3 batches of household gas cookers fail to pass the random inspection, including Jiafu Oubang, Xinqi and other brands

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. According to the official website of Wenzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau, recently, according to relevant regulations, Wenzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau has carried out a spot check on the quality of household gas stove products in the circulation field of our city, A total of 12 batches of household gas stoves sold by 7 Business households in Ruian City, Cangnan County and other areas were randomly checked, of which 3 batches were unqualified, and the qualified rate was 75%. Copyright statement: 1. All works marked "Source: China Net Technology" on this website are works that are legally copyrighted or authorized to use on this website. 2. The above works shall not be reproduced, excerpted or used in other ways without the authorization of this website. If the work has been authorized by this website, it should be used within the scope of authorization, and indicate "source and author". Those who violate the above declaration will be investigated for their relevant legal responsibilities.

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