2021-10-28: After the request for the installation of the elevator was "signed", the owner of the first floor of a community in Jing'an, Shanghai sued the Industry Committee and the property company to the court. On October 26, the case of the exclusion of obstruction caused by the installation of elevators in the old community was heard in public in the Jing'an District People's Court of Shanghai. During the trial, Mr. Wang, the owner of the first floor, said that he did not sign the agreement to install the elevator. His signature was forged. The elevator that has been installed has affected the ventilation and lighting of the residence, then filed a lawsuit for the exclusion of nuisance. Trial and finally, the court indicated that the elective sentenced in a. The plaintiff, Mr. Wang, said that… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Song Jianwei, 40, feels that he will be the last farmer in Guanziling Village. Guanziling Village is a remote mountain village in Lianfu Town, Jiexiu City, Shanxi. Young people basically went to the city, and those who stayed in the village were old people. If he hadn't taken care of their parents, Song Jianwei would go to Jiexiu City, about 30 kilometers away. After the rare rainstorm in Shanxi stopped, on the evening of October 16th, he walked down the valley in the north wind with a pole and went to collect the only remaining mu of millet in his home. This rain-damaged road has gravel and fallen trees. Some places have almost turned into bare slopes-the landslide that just happened blurred the boundary between the mountain road and the mountain itself, the road in front of his… [Read more]
2021-10-28: What is the location of the US nuclear submarine impact in the South China Sea? At present, the US military has not released any authoritative and reliable information, nor has any live photos. Space remote sensing has become a key factor in revealing the truth. Recently, the "Remote Sensing Think Tank" used the latest open source satellite images to deeply interpret the status of the submarine through technical means. The "Remote Sensing think tank", which is known for its in-depth interpretation of remote sensing images, uses the latest open source satellite images to adopt technical means such as target recognition, image analysis, information extraction, and quantitative comparison, judging the status of the "Connecticut" nuclear-powered attack submarine, it is suspected that the… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On the afternoon of October 28th, the 4th Baopper Literary Prize was announced in Beijing. Writer Chen Chuncheng won the first prize for his novel collection "Submarine at Night. The five authors of the finalists are Chen Chuncheng, Sun Pin, Zhang Ji, Zhou Kai, and Zheng Zheng. Following the first session of "no regrets less work", the second session of "writing passion to reconstruct the world picture", and the third session of "becoming a contemporaries", the fourth, in 2021, the award set the theme as "May you have a long road". This year's jury is composed of five writers and musicians: Alei, Gerf, Li Zongsheng, Liang Hong and Ma Jiahui. The works of the five shortlisted writers have their own characteristics. "Submarine at Night" is the first novel written by Chen Chuncheng, and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: According to the latest issue of "Half Moon Talk", in recent years, the construction of grassroots style has deepened, and the sense of responsibility and execution of the grassroots cadre team has been recognized by the masses. However, in some places, the work of the grassroots government is mixed, the volume is large, the work is uneven, and the personnel are idle. There are a small number of cadres who are unclear in their goals and are indifferent to the assessment tasks. They also let go of their efforts and put down their responsibilities. The right to work at the grassroots level is more responsible. Therefore, in recent years, local governments at all levels have been focusing on reducing the burden on the grassroots level. However, in some places, many grass-roots units… [Read more]
2021-10-28: "Over the past 40 years, the film and television adapted from classic literary works accounted for about 30%, such as" the name of the people "," the great river "," My name is Yu Huanshui "and other works, it shows that the market attaches great importance to the subject matter of realism. The Beijing Publishing Group has also produced many works of literature and film and television transformation, "The Garland under the Mountain", "Black Horse", "Green Tree", "Garden Street No. 5", "Red shirt without buttons", "White Deer Plain", "Ordinary World" and so on. The works of the writers "Going North", "There is No Chen Jinfang in the World" and "Brother Ying Wan" will also be developed into film and television dramas one after another. Ma Chi, deputy general manager of Beijing Publishing… [Read more]
