Los Angeles, don’t let down your "City of Angels" (Wanghailou)

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. Original Title: Los Angeles, don't disappoint you, the "City of Angels" (Wanghailou) Los Angeles (Los Angeles), a big city on the west coast of the United States, means "Angel" in Spanish, and Americans call Los Angeles "City of Angels". I have visited this city many times and deeply feel that the people there are tolerant, friendly, warm and kind. However, in this city, there have recently been several "little people" who are out of line with "Angels" and embarrass Los Angeles ". Recently, when a number of Chinese students entered the Los Angeles International Airport, they were restricted and suppressed by US border inspectors using various excuses, repeatedly questioning the purpose of studying in the United States, past academic achievements, whether they have been employed, whether they have been disciplined, whether to "plagiarize" laboratory data, etc., some have been threatened, intimidated, and even restricted to freedom for tens of hours, and finally refused to return to China. In addition, some Chinese students were interrogated by US border inspectors when they left the country and returned to China, and their personal electronic equipment was confiscated...... The wrong practice of the US side using various excuses to restrict and suppress Chinese students for no reason is the authentic "little man" behavior. I remember that on November 20, 2005, as the director of the State Administration of Religious Affairs of China, I was invited by Dr. Shle Le, the founder of the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles, to participate in the 50th anniversary of the founding of the church. Dr. Shule said that he was "the first pastor to give a public speech in the Communist country, the Soviet Union," and that "Ye is probably the first to face so many believers directly in the Cathedral of the United States, and the ministers of the Communist countries who gave public speeches to the world through television. I am very honored to be able to personally witness this historical moment of communication between Chinese government officials and the United States and Christians all over the world. Let us warmly welcome this VIP from China." Dear friends, I came from the East to the West to this "City of Angels". I believe that the division of the world into the East and the West is not to confront each other, but to make each other united and harmonious; The world is divided into men and women, not to make them quarrel, but to make them love each other. We should respect the facts and reject prejudice. Prejudice is farther away from the truth than ignorance, and prejudice can block communication and communication between us more than thousands of mountains and mountains. We all agree with the words of Sister Teresa: "Smile is the beginning of peace, teach people to smile." I also believe Dr. Shule's words: "Weave your dreams, and dreams will achieve you." In 1968, when the penniless Dr. Schule determined to build a Crystal Cathedral out of glass in California, he was weaving his dream. But after 12 years, the dream becomes a brilliant reality. Friends, the 2008 Beijing Olympics is also weaving her dream. The slogan of the Olympics is "One World, One Dream". The same world-a "peaceful world" in which "different civilizations respect each other and live in harmony with multiculturalism"; The same dream-being able to "understand through dialogue, the" beautiful dream "of seeking unity with consensus and harmony with tolerance". The same world requires the same dream. To achieve the same dream, more "angels" are needed ". Even if you can't be an "angel", you should strive to be a "gentleman" and not a "little man". "Gentlemen are harmonious and different, and the little people are the same". "The gentleman is not a week, and the little man is not a week". "The gentleman is open and the little man is long-cherished". In Los Angeles, don't let and tolerate the misdeeds of a few "little people", and don't let down your "City of Angels".

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.