One new case was diagnosed locally in Inner Mongolia, who was a closed-loop manager of Huitong Logistics Park in Erlianhot City

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. According to WeChat public number "health in Inner Mongolia official Micro" October 14th message 2021, October 14th 7 even October 14th 7, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, reports no new suspected cases and asymptomatic infection, 1 new locally confirmed case (in Erenhot City). The Local confirmed case in Erlianhot City is the closed-loop manager of Huitong Logistics Park in Erlianhot City. On October 12th, Erlianhot City found a group of positive nucleic acid tests for the closed-loop managers of Huitong Logistics Park on the next day. On October 13, all 32 closed-loop managers of Huitong Park were tested for nucleic acid, it is found that 1 person as positive and the remaining 31 man-made negative. On the afternoon of October 13, the Xilin Gol League Center for Disease Control and prevention was re-judged. The result was positive. After consultation with the medical treatment Expert Group of the autonomous region, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia. At present, epidemiological investigation and environmental elimination of the patient are in progress. As 2021, October 14th 7, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the existing outside the input of a confirmed case of sexual transmission in 4 cases, outside input fu yang cases and 1 case (in Xing'an League Wu Lan) native confirmed cases and 1 case (in Erenhot City), all close contacts are treated in designated hospitals, and all close contacts are isolated in designated places for medical observation, and closed-loop management is implemented throughout the process to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.