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2021-10-28: SAIC Group's commercial vehicle sector has experienced major personnel adjustments. It is reported that both in the 70 s of the SAIC chase general manager Wang Rui with SAIC Chase Technology Center General Manager and Shanghai you dao zhi tu Technology CEO Hao jing xian handover, the two functions will be interchanged. At present, the SAIC commercial vehicle sector is on the rise. Data show that in the first nine months of 2021, under the background of the overall decline of the domestic commercial vehicle market, SAIC Datong achieved a growth of 30% against the trend. Youdao Zhitu is a science and technology enterprise under SAIC Group that focuses on intelligent driving of commercial vehicles, focusing on ports, factories and other specific scenes and trunk logistics scene L3 and L4… [Read more]
2021-10-28: "Seeing is believing. I believe you will be as shocked as I am when you see the pure electric Hummer Super pickup. "On October 25, at GM China headquarters in Shanghai, Bo Li, executive vice president of GM and president of General Motors China, said. The Super pickup in the mouth of Bai Li is about to usher in its World first exhibition at the 4th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the CIIE). According to Bai Li, the pure electric Hummer based on the Otto platform is regarded as a "revolutionary product" by GM ", because of its" integration of advanced electrification technology and a diversified lifestyle that breaks through the border ". At the same time, its off-road performance is not to be underestimated. According to the official introduction, the pure… [Read more]
2021-10-28: China Net Automotive, October 28th, November 17-19, co-sponsored by the China Society of Automotive Engineering and the China Intelligent Network Automotive Industry Innovation Alliance, organized by the Huadu District People's Government of Guangzhou, and the International Automotive Engineering Science and Technology Innovation Strategy Research Institute, research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, China Communications and Information Center, Guoqi (Beijing) Intelligent Network Automotive Research Institute Co., Ltd., Nomura Comprehensive Research Institute, Guojiao Information Co., Ltd., Guangdong Automotive Engineering Society, guangdong Province Dawan District New Energy Automobile Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, the 3rd International Car Smart Sharing Travel… [Read more]
2021-10-28: di 642 period | 2021/10/28 Shanghai SEG Electronics Market, this business area of about 18,000 square meters of electronic components gathering place is located in the Beijing Road business district, adjacent to the Bund Financial Center, can be described as "gold trading Street". At the current "lack of core" mark, it should be crowded here, but the facts are contrary to expectations. Shanghai SEG Electronic Market Photo Source: Photo by reporter Huang Xinxu "L9369 chip is currently available, but the price you have to be mentally prepared, about 100 times increased. Moreover, we only report the price of the car chip on the same day, because the shortage is very strong, and the price is one day." After searching in front of the computer, Guo Yang raised his head and told the reporter… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Caixin News Agency reported on October 28 that a few days ago, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Starting the Pilot Work for the Application of New Energy Vehicle Power Exchange Mode" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), decided to start the pilot work on the application of new energy vehicle power exchange mode. There are 13 cities included in the pilot, including 8 comprehensive application cities (Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Sanya, Chongqing, Changchun, Hefei, Jinan), 3 heavy card characteristics (Yibin, Tangshan, Baotou). The "Notice" puts forward clear requirements for the pilot work: First, strengthen the overall planning of work, establish a coordination work mechanism, and effectively strengthen the organization and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: [TechWeb] October 28th news, according to foreign media reports, Mercedes-Benz will turn to the use of cheaper but lower power lithium iron phosphate battery, in order to curb the soaring cost of ternary battery on the price of Mercedes-Benz entry-level electric vehicle pricing. Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius said that from 2024 to 2025, Mercedes-Benz will use lithium iron phosphate batteries in its next-generation entry-level models such as EQA and EQB. The electric version of Mercedes-Benz's flagship S-Class model uses more expensive nickel-based batteries with better performance and longer cruising range. Kallenius believe that with the rise in the price of core materials for power batteries, consumers will accept models with cheaper prices and shorter mileage. He said: "For those… [Read more]
