Opening to the West, the Pearl of the Silk Road is blooming and prosperous

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. "Silk Road Xing, Dunhuang Xing." From more than 2000 years ago, Zhang Qian "chiseled empty" Western Regions, the word "Dunhuang" is like a bright pearl shining on the "Silk Road"; The new era, riding on the east wind of the full implementation of the national "Belt and Road" construction, Dunhuang completed the gorgeous turn from the hinterland to the frontier of opening, and then flourished. In the vast Gobi, there is a blue crystal that cannot describe its shape. The audience walks through the Silk Road, through the yellow sand, through the ancient and modern times. As if they are in a fantasy, the pulse of history is within reach...... Recently, the interview group of "coordinated development to the west and continue to write a new chapter on the Silk Road" network theme publicity activity went into Dunhuang, Gansu. The sitcom "see Dunhuang again" takes "a drop of water in the desert" as its creative concept, it is refreshing and shocking to show the spirit of openness, tolerance, cooperation and win-win in the form of art. In the past, the sound of camel bells, Dunhuang culture "integrated things". The camel team on the Silk Road prospered the commodity trade, but also brought the collision of ideas, the blending of customs, and the mutual learning of culture. Many elements in the murals of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes embody the fusion of Chinese and foreign cultures, and the grottoes themselves are the carriers of communication and fusion. In the Dunhuang posthumous book discovered in the Buddhist scripture cave of Mogao Grottoes in 1900, in addition to Chinese documents, there are also many non-Chinese documents such as Tibetan, Uyghan, Khotan, and Turkic; The content involves Buddhism, Taoism, folk literature, ancient languages, ancient religions, social economy and many other aspects are historical witnesses of the Silk Road. At present, sirens ringing the Silk Road spirit alive. The material Silk Road used to be busy and obliterated in history, but the spirit of openness and cooperation has been integrated into the blood of Dunhuang. Now, as Dunhuang art, which inherits the excellent traditional Chinese culture, is shining on the world stage, as Dunhuang culture continues to be excavated and promoted in the process of "mutual learning and mutual learning, with technology helping the" invisible Silk Road "to attract countless attention in cyberspace, Dunhuang is becoming a practitioner of the Silk Road culture and Silk Road spirit, to meet the opportunities brought about by the continuous deepening of the" Belt and Road "construction. Drip see the sun. The Silk Road Pearl Dunhuang will be carefully built as a new business card for Western cultural tourism, but Gansu has seized the "Belt and Road" major opportunity, efforts to build a microcosm of China's ambition to open an important gateway to the west and a strategic base for sub-regional cooperation. In recent years, Gansu Province has given full play to its geographical advantages and concentrated financial and material resources to support the creation of the "Belt and Road" culture, hub, technology, information and ecology ", accelerate the pace of" going out "and" bringing in ", and continue to promote the opening to the West with the spirit of stepping on the stone. Gansu Province's open platform has gradually become a system, the construction of hub channels has been steadily promoted, international freight trains have been normalized, economic and trade cooperation has been deepened, and international production capacity cooperation has been continuously expanded, the advantages of the large channel are becoming increasingly prominent. The Dunhuang murals and desert wind chimes have become "poems and distant places" in many people's hearts; I am happy to see the three major international dry ports of Lanzhou, Wuwei and Tianshui among the frontiers of the country's opening to the West; you shoot is the color you see 2014, since province along the "Belt and Road" cumulatively trade more than 107.4 billion yuan...... From history, facing the future, and burning. Today's Gansu Province, walking steadily on the broad road open to the west, the magnificent picture of the Silk Road in the new era is slowly unfolding. (Tong Zongli)

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.