Green power trading pilot started in Hubei

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Green power trading is based on green power products such as wind power and photovoltaics as the subject matter, and is set up within the framework of the medium and long-term power market mechanism, which can fully reflect the power value and environmental value of green power, and provide the corresponding green power consumption certification. It will effectively promote the development of new energy and promote the active consumption of green power from both sides of supply and demand, which will effectively promote the development of new energy and promote the active consumption of green power by the whole society. A total of 17 provinces participated in the first national green power pilot transaction, and 9 market entities in Hubei participated in the transaction. The transaction forms a market-oriented way to form trading electricity and prices, which is organized by the Beijing Electric Power Trading Center in conjunction with the Provincial Power Trading Center to issue transaction announcements, clearing, clearing, and, transaction was issued as follows. After the completion of the transaction settlement, the national energy authority organizes the National Renewable Energy Information Management Center to issue green certificates in batches according to the pilot needs of green power trading, and transfer them to the power trading center, the power trading center allocates green certificates to power users based on the green power transaction settlement results. It is understood that this green power transaction has opened a new model of green power consumption in China. Power users directly purchase green power from new energy companies through bilateral transactions, which not only meets the demand for clean energy production, it can also obtain authoritative green environmental value certification to achieve a high degree of unity of economic, social and environmental benefits. The environmental value of green power in the power market is accurately transmitted to new energy enterprises, guiding new energy investment, and encouraging them to increase investment and improve the level of technology, which will help promote wind power, photovoltaic new energy has become the main power source of the new power system, which strongly promotes the realization of China's "dual carbon" goal. (Long Qun Peng Yiwei)

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