2021-10-28: China News Service, October 28. According to the official WeChat news of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a few days ago, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Starting the Pilot Work for the Application of New Energy Vehicle Power Exchange Mode" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), and decided to start the pilot work of the application of the power exchange mode of new energy vehicles. There are 11 cities included in the pilot, including 8 comprehensive application cities (Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Sanya, Chongqing, Changchun, Hefei, Jinan), 3 heavy card characteristics (Yibin, Tangshan, Baotou). The "Notice" puts forward clear requirements for the pilot work: First, strengthen the overall planning of… [Read more]
2021-10-28: A few days ago, some friends broke the news that their purchase of SAIC Volkswagen ID.6X models, the car is not forthcoming had the price by 10,000 I himself couldn't unsubscribe re-purchase, SAIC Volkswagen cut leek. The owner, he is October 3rd in Shanghai guan song 4S shop spent 278,800 yuan ordered a ID.6X the initial version of the model, October 13 signed a purchase contract, 15 loan. Then the vehicle arrived at the store on October 20, and the down payment was made to pick up the car in the afternoon. Then the owner found that Volkswagen of 4S shop launched preferential 10,000 million yuan of activities activities from 15 to 30. Some 4S shop sent cards, some direct a 10,000 per cent reduction of the purchase price, the form is not the same. The sales told him that he did have… [Read more]
2021-10-28: October 22 SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 officially listed, the new car 3 configuration models official guidance price 15.9888-173,888 yuan, wide range 430km. But new car has just listed, there is the owner broke the news, SAIC Volkswagen 4S store sales in China, said that the 10,000 yuan preferential. We should know that the current Volkswagen ID Series models are all sold directly, with a unified national price, but the price will be reduced as soon as they are listed, which is bound to cause consumers' spit. For this matter, some media asked SAIC Volkswagen 4s store and the manufacturer's public relations. Some 4s stores said that there was no price reduction, and some 4s stores said they would send preferential gifts. The specific value needs to be discussed in detail in the store. In fact,… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Recently, the protection of the rights of the owners of the polar Krypton 001 is still continuing to ferment. The owner of the polar Krypton 001 made a "joint statement" poster to ask the polar Krypton official to question the EC sky screen. The owner said that when the Krypton was promoted, the EC light-sensing sky of the vehicle was black, but the real car was sky blue, and the propaganda did not match the real thing. In addition, in the face of the car owner's doubts, the Krypton official did not immediately respond, but chose to quietly delete and modify the controversial sky screen demo animation. The anger value of many car owners is again 1. In response to this issue, Krypton CEO An Huicong also responded to the joint statement of the car owners at the pole Krypton 001 delivery… [Read more]
2021-10-28: The reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security on the 27th that as of now, the driver's license has covered 138 cities across the country, and more than 3200 million drivers have applied for an electronic driver's license. In the next step, the Ministry of Public Security will accelerate the promotion and application of the electronic driver's license, and strive to fully implement it by the end of 2021. The Ministry of Public Security and the deployment of September 1 this year, driver's license e-in Beijing, Shanghai and other 28 cities in the first application October 20th incremental Taiyuan, Shenyang and other cities across 110 of the second batch of the popularization and application, provide online "bright" and "bright code" services for drivers and related industries… [Read more]
2021-10-28: "I heard that not only the chips are tight, but the price of power batteries is also rising. Can you still have a cash discount on this car?" In a new energy vehicle brand store in Guangzhou, a consumer consulted with a slight concern. The reporter noticed that the industry has once again faced a new "price increase storm" in the future. Will the price of new energy vehicles be "rising" in the future "? The reporter's investigation found that the current inventory of power batteries and new energy vehicles is quite sufficient, and car companies have already "prepared for a rainy day" to make certain preparations. The reporter visited a number of new energy vehicle sales stores and noticed that, in addition to Tesla's recent price adjustment for individual models, the prices of many pure… [Read more]
