Guanlan at the top of the tide丨model villages are passed on from generation to generation

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Haojiaqiao Village, located in Suide County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. During the Anti-Japanese War, it was a model village in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region. In the new era, Haojiaqiao Village is a national model for poverty alleviation. The Shaanxi during his inspection, once in February this year national poverty alleviation summary Commendation Congress for the village awards of the General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the village on-the-spot investigation. What kind of enlightenment does this model village leave us? In the Revolutionary War years, Haojiaqiao Village was one of the first villages in Suide area to carry out peasant movement, establish party organizations, and carry out revolutionary struggle. In 1943, the village actively responded to the call of "Do it yourself, have enough food and clothing", which not only filled the local people, but also strongly supported the food supply of the troops. Village cadre Liu Yuhou was elected as the Labor hero of Suide District. The district called for "the village to learn from Haojiaqiao, everyone to learn Liu Yuhou". The years have changed, the tradition of hard work and the spirit of model workers have always been inherited in Haojiaqiao Village. In the process of poverty alleviation, Haojia Bridge Village developed red tourism and characteristic agriculture. The village collective economic income from 2016, of 40,000 trillion yuan to 2020, pay back the 1.2 million yuan villagers per capita disposable income of 11543 billion yuan. From man shan loess to go up the hill to hua guo yuan, ditch there greenhouse, the incidence of poverty once more than 30% of hao jia Qiao Cun,, February this year become won the "national poverty alleviation model," the honorary title of the 10 a collective one. The day before the inspection of Haojiaqiao Village, General Secretary Xi Jinping had just gone to Gaoxigou Village in Mizhi County. He walked into the field, inspected the growth of the crops, and started the family with the Northern Shaanxi villagers. The General Secretary wished the villagers to become more and more popular, and they were worried about Yin. Industrial revitalization is the top priority of rural revitalization. When inspecting in Shaanxi last year, the General Secretary praised the water fungus: The small fungus industry. In recent years, Haojia Bridge Village has gradually formed an industrial system integrating mountain apples, greenhouses, photovoltaic power generation and rural tourism. The built Mountain Apple Ecological Garden covers 2000 mu, planting apple seedlings 76,000 strains. The village also completed the total 500 kW of the photovoltaic industry for the rural revitalization strategy and laid a solid foundation of industrial base. February 25 this year, hao jia Qiao Cun, Party branch secretary Liu hi in the national poverty alleviation summary Commendation Congress from the General Secretary Xi Jinping took the "national poverty alleviation" model "of the medals. Liu Zhenxi, who once served as a soldier, took over the burden of the village Party branch secretary in 2015. He said at the meeting of the village branch: "At that time, Liu Yuhou relied on the spirit of hardship to make the mass production movement vivid. We must also carry forward this spirit and chew down the task of poverty alleviation." At the National Poverty Alleviation Summary and Commendation Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping fully affirmed the important role played by grassroots Party organizations. He said that grass-roots Party organizations have given full play to their role as fighting fortresses and have been forged in grasping party building to promote poverty alleviation. Cohesion and combat effectiveness have been continuously enhanced, and grassroots governance capabilities have been significantly improved. Today, like tens of millions of Chinese villages, party members and cadres in Haojiaqiao Village lead the villagers to continue their struggle and embark on a new journey of promoting rural revitalization and moving towards common prosperity.

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