This year's energy "guarantee supply" must first ensure electricity. Experts: high energy-consuming enterprises that have nothing to do with people's livelihood need to appropriately reduce production

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. The global energy crisis is intensifying. Can China's energy security be effectively guaranteed? It's coming to the heating season again. How do you spend this winter? Can coal and power supply keep up? "News 1 1" dialogue Han Xiaoping, chief expert of China Energy Network, and Zhang Ji, a professor at North China Electric Power University, pay close attention to: "Ensuring supply", the top priority of energy security! 1. What is the first guarantee for energy supply this year? The key is what? Han Xiaoping, chief expert of China Energy Network: of course, the first place to ensure supply is electricity. Without electricity, the whole society cannot operate. Our 70% electricity is generated by coal, especially in the winter wind is insufficient, renewable energy is insufficient, some places may also appear continuous cloudy days, solar energy is not enough to generate electricity. Therefore, after these factors are superimposed, our demand for coal power is particularly large, and we need to ensure the supply of coal first. At the same time as coal supply, increase our power supply so that power plants can fully operate. Of course, we still need to have enough natural gas, because the price in the international market is very high now, but even at high prices, some of our state-owned enterprises have purchased a large number of them to protect people's livelihood. Han Xiaoping, chief expert of China Energy Network: for some fully market-oriented enterprises that have nothing to do with people's livelihood, if the energy cost is too high, the only way may be to reduce production. So now some companies have begun to cut production, in fact, it is not a bad thing, because at this time, it can allow more resources to flow to the sectors we need most and the people's livelihood we need most. In the past year, we have been in this state of high growth, and we also need to take a little rest. Our steel and many of our energy-consuming enterprises are running at full speed this year, the export of a large number of high-energy-consuming products actually has little to do with people's livelihood to a certain extent. In the past few days, news about the increase in coal production and supply has continued to come. At the same time, further market-oriented reforms of electricity prices have also been launched. In the context of high coal prices, can reforms alleviate the relationship between "coal" and "electricity" and promote the smooth operation of the power generation industry? Professor Zhang Zi of North China Electric Power University: Starting the market-oriented reform of electricity prices has played a positive role in alleviating the supply of energy. (1) The price is determined by the market, which reflects the cost of power generation, which increases the enthusiasm of the production capacity of power generation enterprises. Increased power generation capacity promotes energy supply. (2) High energy-consuming users will increase the cost of electricity, so that they will also save electricity, reduce some of the demand, and further promote the balance between supply and demand. 5. Is the market-oriented reform of electricity prices an emergency move or a long-term strategy? Professor Zhang Zi of North China Electric Power University: It can not only solve the current power and energy supply problems, but also the long-term mechanism. Market prices will rise when supply exceeds demand, and prices will fall when supply exceeds demand. Such changes will guide the optimal allocation of resources in the short term, guide energy investment and ensure energy supply in the long run.

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.