2021-10-28: According to the China Automobile Industry Association, based on a statistical analysis of 2021, Sep, car sales were completed 2.077 million and 2.067 million month-on-month rose by 20.4% percent and 14.9% percent respectively, year-on-year respectively decreased by 17.9% and 19.6%, the decline in output decreased by 0.8 percentage points in August, and the sales volume decreased by 1.8 percentage points in August. Compared with the same period in 2019, production and sales decreased by 6.1% and 9.1% year-on-year, the decline in output decreased by 7.3 percentage points in August, and the sales volume decreased by 0.9 percentage points in August. Historical sales in the fourth quarter were significantly higher than in the first three quarters, with the problem of tight supply of chips,… [Read more]
2021-10-28: A joint-venture brand sedan purchased by consumers for more than two years. Recently, the vehicle has failed to start three times, and consumers dare not continue to drive. The repairer informs that the main wiring harness of the vehicle needs to be replaced after inspection. It took more than 40 days from the ordering and transportation of parts to the completion of maintenance. During this period, the vehicle could not be used normally, and consumers asked for spare vehicles. Repairers believe that the main wiring harness of the vehicle is a special part, and there is no need to provide a spare car according to the three-pack regulations of the car. Article 19 of the provisions on liability for repair, replacement and return of household automobile products stipulates that during the… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Medium-sized SUV is currently the most mainstream SUV market in China, with a large user base. 7 years ago, Buick encore authority, has revolutionized the midsize SUV market competition pattern of. Buick Enkewei in the design, power, space, technology configuration, driving experience and other aspects of the "more than 10%" leapfrog strength performance, has been widely recognized by the market. In just 5 years, the number of users of Buick Angkway has exceeded one million. With the increase in the number of replacement buyers, consumers' demand for luxury large 5-seat SUVs is increasing. This year, in line with the trend of consumption upgrading, Buick launched the Angkewei Plus, with the efficient five-seat layout of leapfrog space, to further develop in the market segment. The Buick… [Read more]
2021-10-28: ["From Tesla's point of view, whoever's battery is cheap will use it. Tesla's battery suppliers are not large. It is not ruled out that it will cooperate with BYD."] More and more car companies are choosing to use lithium iron phosphate batteries. Tesla recently said at the investor conference that for the standard battery life Model 3 and modern Y, lithium iron phosphate batteries will be used worldwide. In addition, it is revealed that Apple is seeking lithium iron phosphate batteries for its electric vehicles. Daimler Group CEO Kang Linsong also said it would switch to cheaper but less powerful lithium iron phosphate batteries in response to the surge in the price of some metals in its entry-level models, mercedes-Benz will use lithium iron phosphate batteries in its next generation… [Read more]
2021-10-28: [On AutoForecast Solutions data as October 24 since the chip shortage, this year the global auto market cumulative reduction yields are already 9.74 million.] On October 26th, some car owners who booked Xiaopeng P5 received a new car delivery plan pushed by Xiaopeng. As a result of the millimeter-wave radar shortages delivery Xiaopeng car with the launch of two solutions: first, the pre-extraction is not installed millimeter-wave radar he splurged on the one thing Xiaopeng car is expected to be March 31 next year since batch start fill installation radar, and free to give car owners XPILOT 3.0/3.5 Software; Second, the owners give up free access to XPILOT software rights, continue in order to wait for delivery to pick up the car. In addition to Xiaopeng P5, Xiaopeng car the current… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Some time ago, due to frequent fires in Chevrolet Bolt EV, GM Global recalled and discontinued production of the car. The main reason is the "battery fire" of South Korea's LG Chemical ". To this end, the LG CHEM will report to GM pay up to 1.9 billion dollars of Bolt electric vehicle battery fire compensation. A few days ago, it's reported that the South Korean Congress recently disclosed a statistics show that the recent 5 years South Korea electric vehicles and energy storage device (ESS) of lithium battery fire accidents, the percentage of the battery pack using the soft pack cells is about 70%. Statistics show that among all 47 lithium battery fires in South Korea since 2017, 33 accidents have occurred in soft-pack battery packs, 12 square cell battery packs and 2 cylindrical cell… [Read more]
