The US military officer declared that "Marxism takes over the army" was forced to resign? U.S. military declined to comment

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

According to a report on the U.S. military website "Task and Purpose", a "military Lieutenant Colonel resignation letter" went viral in the United States, the letter criticized the US military's compulsory vaccination system and the so-called "Marxism takes over the army ideologically". In this regard, the US Army decided not to comment. "I cannot allow myself to obey illegal, immoral and atrocious orders, and allow myself to sit down and let the serum (vaccine) inject into my flesh against my will and judgment," he said, "the resignation letter, written by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hague, a communications officer at the US Army Reserve Command, was posted to Twitter by his wife. The letter also reads: "This so-called 'vaccine' cannot have been sufficiently studied to determine its long-term effects." The US media pointed out that the claim that the Covid vaccine "has not been thoroughly tested" is wrong and is one of the many popular conspiracy theories about the vaccine spread in the US military. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 1.78 billion Americans have now completed vaccination. The CDC in 8 months table of the study found that unvaccinated population because the Covid Hospital is the probability of complete vaccinated person in the 29 times. The Army declined to comment on the letter or even to confirm whether it was authentic, citing the officer's privacy concerns. While the Army does not usually discuss personnel issues in detail, the department regularly comments on personnel issues or confirm what they know. Since Mr Hague's resignation letter was tweeted by his wife, Katie Phipps Hague, there has been a lot of criticism, including accusations that the resignation letter was forged. Phipps, William Hague Monday trying to tweeted a separate statement appease these allegations statement said her husband "carry on a fully translated conversation in 8 to April 30 to bring up my resignation, and the resignation letter has been delivered to everyone who needs to see it according to the process." However, the statement has been deleted. According to the report, it is not clear what Haig is in the resignation process. According to the service records provided by the Army Reserve Command, he is still in the Army Reserve. According to the records, Haig in 2002 years 5 months 11 joined the Army and 2008 years 1 month 29 leaves on the active. A few months later, he 2008 years and 7 months plus the Army Reserve. Although about a year away from receiving a full military pension after 20 years of service, Haig said in his resignation letter that he would "join those who served before me, promising my life, my wealth and my sacred honor continue to resist the eternal and changing oppression of our enemies within and outside our country." Hague said the order to force the Covid vaccine was his "first and foremost" reason for his resignation. After receiving full approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Covid vaccine developed by Pfizer recently became a mandatory vaccine for U.S. servicemen. The vaccine is joined by more than a dozen other mandatory vaccines, which military personnel must receive when they join the army. Asked on Twitter why her husband didn't leave the army because he had to get another vaccine, Phipps Hague said he "didn't resign because of the vaccine. He said he felt that the vaccine was used as a political tool to divide and isolate Americans." Although Hague's "letter of resignation" is mainly about vaccines, he also mentions the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which he called "sudden and reckless, and to put it nicest is also a Shirk of responsibility". He expressed concern that "it is impossible to screen people properly...... It could lead to the delivery of threatening terrorists to friendly countries, including the United States." Among the reasons for Hague's resignation are the so-called "Marxist ideological takeover of the US military and high-level government". It echoes remarks by Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lomair (Matthew Lohmeier), who published a self-published book claiming that "Marxism is spreading among the US military, under investigation by the U.S. Air Force inspector general.

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