Revolutionary heroes become "insidious villains"? Antivirus software "Kingsoft Antivirus" must not poison people's hearts

2021-10-14: [Article Link]. October 12th is the anniversary of the heroic sacrifice of Qiu Shaoyun, the hero of the Anti-US Aid Korea. What is surprising and angry is that on this day, "Kingsoft Drug Bully" pushed a pop-up window to users with the title "Insidious Little Man is written into the textbook as a hero", emphasizing that "The truth is clear after many years", the picture of the distribution is the portrait of the heroic Qiu Shaoyun. Such a bold and straightforward insult to the heroes is appalling, causing netizens to denounce. "Jinshan Poison" urgently deleted the content and apologized to netizens. Insulting the heroes and martyrs has happened from time to time. The "Golden Mountain Poison" Not only did not learn from it, but followed the footsteps. The reasons are worth studying. Over the years, some people have deconstructed justice, eliminated sublime, insulted heroes, and pursued historical nihilism under the banner of "reflection", "restoration" and "textual research, it affects the public's ideological cognition and values. The purpose is not unpoisonous, and the harm is not small. Some websites and platforms, in order to compete for eyeballs, attract traffic, and brush a sense of existence, often do not distinguish right from wrong when publishing "content", and even know that the content is "toxic and harmful", so they still use it. It is so indifferent and indignant for the Tiger. It is disgusting and indignant. To resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, defend the country and defend the country, how tragic and heroic the heroes give up their lives! On the battlefield, in order not to expose the troops, the 26-year-old Qiu Shaoyun allowed the fire to burn, motionless, and completed the most brave assault with the most persevering lurking. This is a fact, this is dedication, not to be distorted, not to be profane. It is such a heroic feat that has brought us a quiet time today. Those who are weak and selfish, guess the heroes out of thin air, think that the real fearlessness does not exist, and they are confused and misleading many people. But the reason why heroes are heroes is precisely because of their courage and will to "serve the country for the people, regardless of life and death", which is by no means imaginable and comparable. It is understandable that "Jinshan drug bully" pushes "history", but it tampers with facts, creates gimmicks, and lacks the gatekeeper consciousness of "publishers". It not only loses corporate social responsibility, but also loses its rules and bottom line. In this regard, enterprises should not only be responsible for apology, but should strictly control the system and mechanism. The majority of netizens should be clear-eyed, and should not be led by the nose with impure goals and unrighted minds. (yi qi yang)

Note: This is auto-translated version of a Chinese domestic news media article. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.