US media: A US B-2 stealth bomber made an emergency landing due to a malfunction, causing damage to the aircraft

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

The United States Air Force Global Strike Command public accident department have said that the this bombers over the routine training mission appears flight fault "has to be in the early hours of the morning around 00:30 the spacecraft. Department spokesman Jennifer Green said in a statement that the bomber suffered "minor damage" when it landed, there were no casualties and no fire. According to the report, it is not clear about the specific situation of the bomber's forced landing and the extent of damage, and the US Air Force has not disclosed more details. Green said an investigation into the incident is still under way. B- 2 stealth bomber is one of the world's most advanced bombers one, but its cost is quite high, each B- 2 bomber of 2 billion billion dollars. Only 21 of the B- 2 bombers were built, of which the number 89-0127 crashed during takeoff at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam in February 2008.

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