2021-10-28: The slang term "the storm in the teacup" used to describe Austin's novel world inevitably makes readers who are familiar with her smile, as Austin himself said: "Three or four households in a country village-this is the small piece of ivory I portrayed. "Open the books of the British writer Jane Austen, and you can see her writing of the British township life in the late 18th and early 19th-century. Afternoon tea, dance, Squire and ladies seem to be classic elements of Austin's novel World. Through these elements, you can see the social conditions reflected by her world. At the beginning of 2021, Shanghai Translation Publishing House officially announced that it would cooperate with Penguin-Langdon Books to introduce and publish classic books of Penguin cloth pattern. Late October… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 27th, the staff of the Organizing Committee of the National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition responded to the surging news that an investigation has been launched, if it is true, it will be handled in accordance with the rules of the competition. On October 26, surging News reported exclusively that Liu Jianguo, the dean of the Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the "Hefei Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences"), was charged with using the scientific research results of himself and the research team, for his son Liu Mouyang won the prize. The Paper found that in 2015, Liu Mouyang, who was studying in the first year of junior high school, invented the "portable rapid… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Today, what kind of impact will children have on the wife's income and the husband's income? On this issue, there has always been a saying in the academic circles that childbirth will cause "punishment" to women, which is harmful, and it is good for men. What is a paternal premium? In layman's terms, it means that having a child will have a positive impact on men. This is actually very easy to understand. First, after giving birth, men will become more responsible and work harder. "I am a father" will bring a sense of responsibility; Second, from the perspective of employers, they will also think that families with babies need to make more money, and will give "father employees" more work arrangements and more positive comments. And think they're more manageable. Xu Qi, an associate… [Read more]
2021-10-28: "China looks at Beijing for five hundred years, China looks at Kaifeng for a thousand years, China looks at Xi'an for three thousand years, and China looks at Luoyang for four thousand years. "According to the prevailing saying, China has eight ancient capital: Xi'an, Luoyang, Beijing, Nanjing, Kaifeng, Anyang, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou. If you count the separatist regimes and national regimes in history, the total number is more than 200. Why do Henan account for four of the eight ancient capital? Which cities are the "elders" in the ancient capital "? What kind of glory have they left in the long history? In this issue, Xi Huidong, deputy dean of the Silk Road Research Institute of Northwest University, will continue to answer for you. Why did the Shang Dynasty change its office every… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on October 27 to deploy phased tax payment measures for small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry to further increase the efforts to help enterprises to bail out; it is decided to extend the preferential tax policies for foreign investors to invest in the domestic bond market, promote opening up and attract foreign investment. The meeting pointed out that the manufacturing industry is the foundation of the real economy, and small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households are an important part of the main body of the market, playing an important role in developing the economy, expanding employment, and improving people's… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On the occasion of the 100-day countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the mobile landscape of the Winter Olympics-the uniform equipment of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Games officially unveiled. This set from more than 600 sets of appearance design works of uniform equipment, before and after 8 rounds of layout optimization, contains profound cultural connotation and rich scientific and technological content, the snow-capped mountain landscape, which combines traditional Chinese landscape paintings and the core graphics of the Winter Olympics, perfectly combines functionality, nationality and artistry, and can realize free wear under temperature changes and scene changes. The exclusive identities of these staff, technical officials and volunteers will form a… [Read more]
2021-10-28: As early as when the lineup of the movie "The First Furnace" was announced, the casting of the male and female protagonists caused controversy among netizens. After the film was released, the leading actors Ma Sichun and Peng Yuyan were not surprised by a large area of Tucao, and the film's reputation was also affected, becoming the film with the lowest career score of director Xu Anhua. However, if you calm down and look at it, except that the casting of the male and female protagonists is far from the original work, "The First Furnace" is remarkable in audio-visual, clothing, art, music, etc, xu Anhua also shot the Zhang Ailing she understood. The film is adapted from Eileen Chang's novel "Achillon Fragmentation · The First Furnace Incense", which is the first time this work has been… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Why does the face of "The Man Who Blows the Double Pipe Flute" look up to the sky? Is this a characteristic of the niclades culture? The mural "Fisherman" unifies the front of the body and the side face in a plane. Is it a primitive and naive artistic expression or the beginning of a breakthrough in modern art? "Flower God Flora" holds the flower basket in her left, his right foot is solid, turns sideways and picks flowers on the ground, and her left toes tap the ground. Her back looks so slender and moving...... In the past 30 years, the number of works introducing Western art has continued to increase, and the tone of books has also changed from the general history of art and academic monographs to the professional elaboration and perception of art practitioners, then to… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Use "unscientific" work and rest She's a nurse as a cover. This is somewhat different from the current version. How did the word "new" come from? Speaking of the Northern Shaanxi dialect, there are foreigners. I also wrote a letter to Martyr Qiao that spans time and space. [Read more]