2021-10-28: "This is only the impact of chips. What is worrying is that there are also a series of products that rely heavily on imports in the supply chain, such as industrial sensors, basic industrial software, special raw materials, precision instruments and meters." Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, recently held the 2021 China Automotive Supply Chain Conference, a healthy and prosperous supply chain ecology is very important for China's manufacturing industry. At present, the world has entered a new stage of development marked by Digital Productivity. Whether it can adapt to and lead digital development has become the key to determining the rise and fall of the industry, and the automobile industry is no exception. Related enterprises have begun to… [Read more]
2021-10-28: On October 25th, a total of 55 people who claimed to be the owners of the polar Krypton 001 issued a joint statement saying that the actual effect of the EC sky screen of the vehicle was not consistent with the official publicity. It is reported that in the early official publicity materials, the sky screen was gray and black, but now the actual effect is blue. Some car owners think that the blue sky screen has reduced the advanced sense of the carriage. It is worth mentioning that, this configuration requires the basic price on additional paid 10,000 yuan (period price of 6000 yuan) optional. "There is also a technical challenge in the gray sky, and now it is decided to be blue." In this regard, the polar Krypton CEO An Conghui recently responded at the polar Krypton 001 delivery event.… [Read more]
2021-10-28: The industry is "lack of core" and the car source is tight. Many car companies have thought about the way to "install less, and make up for the goods", but they all want to know who is the first to "eat crabs". As a result, the ideal car ate, and Xiaopeng car followed. After the ideal car first launched the policy of "hand over the car first, then make up", a reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned that due to the shortage of millimeter wave radar, xiaopeng Motors promotes "futures" for the first batch of Xiaopeng P5 owners ". The "first delivery and then supplement the radar" program can reduce the waiting time of car owners, but many netizens said: "Xiaopeng copied the ideal 'job!" In fact, behind the ideal car and Xiaopeng car selling "futures" cars one after another, is the… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Market Value from 100 billion dollars to 1,000 billion dollars, Tesla with 21 months. From 900 billion dollars to 1,000 billion dollars, only one day. On Friday market has just reached USD 900 billion of Tesla on Monday (local time October 25 ri) shares rose 12.66% and the total market capitalization of up to 1.03 trillion dollars. This means that Tesla has become a new member of the trillion-dollar club after Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. At the same time, Tesla's market value has surpassed the combined 11 established car companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and GM. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., said in a post on social media: Crazy. After all, Mr Musk's net assets to Tesla's stock and option adhesive hook whose personal wealth Day surged by 36 billion per cent in United… [Read more]
2021-10-28: China online auto October 28th (Reporter Wang Yidong) recently, China online auto quality complaint platform ( received a complaint from Xi'an SAIC R car owners, their own MARVEL R(2021 Post-drive PRO version) from the beginning of the day on the failure of constantly, their own and their family unbearable. The owner Mr. Wang told reporters that the car to September this year to buy from the purchase date have emerged, including: reversing video Black; You can't lock; Window is open and cannot closed down, and the trunk Gail it doesn't work to open; the interior lights are on for some reason and cannot be turned off; The on-board computer often has no network and cannot be connected; When the car is driving, the on-board computer prompts the… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Every reporter Wu Kai, every editor, Pei Jianru "It will not be too long (from the company's listing), but the exact date is uncertain. What is certain is that T3 travel will not choose to be listed on overseas exchanges." On October 26, after the T3 travel round A financing conference, T3 Travel CEO Cui Dayong told A number of media including "Daily Economic News (blog, Weibo). October 26 T3 Travel announced that it has completed 7.7 billion yuan A round of financing, by CITIC Consortium led holistically and science and technology, with the way travel, Che-hung, capital, de zai thick capital followed suit, FAW, Dongfeng, changan, Ali, Tencent and other old shareholders continue to hold. This is following the Cao Cao travel Sep announced completion of the B round of 3.8 billion yuan… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Every