As winter is approaching, energy prices are soaring! American household heating bills will increase significantly, and Europeans will have a hard time... :

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. CCTV News reported on October 14 that according to a Reuters local time report on October 13, local time, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that due to soaring energy prices, US consumers' heating bills will increase significantly this winter. Steve Nalley, acting director of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, said, "As we get through the worst stages of the epidemic-induced recession, the growth in energy demand has generally outpaced the growth in supply, this has led to higher energy prices around the world." The United States Department of State in the national statistical offices of the data show that nearly half of American families depend on natural gas heating, October this year to next March during these families of average cost is expected to outpace its last year rose by 30%, reached an average of about $746. Last winter, the average cost of natural gas in the United States was about $573. Another 40% American households rely on electricity for heating. This winter, every household in the United States that relies on electricity for heating costs about $1268, an increase of 6 percent over last winter. There is about less than 12 million U.S. households rely on heating oil or propane, but they are expected to be hit hardest. The cost of heating oil or propane is expected to increase by 54% and 43%, respectively, compared with last winter, the Energy Information Administration said. According to CCTV, the European energy market has recently sounded a supply alarm, and the shortage of natural gas has intensified. With the arrival of the winter heating season, natural gas prices and electricity prices have risen sharply. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said on October 12 that Russia has always been a reliable supplier of European natural gas, and Russia is willing to cooperate with the European Union to avoid rising energy prices. Recently, the shortage of natural gas in Europe has intensified. At present, the storage capacity of natural gas in Europe is less than 75%, which is the lowest level in more than ten years. According to German media 12th reported, in the light of the global natural gas prices last October since, have at least doubled, Germany 61 vendors plan this winter sharply increased the price of natural gas, it is expected that 375000 households will be affected. Data from the Leipzig Electricity Exchange showed that the average cost of electricity per megawatt-hour this month was 155 euros, up 356% from the same period last year. According to the portal site's data, Germany Sep fen of heating costs in 33% compared to the previous year, electricity is compared to the previous year 4%. According to a report by China Youth Network on October 14, in Europe, natural gas price increases are limited, and short-term fluctuations are not large. It is often difficult for ordinary people to perceive changes in natural gas prices as keenly as they are aware of rising oil prices. However, in the last year, the price of natural gas in Europe has risen by nearly 500%, breaking through the highest level in history and exceeding the tolerance limit of the working class. Although renewable energy has accounted for an increasing proportion of the European energy structure in recent years, natural gas still occupies a place. It is cleaner than coal and oil, and at the same time it is more stable than wind and solar energy. It is an ideal "substitute" for renewable energy ". As EU environmental regulations become stricter year after year, European industrial electricity and household heating are also more dependent on imported natural gas. However, the northern hemisphere in the winter of 2020 is generally experiencing extreme cold, and European natural gas stocks are almost exhausted; This winter has not yet arrived, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, many European countries, including Germany, have fallen into a "natural gas shortage". In the UK, rising gas prices have led to the bankruptcy of several energy suppliers. From 2018 to the present, the number of energy suppliers in the UK has decreased from 70 to 40. Jonathan Brelly, chairman of the British Energy Regulatory Authority (Ofgem), gave the public a "vaccination" at the annual energy conference, saying that rising energy prices "will be passed on to consumer bills". Experts predict that the UK this year the average energy expenditures will amount to 1660 pounds (about 14553 yuan) and 3.5 million were in the upcoming winter lack of energy supply, had to spend a winter without heating.

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