Wu Xieyu appealed that the death penalty was "too heavy", and a defense lawyer was added to the second instance of the murder case

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. On October 12th, The Paper learned from many sources that Wu Xieyu, the "mother killer", added a new defender on the premise of the second trial, and Beijing lawyer Xu Xin will intervene in the defense of the second trial. On the same day, Xu Xin also confirmed to the surging news that he had received a written entrustment from Wu Xieyu and decided to accept the entrustment after consideration by all parties, and the relevant entrusted materials were sent to the court of second instance, it has been notified that the court can read the papers. Xu Xin told The Paper that Wu Xieyu was writing to ask him to defend. As for the reasons for accepting the commission, Xu Xin said: "After repeated consideration, I think that the case not only involves life and death, mental illness judicial identification and other issues, but also helps to think about human nature, reflect on education and social issues, to reduce the occurrence of similar tragedies." The Paper learned from relevant personnel that Wu Xieyu had no objection to the judgment of the first instance, but felt that the sentencing was too heavy and hoped to leave a path through appeal and make atonement alive. In the detention center, he was not idle and wrote a lot of self-reported materials. These materials will also be submitted to the court of second instance as an appeal opinion. The court found that the defendant Wu Xieyu was pessimistic and disgusted with the world. After his father died, he believed that his mother Xie Tianqin's life had lost its meaning. In the first half of 2015, he had the idea of killing Xie Tianqin, and online shopping tools. 2015, Jul 10th 17 Xu Wu Xie while Xie Tianqin home shoes on the occasion of the holding dumbbell bar pounding out Xie Tianqin head and face, thank Tianqin death and body is placed on the sheets, 75-layer covering such as plastic film and activated carbon package, refrigerator deodorant. After Wu Xie Yu concealed the truth that Xie Tianqin had been killed by him from relatives and friends, and fictitious Xie Tianqin accompanied him to exchange and study abroad, in order to need living expenses, tuition fees, financial certificate and other reasons that look like relatives 1.44 million yuan be squandered. In order to evade investigation, Wu Xieyu purchased more than 10 identity documents for concealing identity. The court held that Wu Xieyu committed the crime of intentional homicide. After a long period of premeditated and planned, the subjective viciousness was extremely deep and the criminal methods were cruel. Wu Xieyu's killing of his mother seriously violated the family's relationship and trampled on the normal emotions of human society. The social impact was extremely bad and the crime was extremely serious. Although the facts of the crime were truthfully confessed after the case, it was not enough to give him a lighter punishment. The above judgment was made. Speaking of his cognition of his criminal behavior, Wu Xieyu said: "I want to say sorry to them, that is, my relatives and friends. I want to make up for them. Although I know I am incapable of it now, I can at least work. I don't have any time to waste. I study every day." On August 30, outside the first detention center in Fuzhou, Feng Min, a defense lawyer who had just finished the meeting, said that Wu Xie Yu was "emotionally stable during the meeting, be able to look at this matter rationally and objectively". For the verdict, Wu Xieyu will choose to appeal, and the appeal will be written by himself.

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