Li Ziqifang responded that the brand was fraudulently used

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Li Ziqi, who was once named and praised by CCTV, has been broken for nearly 65 days since July. What happened to this top Internet star with tens of millions of fans? This may be the confusion of many people now, is she not ready to come back? In late August, Li Ziqi's assistant responded. Li Ziqi stopped to sort out the problems encountered in the creation process, and also spent time learning. But the truth is not that simple? Plum Qi alarm Shortly after the assistant responded, Li Ziqi suddenly said on the social platform that he was disgusted in the middle of the night, and was accompanied by the expression package of "poor monks surrender. In a subsequent response, she said that she was threatened by capital. Early the next morning, she went to the police station to call the police. In the picture, you can see various screenshots in her mobile phone. Soon, some netizens revealed that someone was live in front of Li Ziqi's house, which seriously interfered with the daily life of Li Ziqi and his family. Before Li Ziqi called the police, the assistant also sent a message to remind fans that some people cheated money under the name of Li Ziqi, so that fans would pay more attention. And all this points to the capital that Li Ziqi refers to in his response. As for who this capital is, it is not known. The team is Li Yapeng away The reason for this doubt is mainly because Li Yapeng has recently entered the video platform, and the style of the video shot is like Li Ziqi. I went to the mountains to drink tea with my friends, handmade Naboo shoes, and felt the natural scenery. Even the background music used was the same as Li Ziqi. People can't help but wonder whether Li Yapeng took away Li Ziqi's production team. Li Yapeng directly encountered various ridicule and doubts. At this time, Li Ziqi's assistant responded and posted a chat record to refute the rumors. It turns out that Li Ziqi is only temporarily sorting out the company and dealing with the problems of third-party companies. The teams that have been dug up on the Internet are all rumors, and I hope that everyone will not involve irrelevant artist friends. Although Li Ziqi's response explained the rumors, it was also a face-to-face Li Yapeng. Since it is not Li Ziqi's team, Li Yapeng is able to imitate Li Ziqi's style and want to replicate her success, but this road is not so easy. A third-party company disputes The third-party company mentioned by Li Ziqi may be related to the "sky-high price Li Ziqi mooncakes in Yibin Supermarket. Before, some netizens broke the news that "Li Ziyue perfect moon cake" appeared in Yibin supermarket, and many people bought it. After learning about the incident, Li Ziqi Company immediately issued a statement to fight, saying that "some merchants had fraudulently used" Li Ziqi "brand name and high-priced products, which had a great negative impact on consumers". At the same time, Li Ziqi also stressed in the statement that it had contacted the supermarket and asked the other party to make reasonable compensation to the consumers who had purchased and to clarify and apologize to the public, but so far, there was no clear response. The company has commissioned a lawyer to write to the supermarket and make a complaint to the local market supervision and management department. I have to say that Li Ziqi is really a constant turmoil during this period of time, but there are so many problems with a simple stop. It seems that she needs to speed up her own finishing and update new works as soon as possible to dispel speculation about her. I believe that when Li Ziqi returns, she will reap the support of fans again. Similarly, she also looks forward to her excellent works to continue to promote Chinese culture.

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