2021-10-28: Just now, China's dairy industry's largest merger in recent years has been announced. Yili, the largest and most valuable dairy giant in Asia, strategically invested in the goat milk powder giant Aoyou Dairy and became its largest shareholder. The resources and strength behind the two companies are enough to reconstruct the entire industry. Announcement shows that Jingang will be 10.06 HKD/shares of companies that buy the original shareholders held 0.531 billion shares of train simulators shares, accounting for train simulators 30.89% of the issued share capital of. In addition, the train simulators and will continue to expand at a 10.06 HKD/shares of companies to Jingang introduction 0.09 billion unit shares. After the completion of the transaction, the Erie shares is a wholly owned… [Read more]
2021-10-28: The monthly list of the top 100 brands of Cultural Tourism Group was developed by Maidian Research Institute, which aims to interpret the influence of cultural tourism group in the field of Internet and mobile Internet through data, so as to provide benchmark reference and beneficial thinking for cultural tourism group to enhance brand influence. This month, Ctrip Group, Capital Travel Group, and OCT Group ranked in the top three, as well as China Tourism Group, Qujiang Cultural Travel, Caesar Travel, Shaanxi Travel Group, Jingyu Donkey Mother Group, China Oriental Performing Arts Group, rongchuang Cultural Travel Group entered the top ten on the list. In the list of the top 100 this month, Rongchuang Cultural Tourism Group, Sichuan Travel Investment, First Travel Group and Xi'an Tourism… [Read more]
2021-10-28: As one of the three main trunks of Chinese traditional culture, Buddhist culture has played a broad, profound, lasting and decisive role in the construction of Chinese people's moral life and spiritual world in history. In order to make the Buddhist culture respond to the challenges of the times, inherit the tradition, rejuvenate, participate more effectively in the creation of the spiritual home of the Chinese nation, and participate more vigorously in the construction of global ethics, it is necessary to recognize the times and opportunities of Buddhist culture. If you judge the situation and the opportunity, you can choose properly and have a basis for progress and retreat. 1. Modern Chinese Buddhist culture under the impact of Western culture In modern times, the historical fate of… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Abstract: There are two kinds of explanations about Simpson's paradox, logic-basis explanation and causal explanation. The former interpretation was upheld by the philosopher Prasanta bandeyapadye (Prasanta S. Bandyopadhyay), and the latter was argued by computer scientist Judea Pearl. In his articles in recent years ([1], [[2], [3] ), it is emphasized that there are three problems about the Simpson paradox that need to be fully analyzed to show that the paradox has been resolved: 1. Why the Simpson Paradox is a paradox; 2. Under what conditions did the Simpson paradox arise; 3. What should I do when I encounter the Simpson paradox? On the third question, he admired Pearl's method, thinking that causality would only work in the third question, but he thought Pearl's explanation was wrong… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Abstract: The definition of cause and effect as the transitive closure of causal dependence between actual events in Lewis [1] can solve many problems that plague the rule theory, but it also confirms that causality is transitive. In the subsequent discussion, counterexamples of causality transitivity emerge, thereby indirectly denying the rationality of Lewis's definition of causality. Hitchcock [2] proposed the causal theory of structural equation models (inspired by ([3], [4]) work), and he also agreed to understand causality through counterfacts, but unlike Lewis, he introduced the tools of structural equations to clearly depict specific situations and define causality through "active paths, he points out that we can reasonably obtain the benefits of Lewis's definition of cause and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Abstract: The religious reform that took place in Europe is a large-scale spiritual revolution and social revolution. Western modernity of free thought, nation-state, Democratic politics, economic ethics, scientific rational spirit and rationalist philosophy depend on its gestation and cultivation. The Buddhist reform in China, the human Buddhist movement that began with Master Taoxu, is also in the ascendant in Taiwan, with outstanding achievements, rebuilding the belief in Buddhism and reversing the marginalization of Buddhism since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Luther and Master Taoxu are both known for their theory, while Master Calvin and Nebula are known for their extraordinary doers, and if these two religious reforms are placed in a modern perspective, compared with their… [Read more]
