New iPad and iPad mini released

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Here comes, Brother Fruit is coming with its new products tonight. Some time ago, Apple, which we are familiar with, finally announced the exact date of the new product launch, at 1: 00 a.m. on September 15. Interested friends can go to Apple's official website to stay on time and watch the live broadcast. Everything else is quite good, it is this live broadcast time, it is not very friendly to Xiao Lei's hair. Originally, the three bangs on the forehead were quite strong, but after this wave of night, the sparse bangs may be taken away by a wave. As for the fruit fans, don't be too happy too early. The famous fruit farmers met with everyone this time, of course, it is also the purpose of making a lot of money with the harvest wallet. Xiao Lei has been able to make up for it, the iPhone 13 series sales have exploded, and Cook has started celebrating the Party overnight. Apple is unsalable, help the old man of the library. (Not But about the iPhone 13 series, Xiao Lei plans to hand it over to Brother Bei to chat. It's nothing more than reducing bangs, changing the camera position, upgrading the A15 chip, and finally earning more color matching for everyone. Technology is mainly about changing shells, not shabby. Xiao Lei mainly wants to take you to see what new products besides iPhone 13 come out today. Is the much-anticipated game artifact iPad mini 6, or productivity MacBook update? Well, after reading this "Summary of New Non-iPhone Products", you will know. iPad 9 Xiao Lei can't think of it. The first product that Cook started to introduce was actually iPad 9. The iPad's digital series is also an old friend of everyone. Since the first generation, it has been loved by fruit fans at affordable prices. Compared with Pro, Guozi did not emphasize its productivity. In short, the positioning is still very clear: online classes and chasing drama. Ahem can also be used to press instant noodles. The iPad 8 is equipped with an A12 chip, although the performance is not behind now. But since it is an iteration, the upgraded chip still has to be available. The iPad 9 is equipped with the A13 chip of the same model of iPhone 11. It is estimated that everyone is quite familiar with the performance of the A13, still at the top of the Soc's ladder list, and the performance is easy to hammer the Android board. Given that the tablet has more room for cooling, playing games is definitely smoother than the iPhone 11. The camera also got an upgrade iPad 9 before has replaced a 12 million pixel of the ultra wide camera. The "character centered" feature on the iPad Pro was also placed on the digital series. This function is to keep the characters in the middle of the picture when we video chat, and the interactivity is still good. On the screen, the iPad 9 uses natural color temperature, which will automatically adjust the color temperature according to the environment to make the look and feel more comfortable. But to be honest, Xiao Lei has always been using this function, and I still prefer to keep it cold. Productivity kits like keyboards and Apple Pencil are now also available on the iPad 9. It is usually useful to type and take notes. Don't think about the code to engage in productivity. It is recommended to buy a notebook with a serious book... As for iPadOS 15 why Apple June this year the WWDC is the event at which have been introduced. Xiao Lei has a simple new feature. First of all, a new widget is added. The component can be placed on the same screen as the App icon to maximize the use of the large flat screen. In fact, it is not new. After all, the components have been seen in Android, and the fruit is mainly to beautify it. More practical is multitasking, you can open two software at the same time, split screen use. However, in the split-screen adaptation, Xiao Lei feels that Huawei is more considerate. The adaptation of parallel horizons and split-screen Windows is quite comfortable to use, and it is good to use them. Finally, come to a summary, Xiao Lei also briefly talked about his own views. The upgrade point of Pad 9 is not big, mainly the upgrade on the chip and system, and the screen is actually not a full screen design... It's 2021, and the Android tablet next door with more than 2000 yuan is full screen, which is quite embarrassing. However, this is indeed the cheapest iPad product, with online classes and audio and video needs to enter. Flash 64G start, priced at $329, if there is an education discount, only $299. iPad mini 6 Next, please invite iPad mini 6 to appear. The positioning of the iPad mini 6 is still very clear. Most friends buy it. One is portable, but because the screen is small, playing games is refreshing. The new generation of iPad mini 6, the biggest upgrade perception, is the design, and listen to Xiao Lei elaborate. This full screen with narrow borders and exquisite rounded design, completely throw away the large and thick edges of the iPad 9 two streets. There are four colors, namely gay purple, girl powder, local tyrant gold and low-key black. A fierce man like Xiao Lei is worthy of me. Then there is the upgrade on the screen. The iPad mini 6 screen uses a Liquid Retina display with 