Provide rich soil for cultivating more young talents

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the Central Talent Work Conference that it is necessary to create a large-scale team of young scientific and technological talents, and focus the policy of cultivating national strategic talents on young scientific and technological talents, so that young talents can take the lead, when the main character. Colleges and universities are the main position for the independent training of young talents. We must live up to the heavy trust, enhance the sense of danger, accelerate the establishment of competitive advantages of human resources, and provide soil for cultivating more young talents. Believe in the beginning and firm in the first heart. Colleges and universities must adhere to the principle of cultivating successors for socialism. Ideological and political courses, curriculum ideological and political, guiding ideological and political must cooperate and connect with each other, integrate into the classroom, integrate into scientific research, and promote faith to take root and thrive. University social science scholars should deeply explore the original beliefs contained in the history of the Communist Party of China, the quality of struggle contained in the history of New China, the innovative spirit contained in the history of reform and opening up, and the tenacious pursuit contained in the history of socialist development, adhere to the spiritual beliefs in the "Four History", talk about the big truth in small things, see the true faith in the details, with fresh and vivid first-hand historical materials, do a good job of faith supply, and constantly cultivate the soul, the consolidation of the colleges and universities talent value beliefs. Climb the peak in the self-repairing plank road on the stone. The "neck jam" problem in recent years has inspired us to use other people's masonry for construction and rely on other people's tools to do scientific research. All the buildings are mirages that cannot withstand the erosion of wind and rain. In building "double first-class" universities and cultivating first-class talents, we must give up our illusions and lose our burdens. Colleges and universities should enhance their academic self-confidence and self-confidence in scientific research, constantly explore unique ways to engage in scientific research, climb dangerous peaks independently, self-research and self-reliance, and let scientific research walk on the plank road they have paved. Multi-collision in the integration of practical disciplines. Academic scientific research cannot hide in small buildings and become unified, and it must be shelved from practice to practice. Colleges and universities must bear the responsibility of "Indomitable" and solve the urgency of "burning eyebrows. In solving the problems of the "card neck" era, we will invest in tackling the tough quality, and cultivate cutting-edge talents. To solve the problem of "there is a plateau without a peak, big but not strong", colleges and universities must break the operation mode of independent disciplines and parallel development, and establish a system and mechanism for discipline integration and cross-collision, collision creates new peaks at the junction of the plateau and the intersection of disciplines. Scholars should have the courage to go out of their own "Hive", open their horizons, make good use of cross-thinking, improve their academic level, and achieve overtaking. Although the road is long, it can't be done; Although it is small, it can't be done. College workers must work hard to cultivate more outstanding young talents in the spirit of living up to their shoulders and fighting day and night. (Any Yuxin)

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.