Canadian Ambassador to China: Canadian companies should seize the opportunity to do business with China

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. At a webinar hosted by the Canada-China Trade Council on September 28, Bao said: "The growth and nature of China's economy is of great significance to Canada's economic prosperity. Regardless of people's views, China really cannot be ignored...... In terms of trade, Canadian companies should support Canada's economic interests while being loyal to our values." In recent years, the relationship between China and Canada has taken a turn for the United States as a "pawn" and a player for the United States in the Sino-US competition. Especially after the illegal detention of Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou at the end of 2018, China-Canada relations fell to a freezing point. However, in September 2021, with Meng Wanzhou's return to China and two Canadian spies, Cumminkai and Michael, were granted bail pending trial. Both Bao Dumin and the National Post seem to believe that China-Canada relations have shown signs of relief. According to the National Post, Bao Dumin's speech emphasized a "fact that has been ignored in recent years", that is, "although the political relationship between the two countries has fallen into a historical bottom point, but the links at the economic level are getting stronger". China is still Canada's second largest trading partner. 2020, Canada on the growth of China's exports has 8% to achieve the 25 billion Canadian dollar (about 129.15 billion yuan), in the first half of this year the growth rate of the faster. However, Canada in the second quarter of this year's trade deficit with China is still nearly 6 billion Canadian dollar (about 31 billion billion yuan). Chinese Ambassador to Canada Cong Peiwu said in the closing speech of the seminar that this does show that China-Canada trade cooperation is getting closer and deeper. The National Post stated that although it did not make a clear statement, the Liberal Party, which currently dominates Canada, has recently advocated extensive contacts with China, especially in trade. However, the idea of the Liberal Party's attempt to change its diplomatic strategy with China seems to have been opposed by the anti-China interest circle that has been strengthened by the government's own policies in the past few years. The latter's objection is still nothing more than to whitewash the two Japanese spies and the platitudes about "Hong Kong", "Xinjiang", "Taiwan" and other places. In an email interview, David Mulroney, who served as Canada's ambassador to China from 2009 to 2012, said, "The most disappointing thing is that, I thought the government was piloting a 'new' policy toward China, which can express concerns in a calm way, but it is actually very similar to the old policy. It would be a shameful failure to address Canada's real long-term interests in the world honestly and courageously." Bao also acknowledged that the bilateral relationship between China and Canada in the past few years was "very challenging", but also emphasized China's economic importance and the growing trade volume between the two countries. "(Bilateral) trade has seen an obvious development. Even in the midst of tension, we still have to remind ourselves of this-even if Canada has a more strategic approach to its relations with China, china remains Canada's second largest trading partner and an important market for Canadian businesses...... Canadian companies can deal with those tough issues and successfully operate in China."

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.