The three major A-share stock indexes collectively opened lower and the Shanghai stock index fell 0.31 percent

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Financial Network on September 15 news today a shares three major stock index collective low, Shanghai index fell 0.31%, reported 3651.16 points, Shenzhen composite index fell 0.24%, reported 14590.8 points, GEM index fell 0.11%, reported 3233.15 points; On the market, pumped storage, precious metals, photovoltaic building integration, diversified finance and other sectors rose higher, while industrial machinery, glyphosate, petroleum industry, civil aviation airport, liquor and other sectors fell the top. Stocks in Sky in the beginning in the first three quarters of Yuying 0.44 billion to 0.46 billion yuan tong than losses, its shares ultra-5%. tian yin kong gu third consecutive trading days to receive Limit Blocking single nearly 400,000 hands, the company announced that the deal does not involve market rumors of Glory brand trademark assets such as, the company does not exist in advance divulging inside information of the case. Today, the FTSE China A50 index futures opened down 0.14%. The Nikkei 225 index fell 0.67%, while South Korea's KOSPI index opened up 0.06%. The domestic commodity futures early opening most varieties fall glass, coking coal, coke, etc. fell ultra-3%, soda ash, hot and fell ultra-2%,PVC, Zheng alcohols and the like fall ultra-1%, soybean oil, Shanghai nickel, etc. fell slightly. Overnight, the three major US stock indexes opened higher and lower, and the Nasa fell for five consecutive days. As of the close, the Dow fell 0.84%, the Nasdaq fell 0.45%, and the S & P 500 index fell 0.57%. [Institutions' viewpoints]] Xiangcai Securities believes that the stock index after consecutive increases after a marked decline, which contrasts with the gem full-day maintains a significant strength of the highest but also rose ultra-2%, hot plates with GEM genes performed very well on Tuesday. The market on Tuesday actually shows a very important point. The adjustment of the gem some time ago is not abandoned by funds, but when the main board is strong, the gem takes a break. We continue to be firmly optimistic about the gem. From the point of view of the money-making effect, although the Shanghai stock index adjusted sharply on Tuesday, there are still more than 80 stocks in the two markets, indicating that the hot spots on the market are not afraid of the adjustment of the Shanghai index and continue to tap the hot plate, this also shows that no matter how volatile, the structural long market is always going on. You don't need to get out of the stock market at all, but from one hot spot to another hot spot. According to the analysis of Jufeng Investment, the market entered a wide range of shocks and showed two major characteristics: On the one hand, cyclical stocks entered a stage of accelerated rise and rapid differentiation, on the other hand, oversold blue-chip stocks and growth stocks began to rebound, but the rebound is not sustainable. On Monday, cyclical stocks blossom, night trading coking coal, coke, glass, Shanghai nickel, Shanghai aluminum and other commodity futures prices fell sharply, cyclical stocks in early trading on Tuesday, oil rose, non-ferrous, steel, coal callback. Lithium batteries, Hongmeng concept, medical care, etc. led to a strong rebound in the gem; Financial stocks fell sharply in the afternoon, driving the market lower. On the whole, the continued volatility of A shares means that the market is seriously divided, and a new main line has not yet been formed. It is recommended that investors control their positions and pay attention not to chasing high cyclical stocks that continue to rise in the short term, for the high correction of growth stocks can layout rebound opportunities, the current cyclical stocks and growth stocks can each configure 30% positions, to be clear after the adjustment of the position. Bai Ruiying suggested that there are still several unstable factors on the market on Tuesday. First, the ratio of individual stocks to rise and fall reached 1:3, indicating that the market's money-making effect is not good. Secondly, on Tuesday, the main positive and stimulating technology themes are active, while the hot hot spots in the early stage are obvious, indicating that the financial sentiment is switched, and the field fluctuates greatly. Finally North funds once again net outflow of about 4 billion, foreign short-term also have to avoid the risk of intended operating on everyone will continue to carefully control is used, pay more attention to the task of these back to step on, at the same time, you can observe the low-sucking opportunity of the low-level wheel machine.

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