2021-10-28: After entering the 20th century, a wave of "seeking change" was brewing sharply within Chinese society. There are revolutionaries represented by Sun Yat-sen and royalists headed by Kang You. They began to carry out activities with great fanfare outside the Qing court. Inside, the Qing Dynasty itself began to announce the "New Deal" and put the preparatory Constitution on the agenda. The scholars who wander between the two, although their political trends are subject to internal and external constraints, their movements constitute an important factor in the trend. Especially in the struggle and contest between internal and external forces, the trend of "intermediate power" often plays an important role in the change and trend of the current situation. In the decade of the early 20th… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Nanfang News (Reporter/Li Ting correspondent/Zheng Haihong) in Heilongjiang in late October, the temperature has dropped to below zero, and the cold feeling of early winter can be felt outdoors. On October 27th, the Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Crown Tourism Alliance set sail again to Guangzhou, the third stop of the promotion meeting, "Huacheng". It sincerely invites tourists and friends from Guangdong to enjoy the magnificent winter scenery and enjoy the fun of ice and snow. Heilongjiang Province is the first province in China to develop ice and snow, operate ice and snow, and it is also the largest province in China's ice and snow tourism resources, ice and snow sports and ice and snow tourism brands. In recent years, in order to provide tourists with better quality ice and snow tourism… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Marx wrote in "Youth's Considerations in Choosing a Career": "When choosing a career, the main guidelines we should follow are human happiness and our own perfection", "Our happiness will belong to millions of people, and our cause will exist quietly, but it will always work, and in the face of our Ashes, noble people will shed tears". These let us see the high-spirited struggle passion of thinkers who are determined not only to explain the world but also to change the world, but also reflect Marx's unique understanding of the meaning of life. Although Marx did not specifically systematically discuss the meaning of life, we can still find his theoretical picture of the meaning of life from the discourse of political economy and historical materialism. Although Marx affirmed the freedom… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Zhou Meisen new novel "The people's property and based its report on an analysis by the Writers Publishing House, which is following the 2017, in the name of the people selling 2 million copies after Zhou Meisen creation of a realistic theme force. Zhou Meisen is a famous writer and screenwriter in own country. He has won dozens of awards such as the National Outstanding Novella Award, the National Book Award, the National "Five One Project" Award, the TV Flying Sky Award, and the Golden Eagle Award. The TV series adapted from his works include "In the Name of the People", "The Right in the World", "Absolute Power", "National Prosecution", "My Lord", "My Hero", "Supreme Interest", "Loyalty", etc, the TV series "In the Name of the People" has become a phenomenal work that detonates… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 27th, the 11th China Digital Publishing Expo opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. With the theme of "implementing the digital strategy to open the 14th five new articles", there are more than 60 offline and more than 300 online books, newspapers and periodicals publishing institutions, digital technology services, digital content service organizations, technology enterprises and related exhibitors participated in the exhibition. The Expo is jointly guided by the State Press and Publication Administration and the Beijing Municipal People's Government, and jointly sponsored by the China Press and Publication Research Institute, the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and the Newspaper Distribution Bureau of China Post Group Co., Ltd. The… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 21, the "Shanxi Literature Week", a Chinese writer sponsored by the Social Liaison Department of the Chinese Writers Association and hosted by the Shanxi Writers Association, kicked off in Taiyuan. This literary week for a period of 5 days to "sail on a new journey" as the theme, Taiyuan, Luliang, Changzhi 3 Venue for self-governance at the primary level of society, brought about a series of colorful literary activities. Writers Yang Ke, Liu Xinglong, Ren Linyu, Wang Hua, Xue Tao, Fu Xiuying, He Chang, etc., together with Shanxi writers and literary workers, centered on "carrying forward the fine traditions of realist literature, compose a splendid chapter of literature in the new era" for discussion and exchange, enter the library to communicate and interact with readers, and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: 2021 (the first) Chinese children's literature Animation Week recently opened in Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. The event was guided by the Animation Working Committee of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, and hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee. At the opening ceremony, the country's first "script show cultural block" strategic cooperation was released, the "First China Children's Literature and Animation Excellent Works Promotion" event and the "First Little Flower National Children's Creation Competition" were announced. During the Children's Literature Animation Week, the Children's Literature Value Forum and the Children's Art Practice Education Forum were held. Beijing Children's Art Theater's latest masterpiece and family… [Read more]
