The "Kangyang" project has been changed into a "quarry" for several years. Why has it been reported repeatedly? -Zhonggong

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. The health tourism project with the function of "ecological protection and governance" has evolved into a quarry. The Mountain Image standing between the green waters and green mountains has been shaved "yin and yang head", which is ugly, there have been many serious landslides and cracks around the construction site of the project, and the function of "ecological protection and management" has not been realized at all. The project site is also located in the ecological function area of soil and water conservation in the Three Gorges reservoir area. The Central Third Ecological Environmental Protection Inspection Team found in Hubei that Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City, which is the ecological function area of soil and water conservation in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, is to promote the construction of a health tourism project called "ecological protection and governance, let companies illegally dig mountains and quarrying. The "big opening and big digging" caused geological disasters, and the local people repeatedly reported no results. Changyang county has a special geographical position, and it belongs to the Three Gorges reservoir area of soil and water conservation ecological category. According to the relevant plan, the main function of this area is positioned as an important national ecological function area for soil erosion prevention and control, and an important barrier to ensure the ecological security of the Three Gorges reservoir area. In the planning and construction of any project in such an important place, the decision-making should be strict and cautious, and the ecological environment protection and economic and social benefits should be properly balanced. However, the inspector found that there were "two skins" in the original planning and actual progress-in the local area, the planned "health care project" basically did not progress, however, in the name of "risk removal" and "field flat" in the name of illegal mountain quarrying, a large area of the mountain was dug with holes, beyond recognition; Illegal mining of ore has reached more than 600 million tons. Such a "move method" can be imagined for the great harm to the production and life of the surrounding people and the protection of the local ecological environment. The bad nature and the rampant means are eye-popping. It's no wonder that matter become the second round of the fourth central ecological env protection Insp briefing of 5 A typical one of. It is not difficult to find from the notification materials that this "quarry" in the cloak of the "health care" project has existed in the local area for many years. During the "look back" of the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors in 2018 and the current round of inspection teams, there were complaints from the masses about illegal digging of mountains and quarrying. Then the question arises: for the illegal excavation of enterprises, have the relevant local departments timely intervene and take corrective measures? In the face of repeated reports and inspection actions by the masses, why can the project still go its own way and excavate against the wind? Takes more than one cold day, freeze three feet deep. Behind this matter, there is no more than a simple sentence of "enterprise willfulness", but it is more likely to involve the dereliction of duty and even power corruption of the responsible persons of the relevant local departments. The inspection team found that starting in June 2017, the project was digging the mountain in Huangjaping Village without going through the mining license and incomplete land use procedures. However, in the face of the inspector's inquiry, Changyang County denied that there were quarries and damage to the mountain, saying that the company "does not have illegal mining". To deny the reality in front of us is astonished: between the short-term benefits of the project and the long-term benefits of local ecological and environmental protection, which is more important? Behind the "abacus", it also exposes the short-sighted and misplaced development concept of the local administrative department. Article 6 of own country's "Environmental Protection Law" stipulates that local people's governments at all levels shall be responsible for the environmental quality of their administrative areas. Enterprises, institutions and other producers and operators shall prevent and reduce environmental pollution and ecological damage, and shall be liable for the damage caused in accordance with the law. I hope that these remedial actions are not to cope with the short-term performances of the inspectors, but to really learn from the pain, based on the long-term development concept, and establish the correct concept of ecological civilization. Next, whether anyone is responsible for this, how the inspectors and rectification measures will be implemented, the public will wait and see. A good ecological environment is the most inclusive livelihood. Today, when accelerating the construction of an ecological civilization system and promoting the construction of a "beautiful China", local governments at all levels should establish a correct development concept that keeps pace with the times. "To protect the nature and the ecological environment like protecting the eyes." For local administrators, it is not easy to attract investment, but it is the bottom line to guard the ecological environment. If you want to change project construction at the expense of the ecological environment and the interests of the masses, such projects and plans would rather not. There should be a clear understanding of this point. (lin feng)

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