New business forms and new drivers to build a new pattern of China-ASEAN development

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

From the annual trade value less than 8 billion dollars a day to more than 680 billion billion dollars, China and ASEAN took 30 years of time. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN dialogue relations. From dialogue relations, consultation partners, comprehensive dialogue partners to strategic partnerships, the cooperation between the two sides has been continuously deepened and the areas of cooperation have been continuously expanded, after 30 years of vigorous development, China-ASEAN relations have entered a new historical stage. Under the background of China's proposal to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern with the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, China's domestic demand potential is constantly released and the pace of opening up to the outside world continues to accelerate, to inject new vitality into the improvement of quality and efficiency of cooperation between the two sides, China and ASEAN stimulate new momentum and build a new pattern of development by deepening cooperation in new business forms. After years of development, the economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN has been deepening and people-to-people exchanges have become closer, in addition to traditional fields such as manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure, china and ASEAN countries have steadily expanded their cooperation in emerging industries such as the digital economy and become a new growth point for bilateral cooperation. China-ASEAN Information Port is a major national platform settled in Guangxi. It has been working with 9 ASEAN countries in digital government, digital enterprises, digital industry, the docking and landing cooperation of nearly 20 projects has been carried out in the fields of new communications and other fields, and a number of Internet platforms for the ASEAN region have been created, in terms of project cooperation, China's advanced technologies and mature business models in the field of Internet applications will be promoted in ASEAN countries. Into the exhibition hall of the headquarters of China-ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd., China-ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd. and Malaysia, local operators in Cambodia have collaborated to launch self-developed life service App-Elinking's revenue and orders are continuously updated on the big screen. China-ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd. Chairman Lu Dongliang said, Elinking collection of shopping rebate, online games and other convenient online life service content, improve the convenience of local people with advanced information and communication technologies. The China-ASEAN "Business and Trade" digital platform developed by the company has basically realized the business coverage of Guangxi's major ports and border trade settlement banks, linking 12 mutual market points, 19 service centers, 20 settlement bank and 2 third-party payment companies, service regulations governing trade settlement amounted to 99 billion yuan. Inspur Group is a leading cloud computing and big data service provider in China. Its business covers four major industrial groups: cloud data center, cloud service big data, smart city and smart enterprise. The wave group Guangxi company deputy general manager Wang Dawei, Inspur Group with a total investment of about 2.5 billion billion yuan of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations operational headquarters located in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region by means of Nanning regional advantages of clustered non-debt-creating domestic and foreign resources, the Inspur ASEAN Operations Headquarters will be built into a digital industry Highland based in Guangxi and radiating ASEAN. Since its inception in 2020, Inspur (Nanning) Science and Technology Innovation Center has introduced more than 700 registered enterprises and held 40 mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities in big data and digital economy. With the deepening of economic and trade cooperation, the cross-border e-commerce industry between China and ASEAN has risen, and more and more enterprises and individuals have participated in it. Fan Jiening, a fourth-level director of the system Innovation Bureau of the Nanning area Management Committee of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone, introduced that the Nanning area of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone will explore international mail, cross-border e-commerce, the new mode of "three-in-one" intensive supervision, which integrates international express supervision, realizes the "one-stop" handling of customs supervision and customs clearance services, mail Express and cross-border e-commerce daily clearance capacity from the 50 million piece growth to more than 100 million, customs clearance aging from 24 hours above to 4 hours fully boosting cross-border e-commerce cluster development. As of July this year, Nanning comprehensive free trade zone Cumulative Registered cross-border e-commerce enterprises 102, rookie network in south-east Asia hub (Nanning) projects open operation. In December 2018, with the approval of the State Council, 13 ministries and commissions including the People's Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's Overall Plan for Building a Financial Open Portal for ASEAN". Guangxi's construction of a financial open door to ASEAN has officially risen to a national strategy. