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2021-10-28: 2021, October 16th 00:23, equipped with Shenzhou thirteen manned spacecraft of the Long March II F away thirteen rocket blasted off from entered its orbit, will Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, leaf guang fu 3 astronauts into space, they officially opened their 183-day space journey. This mission not only broke the record of own country's longest stay in the space station, but also created a new history of own country's female astronauts landing on the domestic space station. At the same time, it has also used attempts, such as the radial docking of manned spacecraft and space station, which have never been carried out in China's space history, further refreshing people's understanding of China's manned space industry. This is not only a big step taken by China's manned spaceflight on the road… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Nowadays, with the increasing application of 5G technology, logistics is more convenient and faster, people's consumption habits change, and scene-based sales are more intuitive, the live delivery model has become a common phenomenon in society, and it has also become an innovative measure to boost economic growth and brand growth. In order to help more marketing "recruits" who are interested in becoming live broadcast delivery people, deeply understand the trend of consumption upgrading, sort out and master the many topics from omni-channel marketing to omni-channel operation, and form high-quality, with the customized live delivery mode, Four Seasons Muge Group recently held the first course of the four-day "four seasons Muge live broadcast training camp. This course adopts the mode of… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Recently, the 2021 Corrui International Innovation Festival with the theme of "Science and Technology Change the World Innovation Enabling the Future" was held in Beijing. In the same period held at the Kerui Innovation Award ceremony, Four Seasons Muge solar photovoltaic lamp and back-suction range hood two new products have won 2021 Corrui science and technology innovation Gold Award. Kerui International Innovation Festival is an industry event focusing on "innovation". By exploring the innovation of enterprises and exploring the future innovation direction with the industry, it is the vane of the domestic innovation field. The Kerui Innovation Award is an important part of the Innovation Festival activities, and it is also the most concerned link from all walks of life. Since its… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Recently, carbon peak, carbon neutral national-level policies have been frequently issued, pointing out a clearer direction for the new energy industry. "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Completely, Accurately and Fully Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Carbon Neutrality Work" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") as a programmatic document, in order to achieve carbon peaks, carbon neutrality targets set out a "timetable" "road map". The "Carbon Peak Action Plan before 2030" proposes to comprehensively promote the large-scale development and high-quality development of wind power and solar power generation, adhere to both centralized and distributed, and accelerate the construction of wind power and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: A few days ago, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Completely, Accurately and Fully Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Carbon Neutrality Work" proposed to build a green and low-carbon circular development economic system, improve energy utilization efficiency, the five main goals of increasing the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption, reducing the level of carbon dioxide emissions, and improving the carbon sink capacity of the ecosystem have also pushed the R & D and innovation of green and low-carbon technologies in various industries to a new height. "This is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee to achieve the goal of 'double carbon', and it is also an enterprise… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 21, 27, the National "13th Five-Year Plan" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition was held in the Beijing Exhibition Hall. The theme of this achievement exhibition is "innovation-driven development towards a scientific and technological power", reflecting that "innovation is the first driving force leading development", focus on displaying the major scientific and technological achievements made by implementing the major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee on scientific and technological work since the "13th Five-Year Plan", in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, and the construction of an innovative country, highlight the important leading role of scientific and technological innovation in China's economic… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 26, the 19th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition opened in Beijing. With the theme of "Intelligent, Efficient and Low Carbon Leading", this exhibition focuses on the intelligent construction and scientific and technological innovation achievements of the coal industry, attracting nearly 800 companies from 16 countries and regions around the world. [Read more]
2021-10-28: Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau promotes the transformation of production organization mode with the application of new technology and improves total factor productivity. The picture shows the 5G inspection robot "patrolling" at the substation ". Rooting and growing in Shenzhen, a hot land of reform, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of Southern Power Grid is taking advantage of the reform of Dongfeng to achieve high-quality development: the implementation of a full-staff performance responsibility system and contractual management mechanism, and the labor productivity of all employees ranks in the forefront of power supply enterprises in the country; accelerate the reform of regulatory business, and the "access to electricity" indicator has led the country for two consecutive years in the… [Read more]
