Putian's list of Covid patients out? Official investigation

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Reporter Wang Min On September 14th, a suspected "Putian City Licheng District Beigao Town involved in the Covid epidemic" video circulated on the Internet. The video publisher said that the Covid infected Lin Moumou to Beigao Town to eat, to the hotel to open a room, triggering a serious spread of the local epidemic. The reporter saw from the list attached to the publisher that the list indicated the names, ages, telephone numbers, detailed addresses and other information of 26 close contacts in Beigao Town on September 10. On September 14, Mr. Zheng on the list told the upstream news reporter that he was only a close receiver, and he was tested negative for many times, and the pass code was also a green code, not a "Covid infected person" rumored on the Internet ". According to the online video, the Covid infected Lin Moumou to Putian North Gao Town to eat, stay in the hotel, causing a serious spread of the local epidemic. /Video screenshot Mr. Zheng said that he was a chef in a restaurant in Beicao Town. The kitchen was on the second floor. The kitchen staff did not have direct contact with customers, it is also unclear whether the confirmed case Lin Moumou in the official notification has been to a restaurant. At 10 pm on September 10th, more than a dozen colleagues from the hotel were sent to the hotel for isolation. At present, the nucleic acid test results of all colleagues are negative. Mr. Zheng said that at present, Bei Gao Town has been blocked, and the local residents have been organized to carry out nucleic acid testing. According to the official, Fujian outbreak found in Sep 10th Fujian Putian City Xianyou County feng ting zhen laying head elementary school, the school for students to the Covid virus nucleic acid detection, find 2 students (for brother) the nucleic acid test result was positive, and the nucleic acid screening was immediately expanded, and 4 people (1 student and 3 parents) were found to be positive in the nucleic acid test. One of the student parents, Lin Moumou, is a Singaporean immigration person, which is suspected to be the source of the epidemic. Lin Moumou took flight MF852 from Singapore to Xiamen on August 4th. After entering the country, he was placed in isolation for medical observation. After the isolation was lifted on August 19 (during which the nucleic acid test was negative), "Point-to-point" pick-up to the centralized isolation point, the isolation was lifted on August 26, and the Covid nucleic acid test was positive on September 10. Is this video a malicious rumor? On September 14, the staff of Beilao police station told reporters that the police were investigating the contents of the video, and the detailed results needed to be officially notified by the Putian Public Security Bureau. Source: upstream News

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