reporter Sun Lei, every editor, Pei Jianru Xiaopeng's various ideas about flying cars are accelerating towards reality. A few days ago, Xiaopeng Automobile announced the relevant information of the sixth-generation flying car of its ecological enterprise Xiaopeng. Compared with the previously released traveler T1 and traveler X2, the sixth-generation flying car released this time has the basic attributes of a car. The propeller blade folding mechanism can realize land travel, automatic switching between different application scenarios of flying is not only a car that can travel on land, but also an aircraft that can fly at low altitude. In terms of lightweight, the flying car uses a carbon fiber single shell car body, uses a large number of aviation aluminum, magnesium alloy and… [Read more]
2021-10-28: After each commentator Li Shuo Affected by the shortage of chips, this year's auto market is not very good. The supply of parts is tight, the capacity of new cars is limited, and the transmission to the end market is manifested in the narrowing of car price concessions and the extension of the car cycle. Compared with the difficulty of finding a car in the new car market, the advantages of short pick-up time for second-hand cars, "What you see is what you get", and exemption from purchase tax have made many consumers who are difficult to pick up cars turn their attention to the second-hand car market. The Ministry of Commerce data show that 1 Sep China's second-hand car trading volume of over 12.96 million A, with year-on-year growth of 35.3%, far more than the new car sales rose. In… [Read more]
2021-10-28: Every reporter Huang Xinxu, every editor, Sun Lei Opened on October 27, the power and new energy sector strengthened. Among them, Ningde Times (300750, stock bar)(300750,SZ; Yesterday's closing price of 615.04 yuan), Guoxuan high-tech (002074, shares)(002074,SZ; Yesterday's closing price of 59.31 yuan) and other new energy stocks are red. Industry insiders believe that this is closely related to the "Carbon Peak Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") issued by the State Council on October 26. It is understood that the "plan" focuses on the carbon peak target before 2030, to promote the carbon peak work to make an overall deployment. According to the plan, by 2025, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption will reach about 20%; By 2030, the proportion of non-fossil… [Read more]
2021-10-27: (Text/Chang building edit/Lou soldiers) according to by the following screenshot shows a portion of the data show that Sep from the main brand SUV sales a total of 354,000 compared with the same period last year dropped by 14.3%, however, in terms of market share, independent SUV still 22.4% of the share ranks first in the market, 1-Sep independent SUV MARKET to 3.166 million of sales and 21.9% of market share continues to the China market as well as the absolute main force status. In the face of the chip supply problem that cannot be solved in the short term, the overall market growth rate of independent brands has shown a slowdown since August. Due to the earlier layout of independent brands on SUV models and the large number of market segment products, compared to the rapid growth of… [Read more]
2021-10-27: (Text/more than foreign edit/Lou soldiers) data show that September this year, joint venture SUV in the terminal of the sales of 397,000, compared with the same period last year dropped 18.3%. The global automotive industry is still facing a crisis of chip shortages, and the lack of supply of some parts has forced joint venture car companies to cut production or even stop production of some SUV models. This is also seen by industry insiders as the main reason for the sharp decline in the joint venture SUV. In terms of country, the Japanese SUV has become the hardest hit by the decline in the joint venture SUV market. Data show that Sep day of SUV of the end-user sales for 130,000, down 30.0% year-to-year in the domestic auto market share of 8.2%. In addition, Ashkenazi SUV end-user… [Read more]
2021-10-27: When is the Evergrande car that is deeply trapped in the whirlpool of public opinion? Recently, according to media reports, in the amount of USD 84 billion for loss of market capitalization, Evergrande Group is likely to be 2022, in local government with the help of the launch of the first electric vehicle than planned taken a year later. China Evergrande Group's electric vehicle unit said it still plans to launch its first Hengchi car in early 2022. Liu Yongzhuo, president of Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group, said that with the support of local governments, the company will ensure that its first electric vehicle is produced and tested at the Tianjin plant and is ready to be sold to the public early next year. Liu burning also said that Evergrande's car has been launched for a… [Read more]

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