The southern part of France was hit by heavy rains, thunder, lightning and floods. Rainfall fell in 2 hours and 2 months. One person was missing.

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

[Global Network Report] According to Reuters and other local time reports on the 14th local time, after being hit by floods a few days ago, Southern France was hit by heavy rains, thunder and lightning and floods on the evening of the 13th. Social media video showed the scene was ferocious rain and some streets were flooded. According to reports, the two-hour rainfall of the night in the Gard region of France is equivalent to two months of rainfall. Local media reported that as of noon on the 14th, 23 people had been rescued from flooded vehicles by firefighters. The French interior minister said that due to heavy rain, one person is still missing in the Garde area.

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