Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will dissolve the House of Representatives this afternoon

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. (Observer Network News) Japan's Kyodo News Agency news on October 14: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will dissolve the House of Representatives in the afternoon, and will formally finalize the "Announcement on the 19th at the subsequent temporary cabinet meeting, the election schedule of the House of Representatives on the 3 1st vote. The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan emphasized: "In order to implement the bold economic policies including the Covid countermeasures, it is necessary to accept the trial of the people". The opposition party, the Constitutional Democratic Party, will strengthen the "fight" with the Communist Party and others, and "severely confront" with the regime ". In addition to the government of Japan Covid responses and "economic regeneration" policy will be the issue, nearly 9 years of Mr Abe, Suga two regime of political posturing may also will be affected by the judgement. The last Japanese House of Representatives election was held in October 2017, and the two parties won a total of 310 seats in the rated number of 2/3. In the questions of the party representatives implemented by the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives from the 11th to the 13th, the distribution to the middle class and the correction of the gap between the rich and the poor with the wealthy class were highlighted. There is bound to be a fierce debate in the election. Kishida attended the National Conference of the Liberal Democratic Party on the 13th and emphasized on the election of the House of Representatives that "the people will be allowed to judge who should be entrusted to the Covid countermeasures and diplomatic security". He said: "This is an important election related to the future of our country, and (therefore) will be greeted with a strong sense of consciousness." Yamaguchi Nazuo, the leader of the Komito Party, showed the media the idea of effectively promoting election cooperation with the Liberal Democratic Party. On the other hand, Yukio Edano, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, said at a press conference that Kishida's economic policy "has no change from former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's" Abenomics ". He criticized Kishida's political stance on the issue of document tampering with Moriyou Academy and the alternative family name system, saying that "as the largest opposition party will provide the country with the option of political power". Akira Ochi, secretary of the Communist Party of Japan, said at a press conference: "We will promote the opposition parties to 'fighting together and do our best to achieve regime change." The Japanese government will finalize the dissolution policy at the interim cabinet meeting on the morning of the 14th. At the plenary meeting of the House of Representatives starting at 1 pm, Speaker Oshima Risen will read the dissolution edict, and the House of Representatives will be dissolved. In the evening, a temporary cabinet meeting will be held again, which will determine the schedule of the election of the House of Representatives. Kishida intends to hold a press conference in the evening to explain the reasons for the dissolution. The ruling and opposition parties will compete for 465 rated seats, including 289 in small constituencies and 176 proportional representatives. When Kishida was president of the Liberal Democratic Party in September, he set a winning line of 233 seats, which were more than half of the two parties.

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.