Cultivate safety awareness from an early age: Japanese nursery schools let children experience the impact of car collisions

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. Reference News Network reported on October 14 The website of the Japan Broadcasting Association recently reported that in order to let children understand the importance of wearing seat belts when riding in a car, the Gifu Prefecture Government of Japan and the Japan Auto Alliance (JAF) an experience activity was held at the Zhongshan Nursery Park in Gaoshan City, Gifu Prefecture, allowing children to fasten their seat belts and experience the impact of a car collision. According to the report, the Japanese nursery children who participated in the experience first listened to the relevant introduction of the JAF staff and watched the DVD introduction video to learn the importance of wearing a seat belt when riding. Subsequently, the kids 2-person teams, sit on the settings on the slide rail seat in fasten your seat belt, has experienced first-hand the car speed is 5km away and collision of the impact strength. "The proportion of 5-year-old children using child seats when riding in a car is very low, (in Japan) the national average is only 48%. Through today's experience activities, children have learned the importance of wearing seat belts, and hope that (they) must wear seat belts when riding in the car in the future."

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.