The US reporter exposed fierce news: Worried about Trump's war on China, the US military's top general once secretly called the Chinese military twice

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

[Global network reported, according to Reuters 15th reported that two of the Washington Post and writing of a book entitled "The risk of new book broke the news, October 30 last year and January 8 this year, the top US generals, mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has secretly called his Chinese counterparts twice for fear that then-President Trump might launch a war with China. The United States often publishes books on the "inside" of politics, the content is true and false, false and real. This is especially true of Trump's books in recent years. Although some of the content has been denied by the parties, most of them are popular, such as the previous "Fire and Fury". At the end of Trump's administration, speculation and concerns about what he would do to keep the presidency spread widely in the United States. Trump himself has even called an "uprising," and there are fears that he will launch a "coup". The report mentioned that the two time points when Millie called were four days before the US election and two days after the riots in Congress. The book said that in the two phone calls, Millie tried to assure the top of the Chinese military that the United States would not launch an attack, and said that if an attack occurred, he would remind China in advance. The report quoted the Washington Post said that according to phone records, January 6 this year of Congress after the riots, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi in our telephone conversation asking Millie, what measures to prevent a "unstable president" from starting a nuclear war, also saying that Trump is "crazy". Millie replied: "I agree with you on everything." According to reports, Trump responded in an interview on the 14th that the early warning that Millie promised to his Chinese counterparts was "treason" and there was no need to make such a call. He also said: "I never wanted to attack China." Miley declined to comment. According to Reuters, the authors of "Danger" are Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, journalists who exposed the "Watergate incident. They say the book, based on interviews with 200 sources, will be published next week. Mie was appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2018. July this year the media was exposed, Miriam also feared that Mr. Trump will election after the failure of plotting a coup, Trump subsequently also rejected.

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