2021-10-28: In his later years, Ji Xianlin liked cats very much. He expressed his love for cats in many essays. Profile picture Ji Xianlin, born in 1911, lived nearly 100 years old. He began to publish prose when he was young; In his later years, he continued to work hard, becoming a rare harvest season. It can be said that it is not too much to summarize his prose creation and thinking with "four seasons Evergreen. When I read his prose, my eyes often swayed the ancient evergreen pine and cypress, which is the clear image that Ji Xianlin left to me. The world is often inseparable from a "love" word. Prose is especially affectionate. It is difficult for people to stop, let alone arouse spiritual resonance and have a sense of bosom. Ji Xianlin believes that not only lyrical prose, but also general… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Why does the face of "The Man Who Blows the Double Pipe Flute" look up to the sky? Is this a characteristic of the niclades culture? The mural "Fisherman" unifies the front of the body and the side face in a plane. Is it a primitive and naive artistic expression or the beginning of a breakthrough in modern art? "Flower God Flora" holds the flower basket in her left, his right foot is solid, turns sideways and picks flowers on the ground, and her left toes tap the ground. Her back looks so slender and moving...... In the past 30 years, the number of works introducing Western art has continued to increase, and the tone of books has also changed from the general history of art and academic monographs to the professional elaboration and perception of art practitioners, then to… [Read more]
2021-10-28: The National Press and Publication Administration "2021 National Audio Book Boutique Publishing Project" is currently in progress. Xinhuanet client exclusively presented the "2021 National Audiobook Boutique Publishing Project Interview", dialogue with representatives of many publishing houses and industry insiders participating in this review, and talked about the future of the audio publishing industry. The guest in this issue is Zeng Zhihua, a doctor, professor and doctoral tutor at the School of Broadcasting and Hosting Arts of Communication University Of China. Zeng Zhihua: Audio books are the sound of written words, that is, the product of "shape to sound" written words. We can understand it as a re-creation of words. I think to be a qualified audiobook anchor, the pronunciation… [Read more]
2021-10-28: The World's death on October 29 is approaching. Xie Huifang, deputy director of the Department of Neurology of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, reminded the neighborhood at a recent free clinic that neck massage may also cause arterial dissection and lead to stroke, this year, their departments have encountered two such cases. Stroke is not only caused by middle-aged and elderly people, but also young people. According to reports, arterial dissection accounts for about 20% of the causes of stroke in young people, and the history of neck trauma, including neck massage, is one of the important reasons for the formation of cerebral artery dissection. August 24 this year, the 27-year-old Mr. Cai due to sudden dizziness, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, to the local… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On the morning of October 27th, Guangdong Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Hong Kong Member Association of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Macao Chinese Culture Association and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, zhaoqing 9 City Federation of Literary and Art Circles 12 units of the representatives gathered in Zhuhai and jointly signed the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area literary cooperation summit members memorandum of cooperation. By the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Guangdong province Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Zhuhai Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles co-hosted the first session of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area literary cooperation summit October… [Read more]
2021-10-28: "The spring breeze is proud of the horseshoe disease, and I see the Chang'an flower in one day." It is a poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao after taking the jinshi in the imperial examination. On October 26, the "Spring Breeze and Horseshoe Disease-Guangdong champion Culture Exhibition" was held in the exhibition hall on the second floor of the Lu Xun Memorial Hall in Guangzhou. The name "No. 1" can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, referring to the first place in the imperial examination. The top champion in the middle is known as the "big Kui world", and the "champion and the first" is the lifelong pursuit of the ancient scholar. The champion culture formed around the "champion and the first" is based on respect for knowledge culture as the value orientation, idealism as… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Abstract: The understanding of cause and effect is the most common and indispensable part of human cognition. How to make stupid robots understand causal and effective causal communication is a key step in achieving intelligence. The Turing Award winner Judea Pearl gave a blueprint for the causal "inference engine", and the most critical and initial idea of this blueprint is the construction of causal language. First of all, this paper will explain the origin of causal language; Secondly, through the comparison with physical language and probability language, to illustrate the characteristics of causal language; Again, the role of causal language is explained by comparing with randomized controlled experiments. Finally, the significance of introducing causal language and its application… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Abstract: We all know that death is evil, but can we give a theory to justify such a general intuition? At the same time, can it refute the philosopher's argument that death is not evil? The author will comb Thomas Nagel's theory of deprivation of the evil of death and his theory's refutation of the three arguments that death is not evil. But Nagel's answer itself has two questions to be further answered: The first is the accusation that the deprivation theory itself involves illegal contrasts, and his rebuttal of the third argument that death is not evil has many unsatisfactory aspects. The author will use the concept of the possible world to reelaborate the deprivation theory and prove that under this new elaboration, not only can the advantages of the deprivation theory solve the… [Read more]