2021-10-28: State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power has taken multiple measures to enhance the ability of new energy grid-connected consumption. This year 1-Sep, Jiangsu new wind power grid-connected capacity 1.8544 million kW to wait after you add photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected capacity 1.2832 million kW. By Ji can, Sheyang, Fenghai 3 500 kV substation and 3 500 kV double-circuit transmission lines of the coastal areas of Jiangsu province two-channel Engineering, it is the "big artery" for transporting and eliminating wind power along the coast of Jiangsu ". September 29 this year the engineering as an important hub station-500 kV Ji can substation can improve the offshore wind power transmission capability about 2 million kW. Fine planning, rigid execution. Under the guidance of government… [Read more]
2021-10-28: News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhang Nan Wang Tianqi) The reporter learned from the Municipal Urban Management Committee yesterday that in order to do a good job in heating this winter and next spring, let the citizens warm the winter, enhance their sense of happiness and gain, according to the deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the city will carry out ignition and debugging of the heating system from now on. During the commissioning period, each heating unit will strengthen the inspection and commissioning of heating facilities, timely solve the problems of system leakage and system balance, and prepare for formal heating. In case of cold air and low temperature at night, it can heat up and run. During the commissioning period, the formal… [Read more]
2021-10-28: All localities should scientifically, rationally and according to local conditions, put forward a timetable and roadmap for carbon peak step by step, correct the "one size fits all" power limit production or sports "carbon reduction" in a timely manner, adhere to the national chess game, adhere to the establishment first and then break, accelerate the construction of new power systems and promote the transformation of clean energy. On October 26, the "Carbon Peak Action Plan" issued by the State Council stated that, "Vigorously develop new energy", "develop hydropower according to local conditions", "actively, safely and orderly develop nuclear power", "accelerate the construction of new power systems" "" By 2030, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption will reach about 25%,… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 25-26, "Can and Have" Energy Sikenghui was held in Hangzhou. Hong Kong and China Energy technical director, Hong Kong and China era, general manager of zhang yi attended and addressed the meeting. Zhang Yi looked forward to the broad development space and opportunities brought about by the dual carbon goal, as well as the efforts of Hong Kong China Group and Hong Kong China Energy to actively participate in the construction of ecological civilization. And pointed out the changes that enterprises should make in the way of thinking to seize the opportunity. He believes that achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality is not only China, but also a broad and profound economic and social systemic change in human history. The original ideas, thinking, the model can no longer find… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 26, sponsored by China Coal Industry Association and co-organized by China Coal Group, the 19th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition co-sponsored by China Coal Equipment Company and Hui Xin Exhibition Co., Ltd. opened at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. The exhibition "intelligent, efficient, low-carbon leading" as the theme, covers the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) of 8 the indoor exhibition and 1 outdoor pavilion, with a total land area of about 110,000 square meters. The Equipment Company of the equipment section of the central enterprise China Coal Group, Zhang Coal Machinery Company, and North Coal Machinery Company exhibited many new products at this exhibition, showing a number of… [Read more]
2021-10-28: China Minmetals belongs to China Tungsten High-tech Jinzhou Company recently successfully developed a diameter of 0.01mm (about 1/8 of ordinary human hair) of a very small diameter milling cutter, and to achieve on-machine processing. Using this extremely small diameter milling cutter, 56 Chinese characters were successfully milled on a grain of rice and 7 letters were milled on a hair wire. The relevant person in charge of Jinzhou Company said that this is the first time that China has realized the on-board processing experiment of a small diameter milling cutter with a diameter of 0.01mm. This new breakthrough will greatly help own country's electronic information, medical and other fields to upgrade the quality and upgrade, and will also promote faster and better breakthroughs and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: October 28th according to Sinopec the Taiwan Affairs Office and the information message, Beijing time 2021, October 28th 23:00, the sixth World Geothermal in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, concluding that. Witnessed by Andrea Blair, president of the International Geothermal Association, representatives of Sinopec, the organizer of the seventh session, took over the mascot of the Congress, marking the official entry of the World Geothermal Congress into Beijing time. Ma Yongsheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and general manager of Sinopec Group Co., Ltd., delivered a video speech at the closing ceremony on behalf of the 2023 World Geothermal Congress Organizing Committee and organizer Sinopec. Liu Hongbin, deputy general manager of Sinopec Group Co., Ltd.,… [Read more]
