases (4 in Shanghai, 3 in Henan, 3 in Hubei, 2 in Zhejiang, 1 in Yunnan, and 1 in Shaanxi), including 5 cases from asymptomatic infection to confirmed cases (3 cases in Henan, 2 cases in Zhejiang). No new deaths. No new suspected cases. As 10 yue 15th 24 according to the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the public finance bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps report existing confirmed 521 cases (severe cases 1), A total of 91345… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Recently, the incident of "Fan Mou was taken away by his father for 14 hours after his birth" was exposed on the Internet in Wushan County, Gansu Province, which attracted great attention from netizens and the media. On the evening of October 14th, the official Weibo of the Women's Federation of Tianshui City, Gansu Province (@ Tianshui Women's Federation) reported the progress of this incident: The report stated that after the incident was exposed, the local city and county politics, law, public security, justice, Women's Federation and other relevant departments and the town government where both parties were located immediately set up a special team to follow up and supervise. After many persuasion, the father of the child, Mao, sent the child to his mother Fan on October 14. The… [Read more]
2021-10-16: "Today all of us are filled with shock and sadness over the loss of David Emerus." After the incident, the leader of the Conservative Party, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson), voiced his condolences. He praised Emers' efforts in preventing animal cruelty, calling Emers one of "the kindest, kindest, and most gentlemanly people in politics. "David Emers is a man with a passion for this country and its future. Today, we lost a good public official, and a beloved friend and colleague." Johnson said. Keir Starmer Starmer, the leader of Britain's main opposition Labor Party, tweeted: "Terrible and shocking news. Think of David, his family and his staff." Former Prime Minister David Cameron said David Emerse was "a kind and extremely decent man" and "the most determined… [Read more]
2021-10-16: (Observer Network News) Under the influence of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and the shortage of truck drivers, the UK is increasingly mired in the supply chain crisis, a number of goods continue to be short, seriously affecting the "Christmas holiday mood". At this time, French fishermen who have disputes with the British side in fishing in the English Channel and other areas are preparing to "fall into the stone". According to the British Independent reported on the 15th, since Brexit, the British government refused to issue 180 French fishermen in the British waters work permit, French fishermen said, if the British government is unable to resolve the issue of wholesale fishing permits within 24 hours, they will "retaliate" by blocking the ports of Calais, Dunkirk and the… [Read more]
2021-10-16: [Article/observer network Liu Chenghui] splashing dirty water on China on the issue of network security, pretending to be the victim of Australia into the play too deep. According to news from Australia's "Daily Telegraph" on the 16th, Australia is drafting a "world-first" cyber security law out of concern about "cyber attack threats" from China and other countries, the Australian federal agency is given the power to take over any critical infrastructure computer system in the country. Once an individual or business refuses the request of the federal agency, it will be severely punished such as arrest or fine. According to the report, the law will allow the Australian government to use "extraordinary last resort" in the context of Australia's "ongoing cyber attacks", it is also regarded… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Wang Yi said that the Chinese and Iranian heads of state in August pointed out the direction for the future development of bilateral relations. No matter how the international and regional situation changes, China will make efforts to promote greater development of the China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership. China is willing to work with Iran to continue to firmly support each other on issues involving each other's core interests and major concerns, oppose unilateral bullying and defend international fairness and justice. The two countries should strengthen practical cooperation and steadily build the fruits of cooperation. At the same time, we must continue to strengthen cooperation in the fight against the epidemic. China is also willing to strengthen coordination and… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to a Reuters report in Tokyo on October 15, Japan's new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on the 15th that he held a telephone conversation with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and told the South Korean side, japan hopes that it will "properly" deal with disputes including compensation for forced labor in wartime. The two neighbouring countries have long been at odds over territorial claims and history, including the issue of compensation for Korean and Korean "comfort women" who were forced into Japanese enterprise workers during the Japanese colonial rule from 1910 to 1945. According to the report, this is the first time that Kishida Fumio has been on the phone with Wen Zaishu. Fumio Kishida told reporters that he told Moon Jae-in that bilateral relations were in a… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Core tip: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on the 15th: "As soon as the United States was elected, it pointed out the human rights situation in many countries, and the old problems of the United States should be changed." He said that if the US side continues to adopt double standards after being elected, politicize human rights issues, and attack and suppress other countries, it will definitely be strongly opposed. According to a report on the website of "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" on October 15, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference on October 15. A reporter asked questions. According to reports, on the 14th, the United Nations General Assembly elected 18 members of the United Nations Human Rights Council. The… [Read more]
2021-10-16: The underwater of the Western Pacific ushered in a steel "Beluga" that would mix water ". According to Kyodo News Agency, on the 14th, the second boat "Moby" of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's "Big Whale" class submarine held a naming and launching ceremony at the Kobe factory of Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Kobe City on the same day. Kyodo news agency quoted Hai Zi and the company's introduction, "Beluga" standard displacement of about 3000 tons, a total length of 84 meters, width of 9.1 meters, is the largest level in Japan. It can be seen that it inherits the trend of large-scale Japanese conventional submarines after the Cold War, which also means that it has a strong ocean-going combat capability. According to the analysis of the French "Naval News" website, from the… [Read more]
2021-10-16: According to Agence France-Presse news on October 16, a mosque in Kandahar, the capital of Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, was bombed on October 15, local time. "Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K)" organization issued a statement on the 15th, they made the day of the suicide attack. The report said that so far at least 41 people have been killed in the attack and dozens have been injured. The "Islamic State Khorasan" group said in a statement that two suicide bombers carried out attacks from different locations in the mosque. (Compilation/Yang Wenjing) [Read more]
2021-10-16: Reference News Network 10 yue 16th reported the central work of the NPC meeting October 13-14 held in Beijing. General secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, President Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, emphasizes that people's congress system is in line with China's national conditions and the actual, embody national character, and ensure that the people are the masters, A good system to guarantee the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a great creation of the people led by our Party in the history of the human political system, it is a new political system of great significance in the history of political development in our country and even in the… [Read more]
2021-10-16: Janis-Adtokombo talked about Kyrie Owen's refusal to get a vaccine. The letter brother said: "Maybe the team (Nets) made the best decision to keep the players focused and did not want to let the outside noise affect the team. They came for the title and had a great team. You ask me if I know this is right or wrong? I don't know. I'm not thinking about it. I think everyone can have their own point of view. But Carey is a great player, too good, but he will not be in G1 and I don't want to say how sad I am about it, but I bless him. If he decides to fight or decide not to fight, the NBA is brothers, so we will support him." [Read more]
2021-10-16: Zhu Xiaosong, President of Lianlian International, was invited to attend the forum and held a round-table dialogue with the guests on the theme of "Future Development Trends and Prospects of New Foreign Trade. As one of the most important trading platforms in the world, the Canton Fair is an important bridge link between Chinese foreign trade enterprises and the international market. As an important part of the first Pearl River International Trade Forum, the "new pattern of foreign trade under the new pattern" Summit Forum, based on the Canton Fair platform, explore the implementation path and cooperation opportunities of new business type to drive the innovation and development of global trade. At the forum, Zhu Xiaosong said that the inflection point of cross-border e-commerce growth… [Read more]

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