2021-10-28: In ancient China, the humanistic philosophy was the people-oriented in the political field, the practice in social governance was to emphasize people's livelihood, and the essence of good governance was "thick people's livelihood", enriching the people is the fundamental pursuit of national governance. This is particularly prominent in Confucianism, and enriching the people is its fundamental concern. Cheng Yi said: "The way of politics is based on the people's hearts and the people's livelihood." In summary, the embodiment of this "book" has the following ends. Enriching the people is the "political emergency". Among the many affairs of the country and society, Confucianism believes that people's livelihood is the most urgent thing. Lu Ai Gong asked about politics from Confucius, and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: "The philosophers who have examined the foundations of society all feel the need to go back to the state of nature, but no one has yet arrived"-Rousseau's famous thesis in the "Preface" on the Origin and Foundation of Human Inequality "seems to be rash and offended. The modern school of natural law, which laid the foundation for modern political philosophy, almost all expound the origin, purpose and foundation of political society from the theory of natural state. "The state of nature" is not only an internal part of the modern theory of natural law, but also fundamentally constitutes the human starting point of the entire modern political philosophy. But Rousseau believes that modern natural law philosophers "no one" reached the natural state where they "all feel the need to trace back.… [Read more]
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2021-10-28: Although "The Analects" is a household name in China, a considerable number of people, even some scholars, have no systematic understanding and in-depth understanding of the inheritance, status and influence of the Analects of Confucius. This article makes a specific explanation on the history of the inheritance and development of the Analects of Confucius and its basic position in Chinese culture. "Hanshu · Yiwen Zhi" says "The Analects of Confucius, Confucius responded to his disciples, time people, and disciples and heard the words of the husband", this is a book that explains what the Analects of Confucius is about. "Zhiyan" consists of two parts, one is "Confucius responds to the disciples, the words of the people of the time", and Confucius answers the questions of the disciples… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Historically, the two sides of the Xilamulun River, the west of the Yiwulu Mountain, the upper reaches of the Liaohe River, and the large and small Linghe River Basin are customarily called the Western Liaoning region. Residents here use cylindrical clay pots. Residents living in the area south of Yanshan are residents who use pottery, pottery support or Tao Ding. In the middle reaches of the Yellow River, there are residents who use small-mouth, sharp-bottomed bottles. They belonged to the three most important ethnic groups in ancient northern China. From 6500 years ago, they began to "come and go", and they continued to collide and merge, in the Western Liaoning region has performed more than a thousand years of historical stories, but also achieved the birth of Hongshan civilization… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee has clearly put forward the major proposition of "building a strong sense of the community of the Chinese nation". The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee once again emphasized that the influence of Chinese culture must be further enhanced, enhancing the cohesion of the Chinese nation has pointed out the direction for the in-depth development of national work in the future. How can we "create the consciousness of the Chinese Nation community"? From the perspective of historical research, the author believes that in addition to strengthening the general historical research of the exchanges and exchanges of various ethnic groups in Chinese history, we should also pay special… [Read more]
2021-10-27: From the confirmation of Liu Tuo's death to the present, Liu Tuo's colleagues in the archaeological and cultural circles have issued a message expressing their condolences and regrets. There is a tribute to it "It is precisely because of Liu Tuo's persistent people that have preserved precious cultural relics. "Liu Tuo's father sent" The Last Dialogue of a Father to His Son "to The Paper in the afternoon. Liu's father said sadly in the article that" October 26, 2021 is a black day, our son Liu Tuo died unexpectedly, which made us sad. ...... You left us with endless fantasies and thoughts of misery. In addition to being worthy of your hobbies, Liu Tuo is most sorry for loving you, raising your parents, family and friends who love you! Perhaps it is for mercy and benevolence. You are… [Read more]