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Local Financial Supervision Bureau Director Fan Shixiang introduced, Guangxi to promote the use of RMB for ASEAN cross-regional use as the focus, focus on promoting 131 key reform tasks, the formation of 175 cases, the country's first 25 items. Carry out the pilot financial innovation of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park to expand the cross-border RMB two-way flow channel. Designed a new bilateral local currency settlement model that provides a flat RMB position to Cambodia's Riel position through the interbank regional trading market. Promote the RMB-denominated settlement of commodities, and the country's first private enterprise iron ore transaction settled in RMB has landed. Build the country's first border port mutual market trade settlement information system, and greatly improve the facilitation level of border people's mutual market trade settlement. The use of cross-border financial blockchain service platform to create a "top 100 thousand enterprises gathering chain" project, and effectively solve the financing problems of foreign-related enterprises. Yang Chunting, Director of the Department of Commerce of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Director of the Office of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone, said that the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone focuses on three major characteristics: facing ASEAN, serving the new land and sea channel, and opening up along the border, relying on the new land-sea channel sea-rail intermodal transport logistics system, we will accelerate the construction of an international logistics hub connecting ASEAN and the domestic market. The first railway container and sea container mutual recognition mechanism, the formation of the "original container export, one box to the end, overseas return" full international multimodal transport mode; accelerate the interconnection of "single window" data and information with Singapore and other ASEAN countries; Implement new models such as "direct lifting of the ship and direct installation of arrival in Hong Kong. January this year to Jul, Qinzhou Port Import overall clearance time of 16.88 hours, than 2020, compression 19.91%. Innovation to carry out the new mode of "centralized declaration, whole in and out" of the new mode of customs clearance, border folk customs clearance operation to achieve 100% coverage, the overall customs clearance time compression of more than 80%. "Guangxi is actively building a financial Open Ecology represented by China-ASEAN cross-border financial reform and innovation. China-ASEAN Financial City has introduced a total of 244 financial institutions, which is 11 times that of the end of 2018. As of June this year, cross-border RMB settlement cumulative total amount has reached 1.37 trillion yuan, in 9 border provinces (autonomous regions), 12 western provinces and autonomous regions in the first place." Yang Chun Chamber said. In Guangxi Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, trucks loaded with engineering equipment, electronic components, mechanical accessories and other commodities shuttle through the roads on the Sino-Vietnamese border. As the end of the Nanyou Expressway and the starting point of Guangxi's import and export of goods, more than 1500 vehicles enter and leave here every day. From primary products such as fruits, clothing and minerals to the cross-border transportation of various electronic parts and mechanical accessories, the change in the type of goods is a vivid example of the deep integration of China-ASEAN industrial chain, supply chain and value chain. Guangxi is guided by the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone to accelerate the construction of a cross-border industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain for ASEAN, focusing on the construction of ASEAN-oriented electronic information, new chemical materials, ASEAN characteristic product processing, automobile and new energy vehicles, Chinese herbal medicine processing and other 5 landmark cross-border industrial chain. In the cross-border industrial chain of electronic information, we will deeply connect ASEAN resources and strengthen bilateral industrial coupling. Relying on Ruisun Technology, Blue Mercury, Hong Kong Chuang Zhirui and other enterprises to build the industrial chain of mobile phones, computers and parts, relying on Goerl Electronics, Sanguo Digital Technology, Hong Kong Chuang Zhirui and other enterprises to build the intelligent terminal industry chain, relying on Fugui Precision, futaihong Precision, Ji Ju Technology and other enterprises to create a new generation of network communication equipment industry chain, relying on Taijia Optoelectronics, Jiaxiu Technology, Yishun Yingzhi and other enterprises to create a new display industry chain, relying on the China-ASEAN Information Port platform to build a cross-border electronic information and software service industry chain, and promote the integration of new-generation information technologies such as operation and maintenance services and cloud computing in cross-border e-commerce and cross-border data transactions, cross-border information and other fields. The People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, industry and information technology department of the relevant responsible person said, "Tenth five" during the SAIC-GM-Wuling Indonesian factory with an annual production capacity of 120,000 million a vehicle, horses Kuantan Industrial Park with an annual production capacity of 3.5 million million tons of iron and steel materials such as China-ASEAN landmark collaboration project completed and put into production. Liugong, Yuchai, Jinchuan, Nanguo Copper and other enterprises have established manufacturing bases, R & D centers, sales centers and raw material supply bases at home and abroad, electronic information, new metal materials, green petrochemical and other industries have built a cross-border industrial chain supply chain. In the next step, Guangxi will deepen the opening and cooperation of China-ASEAN industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, and strive to integrate automobiles, electronic information, high-end metal materials, the green chemical New material industry chain and several characteristic industrial chains have become a demonstration industrial chain for China-ASEAN close cooperation. Yang Chunting said that Guangxi will closely focus on the new development stage of the construction of the pilot free trade zone, accurately grasp the "three major positioning" new mission, RCEP signing and new opportunities for the construction of a new land and sea channel in the West, accelerate the construction of a cross-border industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain for ASEAN, and build a high-standard and high-quality free trade Park that leads China-ASEAN opening and cooperation.

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