Big Company Morning Post : Kuaishou e-commerce lowers GMV target "Yuanshen" refreshes global mobile game monthly revenue record

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. October 13th message quick e-commerce will be this year's total turnover (GMV) aim at 650 billion yuan. According to the quick results in the first half of the quick e-commerce GMV 264 billion yuan had been completed and that the overall objective of 41%. People familiar with the matter said that the fast-handed e-commerce GMV originally planned to be set higher, but in the middle of the year, the target was lowered. (Later LatePost) On October 13th, the byte beat opened the second round of option repurchase this year last week. The employee repurchase price was $132 per share. The employees have not received the option repurchase mail. Employees who joined Byte Jump were granted an option price of $190 per share in the second half of the year. The email shows that the repurchase amount does not exceed 70% of the total amount of options that have been vested, and the options participating in the repurchase are at least one year old. May this year end byte pair option repurchase price a share 126 dollars. (Later LatePost) At Noon on October 13, Kerry Logistics announced that Wang Wei, founder and chairman of the board of directors of SF Holdings, will serve as chairman and non-executive director of Kerry Logistics. All relevant appointments will take effect from the same day. In addition, Chen Fei, director and deputy general manager of SF Holdings, and He Jie, deputy general manager and financial officer of SF Holdings, also entered the board of directors of Kerry Logistics as non-executive directors. October 13 O-film announcement is expected in the third quarter net loss for 58 million yuan-70 million yuan, year-on-year profit 0.237 billion yuan. Affected by the termination of the purchasing relationship between specific customers abroad, the company's product shipments related to specific customers in the third quarter were 0, a year-on-year decrease of 100%; Due to the great changes in the international trade environment, H The customer's smartphone business was subject to restrictions such as chip outage, resulting in a significant year-on-year decline in the company's multiple product shipments. On October 13th, the executive director of Honda Technology Research Co., Ltd. and China's director, Shengshi Inoue, said today that he will continue to deepen the cooperation with the Ningde era, and the two sides will jointly develop high-performance batteries, honda's electric vehicles produced in China will be exported overseas in the future. Honda's Chinese also said that the future 5 years continuous launch 10 new Honda brand "pure electric vehicle, 2030, in the mainland of China after the launch of all new models are motorized models. (Finance Association) On October 13, with regard to the fact that some car owners said that the Weilai car navigation interface advertised, the relevant person in charge of Weilai said that this is a business notification push of Weilai, weilai will not use the car machine screen for advertising business. (Zhongxin Jingwei) In addition, New Oriental cancels other non-standard first-level departments (here specifically refers to the first-level business department, excluding second-level schools in other places), including only one-on-one, ueng personalization department, OMO division. Based on the adjustment of the above organizational structure, each training school in principle retains 2 to 3 standardized business departments, namely: Youth Department, International Study Tour and Camp Ministry of Education, and High School. (Whip niu shi) On October 13, Bytebeat's huge engine officially launched the digital vocational education brand Juxue, and released the brand positioning and panoramic service system of the giant learning. Next, Megatology will give full play to its advantages in products, technologies, and platforms, build an "overpass" for digital marketing vocational education, and truly solve the pain points of colleges and universities in the training of digital talents, let companies find suitable high-quality job talents. October 13 DingTalk announced that as of 2021, Aug 31 users grow to more than 0.5 billion, including enterprises, schools, including the types of organizations that are more than 19 million. At the same time, the DingTalk announced the "two digitalization" strategy for the first time, namely, organization digitization and business digitization, which is the DingTalk redefinition of the current enterprise digital path and its own value. On October 13th, one plus mobile phone officially released one plus 9RT mobile phone and one plus Buds Z2 headset. Founder Liu Zuohu said that in the first half of 2021, one plus global shipments increased by 257% year-on-year, and China's market shipments increased by 124% year-on-year; 2021, 1Plus's global sales are expected to exceed 10 million. Recently, Dongpeng Beverage disclosed the institutional survey records in September. In the list of its participation in the survey, Zhang Kun, Fu Hao, Wang Yuanchun, Wuyang, lin Gaobang and other names of E Fund/investment managers, in addition, star fund managers such as Fu Youxing and Wu Xingwu of Guangfa Fund also appeared. In addition to Dongpeng Beverage, in September, many consumer stocks were investigated by institutions. From an institutional point of view, public funds generally believe that the overall trend of the consumer sector in the past few years is difficult to reproduce, but there are many investment opportunities in the direction of optional consumption and emerging consumption. (The "Securities Times", ") On October 13th, the Moutai International Hotel can enjoy 1499 yuan to buy Kweichow Moutai Moutai qualification, namely "booking wine" activities. Replaced in the dining area to purchase the original price Kweichow Moutai. The original price of the purchase of Kweichow Moutai can only drink on the spot, wine bottles, packaging boxes and so on are not taken away. Previously, there were media reports that the Moutai International Hotel became a transfer station for scalping Moutai. (Finance Association) October 13 Sensor Tower store intelligence platform and up-to-date data possible to our show that Sep m ha tour "The God of mobile overseas income more than 0.234 billion dollars, that's twice the revenue of the second-ranked" Candy Legend "in the current issue of overseas revenue. If included in the China iOS revenue, the original God "to 0.341 billion dollars refresh global hand tour of the monthly income of the highest, the previous record by Tencent the PUBG Mobile (consolidated peace elite income) 2020, Mar created under the 0.3 billion dollars. On the afternoon of the 13th, the official Weibo of the League of Legends mobile game released the "Canyon New Journey Heroes Reunion" WeChat applet and H5 activity page emergency maintenance instructions. The explanation said that at present, due to technical reasons, players who log in using Wechat are temporarily unable to open the WeChat applet and H5 activity page of the "Canyon New journey Hero Reunion" event, and technicians are already in emergency repair. The official said that players are requested to temporarily stop trying to enter or share the WeChat applet and H5 activity page of the event. The official will re-launch the relevant activity page after solving the technical failure.

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