2021-10-28: In terms of exploration and development, we will continue to promote high-quality exploration and benefit development, and strive to consolidate the resource base. In terms of exploration, increase risk exploration in new areas in the new area, and obtain a number of new oil and gas discoveries in the Tarim Basin, Sichuan Basin and Ordos Basin. At the same time, major breakthroughs have been made in the exploration of terrestrial shale oil in the Bohai Bay, Sichuan and Subei Basin. In terms of development, we will increase the production of key natural gas and crude oil projects. In the first three quarters, natural gas production increased by 13.7% year-on-year, and domestic crude oil production remained flat year-on-year. In terms of marketing and distribution, we should give full play… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 27, the State Council Information Office released the white paper "China's policies and actions to address climate change. Ye Min, vice minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that in the next step, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will actively implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" to address climate change goals and tasks, and decompose the binding indicators of the "14th Five-Year Plan" carbon intensity drop by 18% to local areas for implementation. At the same time, the preparation and introduction of the "pollution reduction and carbon reduction synergy implementation plan". Ye Min said that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will continue to improve the national carbon market, and work with relevant departments to promote the promulgation of… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Recently, the Fifth (2021) China Energy Industry Development Annual Conference was held in Beijing. The theme of this conference is "focusing on the goal of 'double carbon' and talking about the energy revolution", bringing together authoritative academicians and scholars, experts in the energy industry and business people are hotter about the "energy revolution" and "dual carbon" goals, digital energy and industrial transformation, zero carbon path and key technologies, energy industry and rural revitalization, energy storage development bottlenecks and market value and other hot topics, and on the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the energy industry in promoting the "dual carbon" goal of the development plan, and the top-level design and landing plan are discussed in depth. At this… [Read more]
2021-10-27: On October 26, the transformation project of small hydropower electromechanical equipment in Eastern Serbia undertaken by NARI Group was awarded the 9th "Today Hydropower Forum" in 2021, "Excellent Case of Sino-foreign Hydropower International Cooperation". The project has driven the integration of domestic independent hydropower products and technical standards to "go global", which has effectively enhanced NARI's international influence in the field of hydropower, helped Serbia's century-old power station to rejuvenate and significantly improve the efficiency of power generation, effectively alleviate the contradiction between local electricity consumption and promote local economic development. The "Today Hydropower Forum" is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Water Resources of… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Recently, affected by multiple factors such as the growth of electricity demand and the shortage of coal supply, the power supply and demand situation is relatively tight. As the heating period approaches, the demand for electricity load will continue to rise, and the pressure of power supply guarantee will further increase. In particular in Xingtai city as the air pollution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and also the transmission channel "2+26" one of the, the cumulative total number of implementations "coal to electricity transformation 338,000 households, do a good job in this winter and next spring power guarantee a great responsibility and is of great significance. State Grid Xingtai Power Supply Company resolutely implements the State Grid Hebei Electric Power and Xingtai Municipal… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Looking back on the past few years, the "13th Five-Year Plan" air quality constraints have been exceeded. Standing in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the road of Clean Air in Chinese cities has both opportunities and challenges. How to continuously release the emission reduction potential in energy structure adjustment and other aspects is still difficult. "Fourteen five defend Blue Sky New Chapter enabled. Asia Clean Air Center on October 27th in the "2021 China Blue Sky Observation Forum" released the latest report "Atmospheric China 2021: China Air Pollution Prevention and Control Process" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). The report shows that China's overall air quality has achieved seven consecutive rises, and "reaching the standard" has become the main theme,… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Recently, the China Machinery Industry Federation announced the list of winners of the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award in 2021, by Xi'an Shaanxi Shaanxi Drum Power Co., Ltd, hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. jointly declared the "High-efficiency and Energy-saving Technology and Application of Gas Turbine and Motor Coaxically Driven Large Blast Furnace Blower" project stood out and was recognized as the "Science and Technology Progress Award". The China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on National Science and Technology Awards" and the "Administrative Measures for the Establishment of Science and Technology Awards by Social Forces, it is jointly established by the China… [Read more]
