Changsha prosecutors show off his wealthy four suites? Official bulletin

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Verification of online public opinion on "Changsha female prosecutor blew up millions of business deposits" First, the basic situation of public opinion On September 14, 2021, the topic of "Changsha female prosecutor blew up business deposits of millions" became a hot spot on the network, network users "zhuque718" in the nga Forum to follow up the controversy, then netizens through its "zhuque718" user name, search out the relevant personal information and past content, and screenshots to "Furong District civil servants illegal operation sideline" there are four sets of real estate "bank balance 1 million" and other words in each big website posting triggered public concern. Second, the relevant investigation After the occurrence of public opinion, the Furong District Committee attached great importance to it, actively carried out in-depth and detailed verification, and went to Changsha Real Estate Center, Furong District Administrative examination and approval Service Bureau, Changsha Bank and other units to obtain detailed information. 1. Regarding the true identity of the "female prosecutor. "zhuque718" in 2018 by The Furong District Procuratorate transferred to the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of a female ordinary cadre Zhu. 2. Regarding the "illegal operation of the sideline" situation. Through the Hunan market subject comprehensive management system verification, Zhu and his spouse Zhou did not have registered enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and other market entities. At present, a Taobao store exposed on the Internet is not opened by Zhu, and the owner has posted a rumor; The shareholder of a police equipment company in Hunan is the same name. 3. Regarding the situation of "four properties at home. Zhu and his spouse Zhou a total of two sets of commercial housing, a department with parents, building area of 90.01 square meters, funded by their parents; A family of husband and wife, building area of 227.04 square meters, self-financing and loan purchases. The other two sets of properties referred to in the net posts are owned by both parents, a set of 86.64 square meters of commercial housing owned by Zhu's parents, and a set of suburban rural homestead owned by Zhou's parents. 4. With regard to the bank balance 1 million. After investigation, the screenshot of the funds came from the Changsha Bank App in 2020. Zhu collected the bank deposits of both husband and wife and their parents from January to May 2020, and then used it to buy a house. At present, both husband and wife under the name of all deposits 181171.91 yuan, bank loan liabilities 1175134.29 yuan. The statement "I just found a card screenshot and mosaics at the bottom of the screenshot. I actually think my ability to make money is good" is boasting. Three, results based on the processing of Based on the above investigation, after research, it was decided to seriously criticize and educate Zhu for making improper remarks on the Internet and order him to make a deep inspection. In the future, we will effectively strengthen the management education of cadres and sincerely thank the majority of netizens for their supervision. The Communist Party of China Furong district of Changsha committee 2021, Sep 15 ri Source: Hibiscus release

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