University stipulates that unmarried sex is punished and controversial

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Cover journalists shi wei Recently, a provision in the graduate student handbook of Dalian University of Technology has aroused heated discussion: those who have unmarried sex during the study period will be given the above punishment. The cover News reporter found from the official websites of 20 domestic universities that Zhejiang University, Fudan University, and Central China Normal University have the same regulations, and many universities have banned the opposite sex in dormitories. In response to this matter, on September 14, the cover news reporter contacted Dalian University of Technology for interviews many times. The other party asked to send an interview letter by fax, and a special person responded. However, as of press time, the reporter has not received a response. Peng Xiaohui, a well-known sexologist, believes that it is a personal right for unmarried adults to have sex, but students should abide by school regulations. Schools formulate such disciplinary regulations to deal with "events that have a negative impact". The cover news reporter noticed that in 2003, a student in a university in Chongqing was both expelled for pregnancy, and the student was rejected after the lawsuit was rejected. Dalian University of Technology student handbook that caused controversy online A number of colleges and universities prohibit unmarried sex A student was expelled after being pregnant. The cover News Reporter of The Graduate Handbook of Dalian University of Technology published online, the cover News reporter found different versions on the school's official website. The content range has been deleted with the changes of the years, and the core content has not changed. In the latest version released by the Graduate School of the school in 2016, the original text is: those who have unmarried sex during the study period will be given the above punishment. In addition, Zhejiang University stipulates that students who have non-marital sex and cause adverse consequences shall be given a record or stay in school for inspection. Central China Normal University stipulates that those who stay in the dormitory of the opposite sex in the dormitory, stay in the dormitory of the opposite sex, illegal cohabitation with the opposite sex inside and outside the school, and prostitution and whoring, shall be given a record or above punishment, and the circumstances are serious, give expulation from school. The dormitory stays in the opposite sex and stays in the dormitory of the opposite sex. This kind of behavior is prohibited by many colleges and universities. China University of Geosciences (Beijing) stipulates that the student dormitory is in the same place in the student dormitory and the occurrence of improper sexual acts in public places shall be given the punishment of staying in the school. According to the regulations of Wuhan University of Technology, men and women in the student dormitory, or staying in the opposite sex or in the dormitory of the opposite sex, shall be given the above punishment. Wuhan Engineering University stipulates that male and female students who have sex in the same dormitory or public places of the school shall be given the punishment of staying in the school for inspection, and those who have bad effects shall be expelled from school. In 2003, a girl from a university in Chongqing went to the school hospital with abdominal pain. After being found pregnant, the school expelled the girl and a boy from the same school. Later, the girl sued the school to the court and was rejected. In an interview with the media, the girl said that the school violated personal privacy rights and would appeal. At present, no follow-up progress on the event has been seen. Central China Normal University Student Division Regulations The university said according to the Ministry of Education to develop regulations The regulations of many institutions are changing Cover news reporters searched on the official websites of many colleges and universities and found that similar regulations of these colleges and universities have changed with the changes of the years. The official websites of the Graduate School, Graduate Work Department, and Academic Affairs Office of Dalian University of Technology respectively announced three versions of student disciplinary regulations. In the first version of 2006, the phrase "illegal cohabitation, moral corruption, and deviant life style" was adopted for "illegal cohabitation, moral corruption, and deviant life style," Depending on the situation, the school will be inspected, ordered to drop out or expelled from school. In the 2016 version, it is simplified to "those who have unmarried sex during the study period will be given the above punishment". In 2017, a university in Chongqing that once expelled boys and girls from the "pregnancy incident", in the regulations, the prohibited behavior was simplified to "those who have improper sexual behavior and cause bad influence, give a record or more punishment". The version released by China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in 2017 also follows the previous content: the student dormitory stays with the opposite sex, and the occurrence of improper sexual actors in public places will be given detention for probation. The circumstances are serious, if the influence is bad or the education is not changed, they will be expelled from school. The staff of the school said that the regulations were formulated in accordance with the Ministry of Education's "Regulations on the Management of Students in Ordinary Colleges and Universities. The cover news reporter consulted the "Regulations" promulgated by the Ministry of Education in 2016, which only summarized the requirements to abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations, and abide by the student code of conduct, and there are no provisions on unmarried sexual behavior. Zhejiang University Student Division Regulations Sexology experts: Colleges and universities are increasing their tolerance for students Hope to drive conservative colleges to make changes The cover news reporter contacted Dalian University of Technology many times. The propaganda department of the school stated that it must fax the interview letter and press card to the designated number, and refused to send the interview materials on WeChat and public mailboxes. According to its requirements, after the reporter sent the interview outline and press card, the other party said that it would arrange for relevant personnel to respond, and the specific time could not be determined. Peng Xiaohui, a famous sexologist, said that there is no law prohibiting the sexual behavior of unmarried adults, but in practice, the moral and discipline requirements of secondary schools are stricter than other social units, sexual behavior is the power and private matter of adult unmarried students. Without negative consequences, schools generally do not take the initiative to intervene. "The School has formulated such a regulation in response to related negative events. Students have a relationship, and they can be understood to have intimate behavior in the depths. However, schools can use this as a basis to deal with publicity everywhere, or in dormitories, public places, or have negative effects and bad consequences." Peng Xiaohui said that from the perspective of social influence and school discipline, the formulation of such regulations has its own reasonable considerations, and it is impossible to simply judge right or wrong. He hopes that the people will respect the autonomy of colleges and universities in formulating school regulations, I also hope that the school and the students can put themselves in the shoes of each other's rights and interests, and call on the society to respect the school's right to formulate school rules on its own, as well as the rights and interests of college students to choose independently. "But it is wrong to stay in the dormitory or have sex in a public place, and it should be punished." Peng Xiaohui believes that Dalian University of Technology has changed the wording and content of the regulations with the change of the years, and a university in Chongqing that expelled students has deleted the relevant regulations, other colleges and universities have only made regulations for the opposite sex in dormitories, and there are more colleges and universities that do not have rules in this regard, indicating that colleges and universities are increasing their tolerance for students, it is hoped that these colleges and universities will lead other relatively conservative institutions to make changes. If you have news clues, please report to us, once adopted, there is a fee reward. Report WeChat attention: ihxdsb, report QQ:3386405712]]

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