Does Facebook default to 5.8 million "privileged" posts exempted from review? Netizens criticized "double standards"

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Many foreign netizens have encountered the experience of being deleted or blocked by social media Facebook because a sentence or picture does not meet the standard. However, recently, some American media revealed that Facebook has opened up a "green channel" for celebrities, which can be exempted from content censorship. Once the news was reported, it was criticized by a large number of netizens for "double standards". The Wall Street Journal reported on the 14th that Facebook has privately developed a system called "XCheck", which was originally designed to control the quality of posts by celebrities, politicians and journalists. However, the system is now being used to protect millions of users from Facebook censorship specifications. The system also has a core whitelist, and relevant users can be completely protected from platform supervision; Although the remaining users cannot be completely exempt from review, they can also enjoy some privileges, for example, even if posts or pictures that violate the regulations are published, they will not be reviewed. 2020, total of 5.8 million had been included in a "XCheck list. According to the report, if you want to be "on the list", users must have the characteristics of "news value", "influence" and "high popularity". Former US President Trump, Facebook founder Zuckerberg, u.S. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and others are typical examples. For example, the Wall Street Journal said that Brazilian football superstar Neymar directly released a screenshot of the conversation with the accuser on social media in 2019 in response to his sexual assault scandal, the content includes the other party's name, nude photos and other private information. Under normal circumstances, the Facebook review mechanism will delete the post on the grounds of "unauthorized private content" at the first time, but one day later, that won the 56 million times Views of Post literary talent is deleted. In addition, Facebook's censorship system often suffers from excessive delays. According to statistics, 2020, "after" XCheck "system issued by the non-compliance of posts can be deleted before they have been browse over 16.4 billion times. In the company's internal documents learned by the Wall Street Journal, a Facebook product manager wrote: "The number of users of the 'XCheck' list continues to grow." Zuckerberg has said publicly that face book will ensure that its more than 3 billion users have the political, cultural and media elite equality statement. But the existence of "XCheck" caused Zuckerberg to be "punched in the face". The report believes that Facebook has created an invisible privileged class in social networks. Some netizens said that "Zuckerberg should go to jail for human rights violations". Some netizens satirized: "As long as you have a large number of fans and can create traffic and income for Facebook, you will not be wrong; If you are just an ordinary user, you will be banned. Money and influence are the key words of Facebook." (Shan)

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