National Energy Administration: Pilot rooftop distributed photovoltaic development in 676 counties and cities

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

On September 14th, the National Energy Administration announced the "List of Pilot Distributed Photovoltaic Development for the Whole County (City, District)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Pilot List"), provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps submitted a total of 676 pilot counties (cities, districts), all listed as the whole county (city, district) roof distributed photovoltaic development pilot. According to the "pilot list", in all 676 whole counties (cities, districts), Shandong participated in the largest number of pilot counties (cities, districts) participated in the largest number, a total of 70. Including Jiaozhou City, Linzi District, Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone and other place. The number of pilot counties (cities, districts) participating in Henan and Jiangsu ranked second and third in each province (autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government), with 66 and 59 respectively. From the regional plate to rank, the western region participated in the number of pilot counties (cities, districts), followed by the eastern region, the central region and the Northeast region, respectively, pilot 253, 248, 148 and 27. The National Energy Administration has made it clear that it will rely on the monthly scheduling mechanism for the development and construction of renewable energy power generation projects to monitor the filing, commencement, construction and grid connection of various roof distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in the pilot areas, announces relevant information on a quarterly basis. The development progress, new energy consumption, model innovation and compliance of the pilot areas of the previous year will be evaluated and announced in the first quarter of each year. Before the end of 2023, the proportion of all kinds of roof installation photovoltaic power generation in the pilot area meets the requirements and is listed as a demonstration county (city, district) roof distributed photovoltaic development demonstration county. "China's building roof resources are rich, the development and construction of roof distributed photovoltaic potential is huge." Wang Dapeng, deputy director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration, said at the press conference of the National Energy Administration in July that at the same time, due to the wide distribution of building roofs, scattered resources, and small scale, the development and construction coordination workload is large, which to a certain extent restricts the larger-scale development of roof distributed photovoltaic. In the first half of this year, the national photovoltaic new installed capacity of 13.01 million kilowatts (kW), wherein the photovoltaic power plant 5.36 million kW, distributed photovoltaic 7.65 million kW. CICC estimates that the proportion of urban and rural construction land and roof development resources can be evaluated according to 200 watts/square meter, china's urban and rural roof distributed photovoltaic development space at about 5800 gigawatt level. Distributed photovoltaic is expected to become the future power grid structure of the change, the proportion of new installed capacity increased to more than 50%.

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