"Ali female employee case" dinner photos exposed

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Dahe reporter Chen Man After facing the media for the first time, Zhang's wife, Ms. Ji and Zhang's brother-in-law, were interviewed by Dahe Daily on September 14, tell about the experience and knowledge since the incident, and provide a photo of the dinner on the night of the incident. Photo of the wine table (pictured by the interviewees) Ms. Ji said that her family situation was complicated and her education level was not high. She didn't know what to do after things came out. Later, when I saw Wang Mowen's wife running for her husband, she felt that she should do something, so she found two lawyers to defend her husband Zhang's innocence. "He may have been afraid of me being angry, but he told his brother-in-law something. I'm sure my husband won't do such a thing, he won't force molestation. I never believe it, I don't believe it!" Ji said a woman, why he had been arrested, I raise the 5 point questions, I would like to find out reasons." Ms. Ji revealed that a lot of the information she knew came from Zhang's brother-in-law. On September 14th, Zhang's brother-in-law told the Dahe News reporter in detail about the events he knew. On the evening of August 8th, Zhang had been staying at his brother-in-law's house. According to Zhang's brother-in-law, Zhang was repeatedly called by the police to ask questions. The last time was on August 9, Zhang's brother-in-law sent Zhang to the case center of the Huaiyin District Branch of the Jinan Public Security Bureau, the next day (August 10) was informed that Zhang was detained and could not get out. On August 27, Zhou, a female employee of Ali, issued a lawyer's statement in response to Wang's wife's voice, saying that individual media deliberately discredited the Internet in the name of the suspect's family. In addition, Zhou did not speak publicly. On the evening of September 14, the reporter called Zhou's attorney Pei Jie. The lawyer said that she had not received Ms. Zhou's response to the matter and would contact the reporter if there was news. The following is a dialogue between Dahe Daily reporter and Zhang's brother-in-law. Reporter: When did you learn that Zhang was related to the "Ali female employee infringement case? Zhang's brother-in-law: On August 8th, I saw Zhou's long article on the Internet and found that it was related to Zhang. I immediately called him to confirm. He was at the police station at the time and only said that he was "wronged" and "taken as a gun". Reporter: Did Zhang tell you what happened that day? Zhang's brother-in-law: On the evening of August 8th, Zhang came back from the police station to live in my house. When Zhang went home, he turned on the computer and read Zhou's post, saying that the part about him was wrong. On July 27, he met a colleague from another department and was called to eat. He didn't know Zhou before. Zhang drank a pound and a half of wine, a little broken, because he usually drinks six or seven taels. Zhang said that at the wine table, Zhou was very enthusiastic about him. During the dinner, Zhou pulled him out to vomit, Zhou vomited on her own body, and Zhang took a paper towel from the front desk to help her wipe. Originally, the seats of the two at the table were separated from each other. After vomiting, the two came back holding hands and sat next to each other. Zhou also lay on Zhang (with photo). At that time, Zhang's colleague took a photo and wanted to remind Zhang not to be too ambiguous with the customer after the dinner. Reporter: According to the police report, Zhang went to Zhou's hotel the next morning. Why? Zhang's brother-in-law: Zhang told me that after the end of the show, Zhou called him twice on WeChat voice and asked him to go to the hotel to find her. But Zhang drank too much that day and went to another Aduo Hotel (Grand Guanyuan Yaduo Hotel). Without finding Zhou, he went home to rest. The next day (July 28th) around 7 o'clock in the morning, Zhou contacted Zhang again, Zhou's original words "you come to accompany me". Zhang's wife told me that Zhang's family was monitored and recorded the content of Zhou's Last Call with Zhang, which was transferred by the police. Zhang said that he brought a box of condoms from home and bought breakfast to the Yaduo Qingju Hotel, Jinan West Railway Station, where Zhou was located. It was Zhou who gave Zhang the room number and opened the door for him. Zhang saw that Zhou was wearing pajamas. Zhou had some breakfast. Zhou told Zhang that it was difficult to work in Ali and wanted to resign. He stayed for about an hour and a half. Before leaving, the two deleted WeChat each other. But in the afternoon, Zhou added Zhang's WeChat back and asked Zhang if he had touched her and bullied her. Zhang said that you were lying on me at that time, there must be contact like this. Later, Zhang learned that it may be that Zhou wanted to leave evidence, and the chat time was Zhou's time for Wang to rape. Reporter: Why delete WeChat each other? Brother-in-law Zhang: I don't know, they deleted WeChat in the room. Reporter: What's with condoms and panties? Zhang's brother-in-law: The condom was not removed. Zhang told me a detail. Zhang took a condom and asked Zhou, "Do you know what this is". Zhou said "know", Zhang asked "Can it be used", Zhou said "can't use", Zhang put down the condom. Underpants Zhang didn't tell me, maybe embarrassed. Reporter: In the hotel, has there been a close relationship between the two sides? Zhang's brother-in-law: They have physical contact with each other. Reporter: Zhang recorded several confessions? Zhang's brother-in-law: I asked several times I can't remember clearly. At first, it was at the Qixian police station, and then the case was transferred to Zhangzhuang police station. I know that Zhang was called to Zhangzhuang police station by the police on August 8, and sent to the Huaiyin District handling center night out; Aug 9 I will take him to the Huaiyin District handling center I waited until 12 o'clock police let me go back the next day (Aug 10 ri) 10 at night, the police called to inform me that Zhang was detained and asked to sign. Reporter: Can you be legally responsible for what you said? Brother-in-law Zhang: These are all exchanges between Zhang and me. He told me that I didn't make up. Events: On the evening of August 7, Zhou posted a long article on Ali's internal network, saying that he was forced to travel, drink and sexually assaulted by Wang Mouwen, and was molested by the male merchant Zhang at the Wine Bureau. Then this matter attracted the attention of the whole network. On August 14, the Huaiyin District Branch of the Jinan Public Security Bureau issued a notice stating that Wang Mouwen and Zhang had been taken criminal compulsory measures by the Huaiyin District Branch of the Jinan Public Security Bureau on suspicion of compulsory indecency, there is no evidence of the fact that a rape crime occurred. On August 23, Wang Mouwen's wife spoke out, saying that her husband was not guilty. On August 25, the People's Procuratorate of Huaiyin District, Jinan City reported that Zhang was suspected of compulsory indecency and approved the arrest in accordance with the law. On August 27, Zhou issued a lawyer's statement, saying that individual self-media deliberately smeared the victim Ms. Zhou on the Internet in the name of the suspect's family, and deliberately spread unverified false information. On September 6, the People's Procuratorate of Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, after review according to law, the suspect Wang Mouwen's compulsory indecency did not constitute a crime and did not approve the arrest; On the same day, Jinan Huaiyin Public Security issued a notice saying, according to law, Wang Mouwen terminated the investigation, did not approve the arrest, and was detained for 15 days. Sep 12th late microblogging certification for "Ali female employees case Zhang wives" of the user lengthy "vulnerable groups can not only see the gender uproar 5 ask question Zhou. Source: Dahe Bao Yu Video Editor: Ding Fenglin

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