Child wears protective clothing to do CT alone

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Source: China Youth Daily Recently, the Putian epidemic has touched people's hearts. As Sep 13th 24 Putian cumulative report the Covid viral nucleic acid positive 85 cases (both in Xianyou County) in which the student has 36 (10 years of age who have 30 personnel), including 8 children and 28 primary school students. According to statistics, only the newly confirmed cases on the 13th included 7 kindergarten students and primary school students. At an early age alone check Back big schoolbag bravely forward On September 13, Zhu Xiaqing, a nurse in the fever clinic of the affiliated Hospital of Putian University, released a short video of children wearing protective clothing to do CT checks, which made many netizens break the defense instantly. Zhu Xiaqing said: "Today (13th) are all five or six-year-old children, and the tears can't stop when they see them getting off the bus. Every child is very brave, and one person carries a bag of delicious snacks." According to the Fujian Health News, I recalled that Zhu Xiaqing's voice choked, "We have been waiting in the hospital for a long time because one of the children cried at home for two hours, I left home under the comfort of parents and medical staff." Because parents can't come together, the "little white man" wearing protective clothing carries a large bag of snacks prepared by his parents at the time of parting, with bread, drinks and so on. "Even the adults in the isolation suit felt sultry, let alone the children, and some children were still burning. They wore them all the way, and the masks were not taken off. They were very strong!" zhu xia Qing said. Zhu Xiaqing said that at that time, he wanted to hug the children, but in special circumstances, try to keep a safe distance. "I can only try to comfort them with words, such as calling their names instead of numbers, so that I can be more kind." What makes Zhu Xiaqing remember is that in the empty CT room, the child is lying alone on the equipment to check the figure. "The youngest child is only 4 years old, but they did not cry when they did CT." According to Zhu Xiaqing, the children were quickly arranged to the isolation ward for further treatment after the examination. At present, the children are emotionally stable in the isolation ward. Netizen: Don't be afraid of the little warriors, let's cheer together! Further reading: Why are there more low-age people in Fujian? Peng Zhiyong, director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, said in an interview with the media that many of the infected people in the previous Yangzhou epidemic and the Putian epidemic were groups that lagged behind in the vaccination work, for example, old people and children. This also illustrates the importance and urgency of expanding the scope of vaccination. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the school epidemic in the fall semester, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Health Commission issued a notice on the 12th that students under the age of 12 in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have not yet been vaccinated against the new coronavirus vaccine, it is an immune blank population, and schools at all levels and types are required to organize all teachers, students and staff to complete a new round of nucleic acid testing before September 19 in principle. The picture shows the Xianyou Bus Station, which has been closed on September 13. Source: (Photo by Zhang Bin) Wang Huaqing, chief expert in the immunization program of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a press conference that China has put vaccination for children and adolescents on the agenda and is currently carrying out vaccination in a step-by-step, focused and scientific manner. Come on, Small Warriors! Let's wait for the cloud to open the "epidemic! China Youth Daily (ID:zqbcyol finishing: Chen Wei) Comprehensive from Fujian Health News, China News Service (Author: Ma Shuai Sha) and so on.

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