Electronic driver's license, easy to use is the most important

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. Self-October 20 this year, in the national first batch of application based on the driver's license electronic public security traffic management facilitation measures will be in Taiyuan, Shenyang, Harbin and other cities across 110 the second batch of application. Prior to this, the electronic driver's license in 28 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, has been widely welcomed by the masses, more than 1600 million drivers have applied for electronic driver's license. The electronic driver's license is gradually approaching, and it is good to finally spread out in a large area. In the era of the Internet of Everything, it is the general trend that electronic driver's license and paper driver's license are exchanged and even replaced. As long as the legitimacy is enhanced, the convenience it brings is self-evident: one is to apply for convenience, a mobile phone, a "traffic control 12123" App; The second is to show convenience, applicable to Law Enforcement Management, public services and other scenarios are convenient for real-time Inquiry, real-time presentation and real-time verification; Third, it is convenient to use and can be used to deal with traffic violations, traffic accident handling, and even car rental services. Since then, a machine is in hand, and the world is a tour. The electronic driver's license is born for convenience, and the key is to be easy to use, so that the owner feels really convenient. The ideal state is that the owner encountered the traffic police to check the car, just forgot to bring a paper driver's license, if in the past may be scored, fine, now just open the mobile phone, login "traffic control 12123" App, just bring up your own electronic driver's license. However, will there be some areas that cannot be identified or not recognized? It did exist in the past, and even some people posted strategies on the Internet to remind drivers who have applied for an electronic driver's license to pay attention to the requirements of various places. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Security specifically mentioned this time that the promotion and application of electronic driving licenses issued by cities is valid nationwide. In addition to these big situations, there may be some small situations that may also affect the electronic driver's license experience. For example, if there is a poor network signal, a mobile phone has no electricity, etc., having an electronic driver's license is also equivalent to "driving without a license", which is troublesome. E-government services take a small step, the people will be convenient for the people, from medical insurance cards, ID cards to electronic driver's licenses. "The matter of the people, the Silk will be happy; The matter of the people must go at the end." For the possible blocking points in e-government services, the government service department should follow up in time, find existing problems, and give solutions to make them more perfect. For example, on the basis of the first and second batch of promotion and application, it will be comprehensively promoted as soon as possible, and strive to promote and recognize each other nationwide. For some minor problems in the application, there should also be corresponding patches to ensure that there is no "failure" during use ". (Even the sea)

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.