The ever-changing Chinese red for the great cause of thousands of years goes from the nation to the world

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. Original Title: For the great cause of the millennium, the Chinese Red will never change from the nation to the world China's "red" films have a long history, and there have been a series of hot films such as "Shangganling" and "Heroes and daughters" in the last century. In recent years, there have been frequent masterpieces in the domestic film market. The "Red" theme films such as "Operation Red Sea", "Captain of China", "My Motherland and Me" are all applauded and popular. According to statistics, at present, the cumulative box office of the film "Changjin Lake" has exceeded the box office results of "Avengers 4" in the Chinese market, and has been promoted to the sixth place in the box office of Chinese film history. Cat's Eye professional real-time display, as October 12th 21:55, the movie "zhang jin hu of grossed exceeded 4.3 billion billion yuan. Chinese films are no longer limited to "domestic sales", but have turned to the world stage, the British "Times", foreign media such as the French "Western French News" have made good comments on the film "Changjin Lake. The US "New York Times" praised in its report that "Changjin Lake" can almost be regarded as one of the most successful films in Chinese film history ". The main theme movie is touching because it is based on real people and events, gathers small people to show the big era, and tells stories from the perspective of "Chinese characteristics, let the audience at home and abroad feel the resilience and upright Chinese spirit in the bones of the Chinese people. Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the global film market has been hit, foreign Hollywood in the should be hot summer, Lunar New Year, are somewhat deserted. -Hero, the main theme movie from blaze paper pointed out a new way 2021, Jul, the movie "The Chinese doctors and produced by Tells China around the medical personnel to fight the Covid pneumonia outbreak of the story, I got 1.3 billion yuan for it at the box office, to revive the movie market again. After the film "Changjin Lake" was released, many media interviewed volunteer veterans and reported their real experiences. Many audiences stood up and saluted at the cinema. The Chinese nation has a long history of thousands of years. The Chinese people have experienced hardships and hardships, and they have grown stubbornly in bitterness and tears. It can be said that Chinese films will never lack the spirit of the Chinese and the stories of the Chinese. For the happiness of the people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Communist Party of China vows to make great achievements for the people, which is the continuous material of Chinese films. With the profound changes in China's economic and social development, the people's demand for cultural life is increasing, the high box office of the main theme film shows the audience's enthusiasm and empathy for films reflecting the core values of socialism, including the theme of patriotism. Therefore, the main theme film should not be limited to the "limited check-in" of the National Day file. Film creators should strengthen their cultural self-confidence, be guided by mainstream values, and regularly create more excellent theme film works. The future direction of Chinese films is transforming from a "film power" to a "film power. The next step for Chinese films is to build a sound and complete film industry system, expand overseas markets from a global perspective, tell and spread Chinese stories well, and let more "China Red" go to the world better. (High Xinran)

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.