Public rental housing can be settled, allowing migrants to "root" the city

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. A few days ago, the "Guangzhou Public Rental Housing and Common Property Housing Use Supervision Measures" was issued, and the lessees of public rental housing that meet the conditions, co-ownership housing contractors and co-residents can move their household registration into public rental housing and shared property housing. China's household registration is closely related to public services such as education and medical care, and it often affects the whole body. Any policy change on household registration will cause great concern. The rapid economic development, good quality of public services and many development opportunities in big cities have attracted a large number of migrants. However, the difficulty of settled down has always been an objective existence. Many people have lived and worked in big cities for many years, but they have not been able to take root in cities because they cannot settle down. Because of this, the news that Guangzhou public rental housing and shared property housing can be settled has caused great social repercussions. It has to be said that as a mega-city with more than half of the resident population, Guangzhou's move is indeed bold. Most of the settlement policies in own country's cities are related to housing. Only by buying a house can we settle down. The high housing prices in big cities are an important reason why many people cannot settle down, especially for low-income people, it's even harder to take root in a big city. Because they can't settle down, the children can't go to school, so they have to put them in their hometown for the elderly, which objectively causes the problem of left-behind children; The inability to enjoy local medical insurance has also increased the living burden of the migrant population. As early as 2017, Guangzhou took the lead in launching the "same right to rent and sell" in the country, introduced measures to fully promote the development of the housing rental market, and proposed to "give qualified tenants' children the right to enjoy the rights of nearby schools and other public services, guarantee the right to rent and purchase". This is of great benefit to solving the housing problem, increasing the happiness and security of foreigners, and enhancing the attraction of Guangzhou to talents. In fact, this is also in the same direction as the country's vigorous promotion of housing security. However, in reality, public resources such as education are already scarce. In the absence of an increase in the total amount of public services such as education and medical care, the participation of renters, increased competition for quality degrees, how to balance the rights of buyers and renters? How to truly guarantee the implementation of the "right to rent and purchase" is still a practical problem that cannot be solved in a short period of time. In the long run, only by continuously increasing the expenditure on social public services and making social public resources more equal, can the importance of household registration be fundamentally diluted. Guangzhou public rental housing and shared property housing can enter the household, which is a big step forward relative to "rent and sell the same right", but it is also a gradual and pragmatic move. Guangzhou city issued "on the further strengthening of the housing security work opinions put forward to 2025,; Complete all the 660,000 sets of affordable housing for the low income families. The public rental housing 30,000 sets, joint-ownership housing 30,000 sets, affordable rental housing 600,000 set. It can be seen that the proportion of public rental housing and common property housing in Guangzhou's affordable housing is not large. After giving priority to solving their household problems, they will gradually expand, and finally realize that more new Guangzhou people can live and work in peace and contentment. (tan min)

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.