Shenzhen Housing Transaction Realizes Full Online Office

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

The whole process of Sunshine operation of housing transactions can effectively regulate the chaotic intermediary services, inhibit the barbaric growth of real estate agents, reduce the intermediary costs of both parties, and make housing prices more real. At the same time, all housing transaction information is concentrated on the platform, and each process is all within the scope of monitoring, which is conducive to collecting real market transaction data and providing reference for regulatory policies. Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau issued the "Notice on the Adjustment of Shenzhen Housing Transaction Management Business." According to the "Notice", Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Management Center officially undertakes the housing transaction management function. The center will first launch the housing transaction qualification review and confirmation, housing transfer contract, mortgage contract online signing and other housing transaction business "full-process Network Office". According to the "Notice", real estate development enterprises must handle pre-sale/current commercial housing sales contract entry, transaction qualification review, and online signing and filing of commercial housing sales contracts on the platform; real estate brokerage agencies and self-service transaction buyers and sellers handle the entry of second-hand commercial housing sales contracts, transaction qualification review, and online signing and filing of commercial housing sales contracts on the platform; commercial banks in the platform for home mortgage contract online signing business. The Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Management Center stated that the housing transaction management business undertaken will be online on the platform, and "no meeting" approval will be achieved through networking with civil affairs, public security, social security and other departments. At the same time, in order to further facilitate the public to handle affairs, the center extends the service window to real estate development enterprises and real estate brokerage agencies, real estate development companies and real estate brokerage agencies handle housing transaction procedures on their behalf. Buyers and sellers can log in to the "I Shenzhen" APP on their mobile phones and sign a house sales contract. In addition, online signing for self-service trading of second-hand commercial housing, buyers and sellers can also complete the transaction operation through the platform. However, the purchase of affordable housing does not need to be registered online on the platform; Through court auction, litigation, gift to obtain commercial housing, the buyer, the donee can apply for the "issuance of a house purchase qualification certificate" business through the Guangdong Provincial Government Service Network. It is worth noting that after undertaking the housing transaction management function, the Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Management Center has also optimized the housing transaction process, from the previous process of "signing a house purchase contract → buying a house purchase qualification review" to "enter contract information on the platform → purchase qualification review → buyers and sellers log in 'I Shenzhen' app for online signing → filing is completed", to ensure the security of transactions. "Through the" Notice ", it can be seen that Shenzhen is strengthening the qualification review of home buyers." Song Ding, an expert from the Guangdong Real Estate Industry Association, said that from the perspective of Shenzhen's previously released property market regulation policies, its implementation is usually based on the time of real estate online signing, that is, transactions that have been signed online before a certain point in time are not affected by the New Deal. In order to circumvent the newly introduced regulatory policies, some intermediaries will choose to sign some listings in advance, lock the online signing time of these properties, and modify the online signing contract with the buyer's information after confirming the buyer. In addition, previous net signed before the review purchase qualifications, some buyers need to first buy 1 homes operation to the net tab, and then will be on hand existing homes for sale, so as to realize the "to buy after sell", however, the "Notice" blocked similar loopholes, made housing transactions more standardized, and effectively strengthened the government's supervision of the market. As we all know, some banks have played an "important role" in the rise in housing prices in Shenzhen in the past ". In this regard, Song Ding said that in addition to buyers and sellers, banks are also included in the platform on the credit side, and bank participation will be more transparent, trading loopholes that have appeared in certain links in the past will be difficult to reproduce under transparent trading mechanisms. Wu Delin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) and Professor of the School of Economics and Management, said that the "full network office" must have a great impact on real estate agents. First changed the rules of housing transactions, housing transactions throughout the sunshine operation, can effectively regulate the chaotic intermediary services, inhibit the brutal growth of real estate agents, put an end to violations such as "yin and yang contract" and "one room and two sales", reduce the intermediary cost of both parties to the transaction, and make the house price more real; Secondly, the house transaction information is all concentrated on the platform, each process is all within the scope of monitoring, which is conducive to collecting real market transaction data and providing reference for regulatory policies; Again, in the future, both parties to the transaction will sign contracts, transfer, tax payment, etc., does not need to go through an intermediary but directly on the platform, the transaction process will be more convenient. "To open up digital sharing, online audit, and housing transaction system information transparency is a step that Shenzhen's property market must take." Wu Delin believes that with the development of information technology and the upgrading of the platform system, more links in housing transactions can be "online", and housing transactions will be more transparent.

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