2021-10-27: A spacious and bright new house stands on a straight asphalt road, and neat solar street lights rise along the street. The flat Siping power line passes through each house, and the standardized, standardized and insulated power construction adds brilliance to the new rural construction. Most of the villagers in the Dayar community come from Cole Village, Xiangjia Township. A few years ago, 291 households in 13 villages, mainly Cole village, 1111 people moved to the town dajar district. Dulan County Power Supply Company has made every effort to do a good job in supporting the construction of power supply facilities for the relocation of poverty alleviation projects to ensure that wherever the resettlement project is built, the power supply facilities will be extended to ensure the living… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Beijing, October 26, China Coal Industry Association announced the operation of coal economy in the first three quarters of 2021. In the first three quarters, under the influence of multiple factors such as the sustained and stable recovery of the macro economy, strong seasonal coal demand, and poor hydropower output, own country's coal consumption maintained a rapid growth trend. On the premise of ensuring safety, the coal industry has gone all out to do a good job in increasing coal production, ensuring supply and stabilizing prices. High-quality coal production capacity has been steadily released, coal production has gradually improved, and the decline in coal imports has continued to narrow. Overall, supply and demand in the coal market is tight, and prices fluctuate at high… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Recently, the temperature has dropped, and the price of coal has risen. Some people in the north who mainly rely on coal for heating are worried. In this regard, the local governments according to the actual is taking a variety of measures to protect the people of warm winter, wherein the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in Dalad Qi organize all social walks of life to the community of 140,000 million people send parity coal to de-people's "coal-fired's immediate". "Then one price a day, it rose frightening." So, more than 20 days ago high gold Bolt panic, "bite" bought 3 tons of coal, 1400 yuan per ton. Even so, he still felt a little happy, because within a few days per ton of coal rose to 1800 yuan, more than 130 square meters of bungalow own heating need to burn 7 tons of coal per… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Tianjin per capita local water resource is only 100 cubic meters, about the national average level of 1/20, is the most water shortage cities. At the same time, Tianjin, which is established as a manufacturing industry, chemical industry, biomedicine, new materials and other industries are all large water users. Tianjin adheres to the green and high-quality development, takes water resources as the biggest rigid constraint, and uses water to determine the city, uses water to determine the land, uses water to determine production. The word "fixed" is implemented in all aspects of system, technology and management, forcing the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. "During the epidemic, Xuebijing injection, which was used for clinical… [Read more]
2021-10-27: CCTV News: The reporter learned from the China Coal Industry Association on October 26 that with the gradual recovery of coal production, the national key power plants have been supplying coal more than coal consumption for 20 consecutive days, the effects of national winter supply-related measures are gradually emerging. China Coal Industry Association said that the first 9 months, the national scale coal enterprises of raw coal output of 2.93 billion tons, year-on-year growth of 3.7% over the same period, the thermal power generation year-on-year growth of 11.9%, domestic production, compared with consumption, there is a phased gap between supply and demand. Zhang Hong, spokesperson of the China Coal Industry Association: Recently, coal production has gradually rebounded, and the… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Recently, the "Building a World-Class Low-Carbon Enterprise" Development Forum was held in Beijing. At the forum, Li Zheng, executive vice president of the Institute of climate change and sustainable development of Tsinghua University, said in a keynote speech that the transformation of the energy system is the focus and key of green and low-carbon transformation, grasping the coordination and rhythm of new energy development and traditional fossil energy transformation is the key and wisdom. In Li Zheng's view, one of the keys to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality is to grasp the pace and rhythm of time, without delay or rush, with a high degree of wisdom and outstanding adjustment, implement a systematic project for the overall green and low-carbon transformation of the economy… [Read more]
2021-10-27: On October 24, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council formally issued the "Opinions on Completely, Accurately and Fully Implementing the New Development Concept and Doing a Good Carbon Neutrality Work." The "Opinions" require that by 2025, the economic system of green and low-carbon circular development will be initially formed, and the energy utilization efficiency of key industries will be greatly improved. The proposal of the goal will bring profound changes to the development of the industry. The "14th Five-Year Plan" is a critical period and window period for carbon peak. During this period, it is necessary to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, control the total amount of fossil energy, and strive to improve utilization… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Transaction electric amounted to 7.935 billion over the course of the month-not long ago, the green electricity trading pilot was officially launched, the first batch of pilot by power generation and electricity enterprise of welcome. With the proposal of the "dual carbon" target, the consumption of green electricity has become the consensus of many market players. In fact, in addition to green electricity trading, there are also green securities trading markets and carbon emission trading markets in China. What are these markets? Why build these types of markets? What are the connections between them? Mentioning the current hot words, "energy saving and emission reduction" must be on the list. In order to improve the energy structure, protect the ecological environment and cope with… [Read more]

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