The central agency and its directly affiliated institutions recruit 31,200 civil servants in the 2022 recruitment plan

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 14 (Reporter Ding Xiaoxi) The reporter learned from the State Civil Service Bureau on the 14th that the registration for civil servants in 2022 by the central government and its directly affiliated institutions will begin. This recruitment there were a total of 75 sectors, 23 institutions directly under the State Council to participate in the plan recruiting 31,200. Candidates may October 15th 8:00 to October 15th 18:00 during the sign "central authority and institutions directly under the State Council; The 2022, du civil service examination thematic website for online registration. The written examination of public subjects will be held at the same time in all municipalities, provincial capitals, autonomous regional capitals and individual larger cities across the country on November 28. It is reported that the recruitment plan and employment policy continue to tilt towards key groups and key areas. Arrangement 21,000 a programme specifically recruiting graduates services and to promote the employment of university graduates work. Adhere to the grassroots orientation, there are more than 8700 plans to supplement to the county (district) level and below in the Western and difficult remote areas, and take appropriate reduction of academic requirements, relaxation of professional conditions, no restrictions on working years and experience and other measures to lower the entry threshold, set up more than 2800 plans to recruit service grassroots project personnel and retired soldiers of college graduates who have served in the military for more than 5 years, encourage and guide the flow of talents to difficult and remote areas and grassroots. At the same time, we will further promote the classification and grading examination. Public subjects written paper will be divided into 3 types, central authorities and its provincial institutions directly under the State Council; The comprehensive management ranks prominent evaluation theoretical thinking, comprehensive analysis ability of city (prefecture) the comprehensive management positions of institutions directly under the level and below highlight the ability of evaluation and implementation, grassroots work, etc., and highlight the ability of administrative law enforcement positions to work in accordance with the law and public services. The interview content will closely follow the work content, nature and characteristics of the recruitment agency and recruitment positions, and focus on reflecting the different employment needs of different departments and industries. The relevant person in charge of the National Civil Service Bureau said that the examination and evaluation of the candidates' political quality will be reflected in the qualification setting, qualification examination, written examination, interview, inspection, trial and other links. For those who are politically unqualified, they will not be hired.

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