Chinese men's relay team is expected to make up to win the Olympic bronze medal

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

On September 15th, Beijing time, according to the latest news released by the International Doping Testing Agency, the results of the Olympic runner-up of the track and field 100-meter relay Olympic runner-up and the British team's first stick Ujia B bottle were the same as that of A bottle, all of them are positive, and the iron evidence is like a mountain. It is difficult for Uja to explain the rhetoric. It is basically certain that the British team will be deprived of the silver medal. The Canadian team will win the silver medal from the fourth place, this is good news for Su Bingtian, who is preparing for the National Games. It is possible to get an Olympic medal, but it is only a matter of time. Su Bing added, Xie zhen ye, Wu Zhiqiang, soup xing qiang led the Chinese Olympic originally to 37 miao 79 get fourth tied national record, Team Canada 37 miao 70 third, the British team 37 miao 51 second Italian team in Olympic champion Jacobs led to 37 miao 50 harvest gold victory over the British team, the British team members were Wu Jia, Hughes, g&l di, Blake. When the initial test positive for A bottle, the British team remained silent for A period of time. In the face of public opinion pressure, Uja had to speak out, expressing shock at the result, but denied doping, hughes said that it is not painful, I believe the official will give the best judgment, now A and B bottle tests are showing results, it is estimated that the two have nothing to say, whether in accordance with the regulations or in accordance with the practice, the probability of turning over in this situation is close to zero, and the British team's Olympic silver medal will be stripped back. In history, the relay team medals were stripped back due to doping violations by members. It is not uncommon for other teams to make up. The gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics relay was canceled because of the first shot of Carter taking stimulants, less gold required Olympic 8 Kingking, Trinidad and Tobago team by-gold, Japan from the bronze filled by Silver, an ex officio member of the medication is individual behavior, affect the overall honor is not equivalent to three other members of the medication, that is, Carter took stimulants, Bolt did not take drugs, and his career was innocent. Before the Olympics, Su Bingtian said that the Olympic goal was on the podium, and the Chinese team had the strength to hit the medal, but because of a small mistake in the handover, the fourth crossed the finish line. Now the opportunity has come, the British team's silver medal results are likely to be canceled, and the Chinese team is expected to make up for the bronze medal, although there is less excitement around the track and field to celebrate the national flag, but justice may be late, but it will not be absent. I look forward to the four Chinese flying athletes waiting for the first Olympic medal as soon as possible.

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