Will you buy an iPad or an Android tablet

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

A lot of people are saying: not every tablet is called an iPad. It can be seen that after many years of deep ploughing of Apple's iPad, it is now deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If you want to buy an iPad now, how do you choose? #iPad# For me, the iPad Pro is too expensive, the iPad mini is too small, and the iPad is not "fully fitted to the screen"...... With such an exclusion, it seems that there are not many remaining options. After some thought, I finally identified it: iPad Air 4. There is only one reason to choose iPad Air 4, and that is "cost-effective". In fact, what I think is "cost-effective" is low price, high configuration and good experience, and iPad Air 4 happens to meet the above conditions. Low price At present, in a platform iPad Air 4 activities, the decline reached 1000 yuan. Among them, the 64GB version of the price is 3899 yuan, such a price for us is very attractive. Any product of Apple has always been reduced in price, the higher the cost performance. After falling to the psychological defense line of others, it will become a "real fragrance machine. Configure highly available The iPad Air 4 is equipped with an A14 bionic chip that supports side fingerprints and supports the second-generation Apple Pencil. In the mid-range tablet market, the iPad Air 4 seems to have no friends. This configuration is the ultimate in whether it is playing games or chasing dramas. Many college students have an iPad, which is called "taking notes". When they go to the postgraduate entrance examination classroom, they are really "taking notes". iPad Air 4 screen using a 10.9-inch LED Retina Display, the resolution is 2360*1604, although there is no high brush, but Apple's perception is quite good, reading for a long time will not feel too tired. The iPad Air 4 photo experience is not very good, not because it is not clear, but because it is too big and very tired. I think: no one really likes to use iPad to take photos! Experience good A14 chip in the performance of the Snapdragon 888, the most important thing is the iPad APP application is the most quality. In the Android tablet market, the processor is a mobile phone processor, and apps are directly ported from the mobile phone. To put it more transparently, the experience of the Android tablet is "a super-large screen smartphone". Apple's iPad is adapting the iPad to its exclusive ecosystem in terms of hardware and software, so that users can get a better experience. An Apple iPad can be smooth for 6 years, this quality, this cost-effective, do not buy it to buy it who. yuan ji of ideas For iPad Air 4, the idea of Yuan Ji is this: In a platform of the latest activity strength, iPad Air 4 64GB version and 256GB version respectively have a large decline of 900 to 1000, the price is 3899 and 4999, friends who like it can pay attention. If you still think iPad Air 4 is expensive, then there are not many choices left for you. You can pay attention to the upcoming launch of the new iPad mini 6, its price will be lower, it's also worth looking forward. Thanks for reading! Like friends remember to praise! -END- Statement: The opinions in the article only represent the author himself; The picture comes from the Internet, and the infringement must be deleted!

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