The Taiwan military's Hanguang exercise exaggerated the "meaningfulness" of biological warfare. Expert: The Taiwan authorities cater to the United States and are typical of hiding evil intentions!

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The Taiwan military's Hankuang exercises "sell miserably" every year, and this year's selling point is "biological warfare". According to the United States (UPI) -- (UPI)13th reported in this 5-day of military exercises, "to simulate a response to a biological weapons against" is the first field; According to Taiwan's "Today News" reported, this year, the Taiwan military "quite low-key", "a full day of exercises on the 13th, Taiwan's" Ministry of National Defense "only issued a biological warfare course exercise"; when Taiwan's "President" Tsai Ing-Wen promoted the Hanguang exercise on Facebook, he also emphasized the so-called "biological disease medical exercise". In response, Taiwan's "United Daily News", Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" and other media commented on the 14th that because the United States suspected that the Covid virus "came from a laboratory in mainland China", The Hanguang military exercise took the initiative to deal with biological warfare agent attacks, the setting of the enemy situation is obviously "meaning". Military expert Song Zhongping said in an interview with The Global Times on the 14th that the use of biological and chemical weapons in the war is a violation of international law, the United States in the Korean War, Japan in the war of aggression against China, he has committed a heinous crime. "Therefore, the Taiwan military should be alert to the United States and Japan". The Taiwan military's annual highlight "Hanguang 37" exercise was officially launched on the 13th. It was carried out on the 13th. It was carried out in various combat zones across Taiwan for 5 days and 4 nights. Taiwan media reported that this year's Hanguang exercise has reduced its scale from the perspective of epidemic prevention, and considered "low-key" from the perspective of confidentiality ". As the only open exercise course of the Taiwan military on the same day, on the 13th, the 4th combat zone of the Taiwan Army implemented the "integration of military and civilian medical capabilities" in the Tainan area. The course simulates the emergency response of "The PLA launched a biological warfare agent attack, resulting in contamination of the infantry 203 brigade officers and soldiers. According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency", there was heavy rain before the drill began, but it did not disrupt the schedule, and the blasting sound simulated the situation that the Taiwanese troops were suspected of being attacked by enemy biological warfare agents, subsequently, the chemical force detected the vehicle to the scene for environmental detection, and then "personnel dressed in a full set of protective clothing" entered the scene to rescue the wounded, after preliminary decontamination, inspection and emergency treatment, transfer to a general ambulance to a private hospital for treatment. This is not the first time that the Taiwan military has practiced biological warfare in the Hanguang exercise. Last year, "Hankuang 36" conducted a "biological warfare and military-civilian medical capability integration" exercise in Kaohsiung. Unlike this year, the name of last year's exercise was not named "epidemic disease. As early as the "Hankuang 21" exercise in 2005, the Taiwan authorities had practiced the "Germ Warfare". At that time, it was assumed that the smallpox virus became an infectious weapon made by terrorists and used against Taiwan. However, the previous "biological warfare drills" were not listed by the Taiwan military as the propaganda focus of the Hanguang military exercise. On the evening of the 13th, when Tsai Ing-Wen summarized the first day of the Hankuang exercise on Facebook, the most talked about was the "biological disease medical drill". She also praised "brothers and sisters working together to complete the personnel in order, the decontamination of vehicles and equipment, as well as the classification, treatment, and evacuation of injuries and injuries". It is difficult for such efforts to promote the association and interpretation of the outside world, believing that the purpose of this course is "meaning". A chemical defense expert who asked for anonymity told the Global Times on the 14th that the so-called "biological disease medical drill" is to cooperate with the United States virus traceability theory, manufacturing the "continental development of biological weapons threat theory". Song Zhongping shared the same view, saying: "The traceability of the Covid virus itself is a scientific issue, and the Taiwan authorities follow the United States to point the finger at the mainland, without the slightest basis, but full of pandering to please, it is a typical bag of misfortune." An anonymous military expert told the Global Times on the 14th that in fact, exaggerating biological warfare also shows the guilty conscience of the military "thieves shouting to catch thieves. Due to the disparity in comprehensive strength between the two sides of the Strait, the Taiwan military has been seeking to use unconventional means, including biological weapons, against the mainland. The main task of the Taiwan military's research and development of biological weapons is the "Institute of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of National Defense". Taiwan's "Times Weekly" once disclosed that the "pre-medical center" is located in the Baiji Mountain area of Sanxia Town, Taipei County. It is hidden in the cave. It does not even have a house number. It is guarded by troops and is heavily guarded. Before 2001, the "pre-medical center" had budgeted to travel to Africa and the US military to collect the terrible Ebola virus. In 2004, the Taiwan authorities instructed the military to launch a study called the "Anti-Terrorism Biological War Defense Plan" in the name of SARS prevention. But the level of biological warfare in Taiwan is still a mystery. In 2016, the Taiwan media disclosed that the detection vehicles purchased by the Taiwan military could not detect germs, and that "the military's anti-biological warfare was in an emergency", which once caused an uproar in public opinion. It may be that the Taiwan military is too modest to say that this year's Hankuang exercise is too modest. Taiwan media person Wang Mingzhong revealed in the "China Times Electronic News" on the 14th that this year's Hanguang exercise was originally not open to media visits, by the "Military News Agency" unified news agency, however, the "Ministry of National Defense" subsequently informed the media by text message, "Without affecting the training and epidemic prevention standards of the troops, the combat