Billionaire Steller becomes Norway’s new prime minister

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

According to the Norwegian Broadcasting television BROADCASTER NRK News local time Sep 13th reported Norway's parliament elections in 13th 21 at the end of the process, and had received a total of 1.6 million votes. The vote count in the new parliamentary election showed that Jonas Gahr Stre, from the Norwegian Labor Party, became the new prime minister of Norway. Steller: We did it! Source: NRK According to NRK, Steller's main rival was "Erna Solberg (Erna Solberg) from the Conservative Party in the election, in the 13th general election, steller won by a vote of 32. After the election, Solberg congratulated the elected new Prime Minister Steller. Steller wins by a vote of 32 Source: NRK It is reported that the Conservative Party has long been aware of the current situation, but NRK believes that Solberg has been one of the best leaders of the Conservative Party in recent decades. Solberg congratulates the new prime minister, Steller. Source: NRK According to a Local report in Norway (The Local) on The 13th, Steller advocates opposition to various inequalities in Norway's gap between The rich and The poor. Under The previous right-wing government, The number of billionaires has more than doubled. It is reported that the Norwegian Labor Party has made a historic breakthrough in this election. The Norwegian Labor Party said that they felt the firm line of Steller's fight for the vulnerable groups in society. He repeatedly emphasized throughout the campaign: "Now it is the turn of ordinary people to call the shots." This is actually a very strange move, because Steller comes from a wealthy family with a family stove manufacturing company that has been taken care of for three generations, his wealth GDP was estimated to be 0.14 billion krona (about 0.1 billion yuan), and he often has a right-wing style come under fire. He told AFP: "My financial situation does not stand out, but a lot of my daily life is almost the same as the people." In subsequent progress, Steller stated that he plans to establish a new government Foundation in mid-October. It is reported that Steller graduated from the Paris School of Political Science, the London School of Economics and the Harvard Law School. Steller served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway from 2005 to 2012, and Minister of Health from 2012 to 2013. He has been a member of the Norwegian Parliament since 2009 and became the chairman of the Labor Party in 2014.

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