South Korea issued a fine to Google: $177 million

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

South Korea's anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies-the fair trading commission 14th decision to Google suspected Samsung smartphones such as the manufacturers impose their own Android operating system (OS) on the grounds that to fine Google-on-year to 207.4 billion trillion won (approximately USD 0.177 billion) the fine. According to a report by KBS TV in South Korea on the 14th, Google's Android operating system opened "open source" in 2008. Since then, mobile device manufacturers and application developers in many countries, including Samsung Electronics, have begun to use the corresponding operating system, google's market share in only three years to more than 70%, began to gradually grasp the "business voice". The South Korean Fair Trade Commission believes that Google has signed a so-called "no fragmentation contract" with mobile device manufacturers, prohibiting manufacturers from using Google's competitors' operating systems or developing their own operating systems. South Korean mobile device manufacturers cannot use applications such as Google's Play Store if they do not sign a contract, and are limited to some permissions, so the manufacturer can only give in. The Korea Fair Trade Commission believes that Google's behavior is an abuse of market dominance. Cho Chengxu, chairman of the South Korean Fair Trade Commission, said that Google has in fact become a monopoly. Google also applies these contracts in the smartphone sector, as well as other areas such as smart watches and TVs, hindering market innovation. Yonhap News Agency reported on the 14th that Samsung Electronics launched the first generation of smart watch GALAXY GEAR equipped with FORK operating system in 2013, but due to the obstacles set by Google, Samsung's operating platform ultimately failed to form an independent ecosystem, in August 2021, Google's smart watch dedicated system was re-adopted. South Korea, "jing xiang news 14th said this Google penalty is only the beginning, South Korea Fair Trade Commission still has 3 against Google's investigations are ongoing, suspected limit application of market competition, mandatory manufacturers and users to use their own settlement applications and unfair competition in the field of mobile advertising. At the same time, the amendment to the "Korea Electric Business Law", known as the "anti-Google Law", came into effect on the 14th, prohibiting mobile software market operators from imposing their own payment systems on software developers. South Korea became the first country in the world to ban forced developers such as Google and Apple from using its payment system. ▲

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