2021-10-27: The General Office of the Central Military Commission recently issued the "Interim Provisions on the Protection of Medical treatment for Military Personnel and Related Military Personnel", which clearly realizes free medical treatment for military spouses, and preferential medical treatment for the parents of military officers and sergeants and spouses, and continue to implement military personnel, free medical care for minor children of military personnel. As soon as the news came out, it was warmly welcomed by the military members. Some netizens commented: "The military family is not good. Thank you for the protection given by the mother of the motherland. "The steel tough guy on the training ground also has a soft concern in his heart. Without the support of the" rear "military, the… [Read more]
2021-10-27: A home-school battle spread to the child. Recently, the incident of 37 parents of a "top flow" primary school in Guiyang jointly expelled the girl Niu Niu caused concern and was on the hot search. The fuse of the incident was caused by the fact that the parents were dissatisfied with the class teacher's assignment of too much homework, and then escalated with the help of the family Committee. Some people say that it is not surprising that parents of "chicken" children are excluded and isolated as a minority, but the conflicts of adults should not be allowed to pay for their children in any case; Some people say, the family Committee was originally the link between teachers and parents, but now it is alienated into a powerful tool to "hold children to make parents"; Some people say… [Read more]
2021-10-27: On October 25, a netizen posted a video showing that Li, the deputy mayor of Fanjia Town, Dali County, Weinan, Shaanxi, received villagers who reflected the incident, and the two had a verbal conflict, li pulled up his trouser legs, tilted Erlang's legs, and smoked while angrily letting the villagers "get out". On October 26, the reporter contacted Shi, a villager in Huayuan Village who recorded the video. Shi said that the video was recorded by him on September 26. According to Shi, he was reporting to Li that the sewage caused his fish pond to be polluted and suffered a huge loss of fish death, but Li's attitude was very poor and asked him to "get out". On October 26, Li told reporters that he did not say "roll" to Shi. "It's completely rumored, only the word 'out', don't be… [Read more]
2021-10-27: Nongfu Spring 67-year-old Zhong 390 billion yuan for the first time, China's richest man. October 27 2021 Hurun issued Nongfu Spring 67-year-old Zhong 390 billion yuan for the first time, China's richest man. Shake tone, founder of Retail Prophet, a 38-year-old zhang yi ming wealth growth last year of 3 times, climbed 230 billion percent to more than Ma Ma to 340 billion yuan for second place. This year the outsize number expanded by 22%, than last year of 2398 in 520, to reach 2918 entrepreneurs wealth more than 2 billion yuan, a decade ago the 3 times. From the list, Nongfu Spring 67-year-old Zhong wealth than last year, an increase of 25 billion, I .e., 7% to 390 billion yuan for the first time, China's richest man. Shake tone, founder of Retail Prophet, a 38-year-old zhang yi… [Read more]
2021-10-27: On October 26, the "Multiple Writing, Common Interest" Sino-Portuguese Literature Exchange Conference co-sponsored by the Shanghai Writers Association and the Portuguese Consulate General in Shanghai was held in the Shanghai Writers Bookstore. This is a literary exchange meeting between offline and online. Because of the epidemic, Portuguese children's literature writer Isabel Minños Martins and Portuguese novelist, essayist, playwright and poet Jose Luis Peschau were unable to come to the bookstore, however, they still started a wonderful dialogue with Chinese children's literature writer Yin Jianling and Chinese novelists through the way of "communication on the cloud", and shared the beauty of literature with readers. Portugal is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and China is on… [Read more]
2021-10-27: October 25, 1971 was a special day. The 26th UN General Assembly made a historic decision to restore all the rights of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations. On November 15 of that year, after the adoption of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758, the then Foreign Minister Qiao Guanhua took the Chinese delegation to the 26th United Nations General Assembly for the first time and delivered a speech at the General Assembly, comprehensively expounding the foreign policy of the People's Republic of China. At that time, Qiao Guanhua was sitting in the first seat of the Chinese delegation, and it was also the first time that the representative of New China officially boarded the podium of the General Assembly. He laughed loudly at the meeting. The photo "Joe's… [Read more]
2021-10-27: In the past couple of days, with "2.8 billion deposit somehow was the pledge of the event by the social interest. A company called ji min ke xin of pharmaceutical companies, claiming in Bohai Bank of 2.8 billion and can't pay out on its deposits in the knowledge of the bank as collateral for another company to provide loan guarantees. On the afternoon of August 19, 2021, Yu Jianghua, general manager of Wuxi Ji Yushanhe Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Jimin Trust Group, suddenly received a call starting with the area code 025 in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Introduce their is China Bohai Bank Nanjing branch of the counter staff, said someone is counters for shan he pharmaceutical A for the amount of 0.5 billion yuan of deposits pledge business. I went to ask about our company's finances and… [Read more]

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