Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Don’t Believe Western Promises

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

(Observer Network) In his career, Dmytro Kuleba has witnessed numerous angry and disappointed events in Ukraine: when the "Crimean crisis" occurred, he is a special enbassador of the Ukrainian Ministry of European Affairs; When the Biden "Ukrainian Gate" incident was raging, he served as Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine...... Today, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Kuleba believes that the international situation he faces is still not optimistic. On the one hand, Russia is "aggressive" and on the other hand, it is unable to integrate into the Western world. Recently, Kuleba admitted in an interview with The British "Independent" that Ukraine has learned many painful lessons and realized that the promises of the West may not be fulfilled. "We no longer believe in the promises". The interview was released on September 13. "The Independent" reported screenshots Kuleba was interviewed last week in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Just one day before the interview, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that there is a possibility of "full war" between Ukraine and Russia. In the interview, Kuleba told reporters he believed Russia was trying to "encircle" Ukraine in a conventional and unconventional way. Even so, Kuleba admits that the Western commitment is not credible. He said: "This country has learned many painful lessons and the promise of the West may not be fulfilled. We no longer believe in commitment." He stressed that Ukraine has understood that it is better to rely on anyone, which means that Ukraine should learn to become a flexible military state like Israel. "The situation gives us no choice." Kuleba believes that the international situation he faces is not optimistic. On the one hand, Russia is "aggressive" and on the other hand, it is the Western world that cannot be integrated. The Independent said Kuleba was already a seasoned diplomat. He's obviously angry with the West but won't admit it. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba interviewed There are many things Kuleba is worried about, for example, he believes that the close relationship between Russia and Belarus threatens Ukraine's border security. He also accused Belarus of "planning illegal immigration across the border", causing Ukraine to face illegal immigration problems. In addition, the "Beixi No. 2" project has also made Ukraine worried. The "Beixi 2" project aims to lay a natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine to transport Russian natural gas to Germany and to other European countries through the German trunk pipeline. Ukraine has been opposed to the project on the grounds that the country's economic and strategic security has been compromised. The Independent mentioned that the United States was initially firmly on the side of Ukraine. But earlier this year, the Biden government "let go" on this issue, which is a major blow to Ukraine. Ukraine was even more disappointed by the fact that the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan under Global Witness. Despite this, Kuleba still has hope for the United States. Kuleba admitted to the "Independent" that the United States is in a "leadership crisis", but still believes that the United States will not make Ukraine a mess like Afghanistan. "The President of the United States has said that it will not let Ukraine face Russia alone, which is a vital commitment," he said." Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova ridiculed Zelensky received "mild brain injury" when he visited the United States It is worth mentioning that, Ukraine has been trying to join NATO, but in June this year's NATO summit that this vision would once again fall. On June 14, local time, Ukrainian President Zelensky posted on his personal Twitter that NATO had "agreed" to accept Ukraine to join the alliance and become a member of NATO. But this statement was denied by US Secretary of State Blinken and US President Biden. Biden said that whether Ukraine can join NATO depends on whether it meets the standards, and Ukraine needs to do more to join NATO. In early September, Zelensky visited the United States and tried to discuss with Biden the "Beixi No. 2" project and other issues. What is surprising is that Zelensky received a gift from US lawmakers after face-to-face talks with the US congressional delegation-a book called "Mild Brain Injury. This article is an exclusive manuscript of Observer Network, which cannot be reprinted without authorization.

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