500nits peak brightness. Screen size from 7.9 inch to 8.3 inch, but fruit brother spoke, although the screen is big, but my border is small. The iPad mini 6 also has an extremely advanced design-Touch ID. The screen can be unlocked with a single touch, which is hardware that no iPhone can have. As for the performance, the official did not disclose what chip was used, but Xiao Lei saw from the official website that it was an A15 chip, which did not follow the routine. Originally, I still felt that the last A14 was already very conscientious, but I didn't expect... There is no doubt about the performance of A series chips, but it depends on whether the heat dissipation can withstand it. By the way, this tablet is still USB-C port. Forget it, Apple actually also blow up all kinds of benefits of USB-C mouth, such as connecting a variety of devices is very convenient what... It's a pity that I said so well that I didn't see Guozi change a C- Port on the iPhone. The remaining upgrade points, Xiao Lei put it together. First is the rear-facing camera upgrades to 12 million pixels, pre-is 12 million ultra-wide-angle lens assembly. A new ISP will theoretically make imaging better. The symmetrical stereo speakers that everyone expected also came. Not to mention anything else, at least playing games and audio-visual entertainment are a lot more. However, in the piece of audio-visual entertainment, it is obvious that the Android camp plays more clearly, with four speakers per capita, even eight speakers even more outrageous... iPad mini 6 price is from $499, in so many upgrade points and good texture blessed, little Lei feel value. If you need a game artifact and have a good budget, then this tablet is the best choice. Apple Watch Series 7 Finally, this Apple Watch Serises 7. The official website's slogan introduction to this smart watch is full-screen first-hand, and it is also a familiar fruit Chinese. Since it is "full screen first hand", Serises 7 screen must have a larger upgrade. Compared to Series 6,Series 7 has an increase of 20% in the display area, and more 50% is added to the Series 3. Brother Fruit rarely squeezed out a large tube of toothpaste. The border is narrower and more rounded, which brings about an increase in the proportion of screens. Huaqiangbei said it was extremely painful. People even made a right-angle border version. Now you tell everyone that it is so round... And AOD screen display brightness, also than before increased by 70%, according to the fruit brother said is, even in the outdoor, also do not need to light the screen to see the time. This is quite good, but I am afraid that the battery will collapse, and I will charge it to save my life. Since it is the main sports health, its durability has to keep up. So,Apple Watch Series 7 upgraded the screen glass, with IP6X dustproof and WR50 waterproof. However, everything is subject to actual use. After all, in actual use, water quality will also affect the waterproof performance. As for the battery life, the official said that it can maintain a battery life of 18 hours a day. Although many functions of the watch, but the battery life can only be said to make do, plus no fast charge, 45 minutes only charge 80%, endurance anxiety still exists. The battery life is not good, the color matching is enough. The aluminum alloy model has five types of property color, Starlight color, green, blue and red to meet everyone's personalized requirements. The stainless steel models are silver, graphite and gold, which are low-key and have connotations. There are also titanium and deep-hole black titanium to choose from. In terms of color and material, it almost perfectly covers all young people. Needless to say, the dial and strap, this is also the personalized pursuit of smart watch users. Apple's strap design is indeed much better than Android. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive to persuade the poor. The final price, the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399. In fact, there are not many upgrade points. The most intense perception is the proportion of screen and screen, followed by fast charging and IPX6 dustproof. The new features in health are not mentioned too much, small squeeze toothpaste to show respect. OK, the above is the "non-iPhone chip summary" at this Apple conference. The highest audience is still the iPad series. The demand for smart watches is relatively small, and the short battery life also brings some anxiety to users. On the iPad's purchase advice, if you have a tight budget and want to have an online class and iPad, the iPad 9 is the most appropriate. But if there is a requirement for texture, or a game party, it's right to buy a full-screen iPad mini 6. Take a step back and say that if you only want audio and video entertainment, it is better to buy a tablet in the Android camp. Not only is the price cheaper, the speaker effect is also stronger than the iPad. For example, two thousand yuan price of small new Pad Pro, Millet Tablet 5 Pro and MatePad 11, are bought without loss. Well, in order to save his hair, Lei will go first. I'll see you tomorrow.

Note: This is auto-translated version of an article meant for Chinese audience. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.