zone can provide assistance in interviews". According to media reports, in addition to "biological warfare", there are still many characteristics of this year's Hankuang military exercise. Any content that can exaggerate the "mainland military threat" and echo the description of the United States to discredit the mainland has not been missed, it has become the focus of the Taiwan military performance and "selling miserably. "Taiwan simulates the mainland's biological warfare and electronic warfare attacks," the Nikkei Asia Review said on the 14th that Taiwan's annual military exercise "prepares for a full-scale 'invsion' of the mainland", "It envisions a variety of potential attack pathways-not just missiles, but landing operations, electronic warfare, cyber attacks and biological weapons". In response to the liberation military ship recent frequent patrol southwest Taiwan overseas airspace, according to BBC News 13th reported 13th six o'clock A.M., Taiwan will stage 1-wire screen Dongjia winter operational Channel implementation aircraft take-off and landing drills, when the "Pingtung Air Force Airport was bombed", the oil and ammunition supplies of various fighters were not affected. To this end, the road administration and the military from 13th morning sealing lu zhi 13th morning zones and to the fact that in the 6 large cleaning vehicles and air force personnel cleaning runway staff describe "Airdrome runway high-quality requirements, I can't even hold a grain of sand, let alone fallen leaves and petals!" In the early morning of the 14th, the Taiwan military practiced key infrastructure protection in the Shipai area of Taipei, simulating that the People's Liberation Army would attack the Taipei "Chunghwa Telecom" computer room and wanted to paralyze the communication network in the Taipei area. After receiving the situation, A number of Taiwanese "Cloud Leopard" eight-wheeled armored vehicles departed late at night on many roads in Taipei, attracting passers-by to watch. Military expert Wei Dongxu said in an interview with a reporter from The Global Times on the 14th that this is the Taiwan military deliberately spreading a "terrorist atmosphere" on the island, creating cross-Strait confrontation, and "increasing military spending for the Taiwan military, purchase offensive weapons and equipment to pave the way". According to the "United Daily News" reported on the 14th, the "Mirage 2000" mounted electronic intelligence detection pod, which was nicknamed "French bread", the reconnaissance distance is up to 80 kilometers, and radar parameter collection can be carried out for mainland coastal air defense positions and military aircraft. In addition, this year's Hankuang exercise also conducted the "Great Escape Exercise" as before ". According to the "Sanli News Network" report, the 14th exercise "Danshui River Defense" exercise content is to prevent the People's Liberation Army from the Danshui River directly attacking the "Presidential Palace", taiwan's "Gendarmerie Command" put into the defense operation of "defending the presidential palace", dispatched "clouded leopard" armored vehicles to the scene, and launched empty bombs to simulate powerful firepower. The "Spectacular Scene" caused ridicule from the people on the island: "Do you want to run away?" On the 14th, the island's "Freedom Times" and other green Media released the "wonderful pictures" of the Hanguang military exercise, saying that this is the total acceptance of the effectiveness of the Taiwan military training, "from defending the airspace and defending the sea and borders, then to the" Homeland "defense on the land, 24 hours will not be interrupted, and in the future, there will be 'Jiadong combat readiness fighters take off and Land '," Joint anti-landing live ammunition shooting "and" town combat "will be carried out in sequence". In the face of the green camp, experts and foreign media can't help but splash a basin of cold water. Wei Dongxu told the "Global Times" reporter that the "French bread" of the "Phantom 2000" mentioned above can indeed collect the radar spectrum signal, however, this type of electronic reconnaissance pod is an old model. It is difficult to collect intelligence in the current complex electromagnetic environment, and the Taiwan Air Force's "Phantom 2000" state is not good. The US "Forbes" magazine said on the 14th that the days when the Taiwan Navy had the opportunity to defeat the "invasion" fleet were gone with the "explosive growth" of the PLA Navy. The Continental Fleet has 170 light frigates, destroyers and cruisers. The Taiwan fleet has only 28 such warships, and it is much older than the mainland warships. Even if the "Sea Sword II" shipborne air defense system replaces the existing missiles, the Taiwan military warships will not be saved in the conflict with the PLA Super warships. "The new missiles can only delay the failure of the Taiwanese fleet at best". The Nikkei Asia Review said on the 14th that the missile density on Taiwan Island is said to be second only to Israel, but it is mainly short-range weapons, most of which cannot reach the mainland. Taiwan's military strength is much weaker than that of the mainland, so it adopts an asymmetric defense strategy, keeps the distance from the PLA as much as possible, delays the mainland's invasion, and buys time for the intervention of major powers such as the United States. After the media reported that the United States was considering changing the name of the "Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States" to the "Taiwan Representative Office, both inside and outside the island are more concerned about whether this year's Hanguang exercise will become an opportunity for the US and Taiwan to" verify joint operations. According to Taiwan's "United News Network" report, due to the epidemic, this year's Hanguang exercise did not invite the US military to organize a delegation to Taiwan to observe. The American Association of Taiwan (AIT) sent a representative to attend last year, and this year I wonder if it will be sent again. "China Times Electronic News" published a signed comment on the evening of the 14th, criticizing the strong demand of the Taiwan authorities to "swallow, buy all" 100 sets of "Harpoon" missiles, "again and again after the purchase of Kaizi, it really makes us people look dazzled and dizzy". The article said that those who understand the military know that once the mainland attacks Taiwan, "the war may end after the first wave of attacks". The article said that Taiwan must and the only way to go can only be to seek peace with the mainland and create a win-win situation. "The DPP government is still obsessed and firmly believes that it can get cross-sea rescue from the United States by paying the protection fee. It is really embarrassed and sighing".

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