Troubles in Hong Kong attempt to "organize" in Taiwan, threatening to continue to "disrupt Hong Kong"

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

According to a report by the pro-green Taiwan's "Freedom Times" on the 14th, the Taiwan-Hong Kong people's group "Hong Kong Border Town Youth" announced on the 13th that it was officially registered in Taiwan. The organization claimed that under the National Security Law, a number of civil organizations and professional associations in Hong Kong have recently ceased operations or disbanded, while a number of Hong Kong opposition figures have been "suppressed and arrested", "Therefore, it is necessary to continue to 'support Hong Kong against China' with formal strength, and through long-term deployment, Taiwan can truly become a home for people in Taiwan and Hong Kong". "Hong Kong Border Town Youth" director Jiang Min said that the Standing Committee of the "Federation of Brands" was arrested, and groups such as the "Journals Association", The Bar Association and the "Workers' League" may be dissolved. Chen Wei'an, director of the "Hong Kong Border Town Youth", claimed that more Hong Kong people are bound to come to Taiwan. "It is very important for Taiwanese to understand each other". The organization claims that the main target of future service is young people in Taiwan and Hong Kong who lack social resources. Its purpose includes "uniting people in Taiwan and strengthening ties with each other, integrating into Taiwanese society" and "paying attention to the current situation and trends of human rights in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They threaten to October this year will protests inspired boycott the Beijing Olympic Games. After the outbreak of the "revision storm" in 2019, some Hong Kong people immigrated to Taiwan. The DPP authorities are studying and tightening the current immigration policy for Hong Kong and Macao people. According to the current policy, Hong Kong and Macao people want to immigrate to Taiwan only "residence" and "settlement" procedures, and plans to add "long-term residence" in the future ", hong Kong people must stay in Taiwan for at least 2-5 years before they are eligible to apply for settlement. Moreover, the existing 6 million New Taiwan dollars to the immigrant investor shall be "substantial investment professionals must also be the actual stage practice. Taiwan's "Ministry of the Interior" said that Hong Kong residents to Taiwan in 2020 the number of residence permits for 10813 people, the number of settlement permits for 1576. Some anti-China and Hong Kong organizations have disbanded or planned to disband on the surface, but in fact they have turned underground to counter the SAR government in the so-called "community" model. For example, the "Workers' League" advocates "the infiltration of the community into the workplace", claiming that trade unions can make good use of the advantages of taking root in the workplace to "build more bases" and "seize different fields such as residents' committees and professional groups, continue to disrupt social order". Chief Executive Carrie Lam has repeatedly stated that the dissolution cannot be exempted. The Commissioner of Police, Xiao Zeyi, also stressed that the police will certainly deal with organized violations. (cheng dong)

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